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Honestly, it's not a bad game at all.


This is more of a $5 downloadable PSN game. No WAY anyone should ever pay $40 for it!

2773d ago 10 agree2 disagreeView comment should play Move?

Edit: No...I'm serious. Play Move. It's great! People on this site, and gamers alike, dislike the Wii because of two things: A lack of precision and a lack of quality titles. While Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl are great titles...very few titles on the system show off the actual "motion controls" part of it. I'd say Wario Ware is probably the best example of the Wii's capabilities, however. That game is ...

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This isn't about 360 vs. PS3 for me.

This is about the term "jaggies".

I refuse to believe that any human being with an ounce of self awareness would even speak that word in public.

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I personally give it to King Bohan from Heavenly Sword.

Of course, it's Andy Serkis. How can he NOT be awesome?

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The Flood?


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It's a good game!

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Six people think I didn't.

I can assure you...I did.

I want to play Donkey Kong Country Returns and Kirby's Epic Yarn...but let's face it...those are going to be nowhere near as good as earlier games in the franchises.

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But you can certainly play better versions of those games on the N64, SNES, and, why would you keep the Wii?

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Already did.

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No, there are NOT over 100 pre-orders.

Give me the number of your store. I'll call them right now.


Call them. That's my store. Ask how many pre-orders we have.

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Always welcome to Facebook updates. I wish my Facebook and PSN accounts were integrated. I'm a Facebook addict!

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I work at GameStop. Lol.

I was surprised to see that we were having a midnight launch.

I have two bundle for me and one for my brother.

We have about ten reserves, in total. It will probably be me and one other person there tonight.

Edit: Why the disagrees?

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As an iPhone user and owner of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on iPhone...I will have to agree.

The memory in the iPhone isn't large enough to keep up with the pacing of Sonic. Lol. It lags constantly. This is a 3GS, mind you. My friend with a 4 has it too...and it's no better.

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I agree.

Why is Sony not treating it like a platform launch then?

It comes out TONIGHT at midnight...

...and NOBODY has even heard of it.


What happened, Sony?

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I'll be picking mine up at midnight (Central Time Zone here).

I work from 11 to 8 though. :( Third shift sucks. I'll live though. It'll give me something to look forward to.

I'm picking it up on my break, btw...if you guys were confused on the timing there. Lol. I work at GameStop part time and Walmart full time. They're literally right next to eachother.

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Sweet! Can't wait!

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Did everyone skip the "double negative" week in English class?

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I'm tired of it.

This is really getting old.

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The only thing I want added is...the legendary 17th colossus.

There was a rumor that, when you got to the top of the main tower (via climbing when you gained enough strength), you got to face a final colossus.

That's not true.

You do, however, see the Garden of Good and Evil...Adam and Eve style. If you eat fruit from the tree in the middle, your strength and health go all the way back down. Lol. Team are incredible.

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Well...I'm feeling deliciously racist today...

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