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Tina Armstrong?!?!?!?!?!?

That's the most generic character model I've ever seen! All the DOA girls are. Lol. Why do people like them?

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The Princess in Dragon's Lair 3D.


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I don't even...

What is this?

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It's done.

It's over.

They could continue to milk it, but that's not how Sony usually works.

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Why are Sony the only ones who know how to develop for Move?

This is absolutely pathetic.

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I agree.

Inafune is...a small fish in a very large pond. Dead Rising 2 is good. It's nothing great though. The story COULD have been great. They COULD have given us checkpoints. The online games COULD have been explained better. The load times COULD have been minimized.

Missed opportunities are everywhere at Capcom now.

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I trust you due to the adorable kitty.

I won't support you though.

Man, that thing's cute...

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God of War 3.

The whole game.

The only game that comes anywhere close this year is Bayonetta.

Then again, the Asian dude in Sports Champions is a douche!

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I LOVE Saw I - V.

Saw VI was absolutely terrible!!!

The first Saw game showed good promise. It was definitely a buy for Saw fans. Hopefully, they've worked the glitches out a little better this time though.

I've been playing through Amnesia: The Dark Descent on PC. I suggest any horror fans play it NOW! There's a demo on Steam.

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What? Why?

The avatars on Second Life look much better than the 360 avatars. That would be a terrible choice!

If anything, MS could put Second Life on 360...and get a head start on Home.

Edit: You can say Home is pointless all you want, but the 7 millions people who are currently on it would disagree with you.

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I can't imagine waiting decades of my life to fall in love with someone...

...just to belittle her on a gaming forum.


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I live in America.

We couldn't care less. :)

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The water physics in Crysis are still unmatched.


The first time I stepped out of the back door of Ethan's apartment... something I'll never forget.

Wow. Just, wow.

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I'm sorry, but why does everyone compare everything to Uncharted 2?

God of War 3 is the best looking console game.

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EyePet - 8 (Agree)

Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions - 5 (Ouch. I really liked it. It wasn't as fun as Web of Shadows, but it had a much better story. Better acted too.)

Enslaved - 8 (Nice! I can't wait to get it!)

Castlevania - 9 (Wow. This is getting great scores! Why no 10's though?)

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock - 7 (Why do they bother? Rock Band 3 is coming out.)

Dead Rising 2 - 8 (Cool. I'...

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You guys hate EVERYTHING!!!

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Because it's going to be a really good game?

What is your basis?

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It seems to be moving at a much faster pace than usual.

That's good.

I'm glad they could get input optimized on that feature. Good work.

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