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It's completely possible.

The story is going to be amazing! Andy Serkis is a great actor/director also. (He directs the cut scenes.)

GOTY will, most likely, go to...

Mass Effect 2
Heavy Rain
God of War 3
Red Dead Redemption
Halo: Reach
Super Mario Galaxy 2

My personal GOTY is Heavy Rain, followed by God of War 3.

This has been such an amazing y... #7
"i wish looked like this"

What? #1.1
Lol. You have NO idea. #20.1
I'm sorry, but he only mentioned New York.

There are many shots of St. Louis also. #25


They actually don't.

It's 0.3. #21.2

I'm friends with the writer, you tools.

I know most of the story of R3. #3.2
Whoa whoa whoa...

0.3 megapixels?!?!?!? #21

I've known this for MONTHS!!!


Do you guys have any questions about the story? #3

:,( #3
It will probably be $250 in the U.S.

That's what the PSP released at.

You know it will sell. Lol. It has a great lineup of games. How could it NOT sell? I'm definitely buying one. #11
Haha. That looks awesome!!!

The music was uh...a bit happy. #7
I don't mean to be facetious, but have you actually read the first amendment?

It gives us freedom to talk about the government any way we'd like.

It has nothing to do with saying anything we want about anything. #1.6
*sigh* #5.1
I hated the demo.

I've never been a fan of good voice acting, well-written dialogue, or gorgeous set pieces... #21
I love Call of Duty.

I love REAL Call of Duty.

You know...the games Infinity Ward makes? #9.1
It's completely possible.

It has to go a LONG way to beat Heavy Rain, God of War III, Metro 2033, Red Dead Redemption, and Mod Nation Racers for me. :) #17
That's...kind of good to hear.

The only problem there is that Devil May Cry 4 actually looked pretty good. It was that engine that powered Resident Evil 5 also...which is still one of the best looking games this generation.

I have faith in Ninja Theory, despite the drastic physical changes to Dante. #11
You know what would make Child of Eden even MORE precise and fun?

A motion controller! #3.3
You're fully aware that Child of Eden is coming out for Move, right? #9.1
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