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2792d ago

You're excited...

...about looking forward to...

...downloadable content...

...for a game that's not even out yet.

I'll take my chances with Kratos, Ethan Mars, Sackboy, Sweet Tooth, Nathan Hale, Nathan Drake, Ratchet/Clank, and the various other cool kids I get to hang out with.

I have a feeling you don't even like the 360...and that you're just trolling to get a rise out of ACTUAL fanbo...

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I blame the English department at your elementary school.

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Can't wait!

I loved the demo!

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I'd love to go on a hike, Omega4!

Not with you though.

You're a total buzzkill...

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Once it has been seen...

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I am entirely serious when I say that we need to NOT buy Activision games.

Let's make a big deal out of this.

How can we do this without getting Activision publicity though?

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...and I have less bubbles than this guy?

What the heck?

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Just like the tracking ball.

Have you ever faced a tracking ball pro at Counter Strike?

You don't have a prayer.

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There were like twenty stories about Move players destroying DS3 players in SOCOM 4.

I don't see how DS3 players would win.

Edit: That's true. Still though. Maybe it was because the Move players had gotten used to playing with it.

If a console-only player sits down at a PC for the first time to play an FPS...he/she's going to get owned. I think that's the case here with Move.

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I completely disagree with you!!!

They do listen to THEIR fans.


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Why would they do that when they can wait a month and a half to do it on Kinect?

And pay $200 to do it...

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inb4 more Mr. Slaughter jokes...

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Freakin' A!!!

I can't wait for Gears 3!!!

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I'm not sure how you guys can take it seriously...

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Phil Harrison

The man who knew too much.

If HE had been in charge, we'd have all the features we want, Move would have a massive lineup right now, and the PS3 would have surpassed the 360.

Fortunately, he's currently making Atari look good. Thanks for everything, Phil!

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Do you know how many "cool" brands there are out there?

Alfa Romeo
Mercedes Benz

Basically, anything you'd see in Mad Men or a Guy Ritchie film...

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The Duck Hunt thing has been "known" since launch.

I've tried it many times.

It does NOT work!

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Freakin' /b/tards...

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That's an expensive DVD player.

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