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wait dude
The Gamecube launch was almost as successful as the Wii launch. It died out actually about a half a year into it.

There's no logic, in my mind, as to why the hype hasn't died down. I mean, it's a cool system, but good GOSH does it get boring. I went into my living room a few minutes ago to see if the Motorstorm update was in the store. MY LITTLE BROTHER WAS PLAYING FRICKIN' MARIO PARTY 8!!! I got so mad! I didn't say anything to him, but he's been playing the same two m... #5.1
Fable??? Great game, but redefining??? DEFINITELY NOT!

Final Fantasy IS what created RPG's.

Everquest a no-show? If you were to ask any RPG-loving maniac, it would be in their top five.

Diablo's great, WOW's great, and Ultima's great...keep them there...but for THE LOVE OF BABY JESUS...PUT FINAL FANTASY AT NUMBER ONE!!! That's like not putting Zombies Ate My Neighbors at the top of a Top Ten Underrated games list...

Is Itsuno w... #5.1
hey pal

I love Warhawk, but I'd be glad to trade!!! #19.1
You own a PS3???

It sounds like you're either lying or someone else in your family owns a PS3 and you just want to diss it... #9.1
It was the North America update...

...just to clear things up.

How's the PS3 fairing over there??? #1.1
You know about GTA5??? I heard it wasn't coming out until at least 2010!!!

Just messin' with ya dude...yeah GTA4 episodic content, it's listed as 360 only. I'm just wondering if the PS3 version already has that content in it, because of the Blu-ray disc. We'll find out though...either way, it'll be a great game. #4.1
You put the word "reasons" when you were referring to the Gamecube. Are you sure that's supposed to be plural??? #5.1
Best action game???

Need I remind you that DMC3 and GOW got better reviews???

DMC3 is still the pennicle of action for me. How can you even compare NG and DMC??? There's an ACTUAL STORYLINE in DMC...and you feel like a BAMF! #11.3
Sure was hard...

...I do remember a better, harder game though.

Man, what was it called???

I can play Shadow of the Colossus on my PS3...and that feels a lot more "next-gen" than anything on your system.


We all get the Darkness in a couple of weeks...we should all be hugging and singing!!! #3.3
It's a shame you can't remember just a few months ago...

You should probably get that checked out...

Speaking of which, the best versions of Oblivion, Rainbow Six:Vegas, Fight Night Round 3, and GRAW 2 are/will be in the next few weeks residing on the PS3. I guess you're still waiting for Halo 3 then, huh sugar???

Well, don't get too down about it...The Darkness comes out in a couple of weeks. Of course, I already have the better version of it pa... #15.3
What is wrong with you? That was the best thing I've seen since...'s my dog... #24.2
Hey guys...
I bought a Wii a few weeks ago...and I'm now officially bored.

My bro's on the, I have NOTHING TO DO!!!

BTW...I'M BACK BABY!!! #28
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