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DoesUs: "Tools/tools/tools/SDK/SD K, what happened to all the cloud power and hidden super duper tripple layered design?"

I don't know what "super duper tripple [sic] layered design" is, but the much ballyhooed "cloud power" is supposedly coming with Watch_Dogs. It ought to be interesting to see the difference between the PS4 and Xbox One versions. The PS4 has more power and better graphics; but, according to Ubisoft, all that dust blowing an...

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@PLAYINB3YOND: The Xbox One's system OS didn't have all the same features as the PS4's at launch. I'll give you that. But the PS4 isn't a clear-cut winner in terms of which console's UI is better. I think that determining which is worse is almost entirely subjective, left to the personal preferences of the user.

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Yes, I think the Move is more attractive to "hardcore" gamers than Kinect. The Move's feedback is much faster; lag on the Kinect is something folks can "get used to" for most games. However, for the "hardcore" games, lag is not ever something one can get used to.

All this said--and, yes, I own both the PS3 and Xbox 360 ... And Wii, for that matter--I have little interest in the Move and more interest in the Kinect. I have my "hardcore&...

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I hope you're wrong. As a person raised in Bellevue, WA, I have to have a little more faith in the folks up there than to believe that they are so delusional as to think that the Zune is any competition for the iPhone.

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Kudos for being the first commentor to almost-but-not-quite point out that Microsoft owns the "Halo" property and not Bungie. (I don't count "Steven Colbert" because he said "MCsoft" which is an Austrailian wireless software company.)

Ultimately, it would come down to what Microsoft wants. Granted, they allow Rare (a subsidiary) to create DS games; so it isn't outside the realm of possibilities that they would allow Bungie to use the "Halo&quo...

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... The Xbox 360 already upscales DVD's if you use HDMI or VGA cables. Why this news? My Xbox 360 has been upscaling my DVD's through a VGA cable since November 22, 2005 (and yes, it still works).

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1. PS3 is NOT the lead platform for FFXIII. FFXIII is developed using the "White Engine" which was developed from the start to be a multi-platform engine.
2. The 360 version will be a port of the "White Engine" source code. Not the PS3-compilation source code.
3. The 360 version will be released in the USA an Europe on the same date as the PS3.
5. The 360 version of XIII will NOT NECESSARILY have to be downgraded thanks to HDD installs on the Xbox 360...

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Granted, it was the Chairman himself who first brought his mother into the GTAIV controversy--a fact which Mr. Thompson is surely relying on to keep him out of trouble--but even still, sending a letter to an elderly woman to disparage her son is absolutely nothing short of harassment. While he is already in legal trouble for his antics, this could actually be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back. Though unlikely, this little stunt could actually put Mr. Thompson in jail for a few...

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Is this just an illusion produced soley on having different textures on the models?

Well, not to say that it isn't better, but if they're promoting lighting effects, then it seems like a scam to me. Anybody can swap out textures and say "look how different it looks." Well, no kidding it looks different; we're looking at different things.

The different textures hides the lighting effects that their talking about. Leave the original textures and show the ...

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Anthony Anderson as E. Honda? No way! I vote for Ernie Reyes Jr. He's fit the role PERFECTLY!

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Sadly, Raul passed shortly before the Street Fighter was released (if memory serves me correctly). Perhaps it was for the best. The end product may have killed him anyway. (Sorry, that wasn't very sensitive ...)

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The more features the better is right. The reason why it's being called "shooting themselves in the foot" is that--unlike USB and HDMI upscaling--the feature's they're implimenting are disc-based and hardware-supported. Older hardware that doesn't support the new features will not be able to play discs that do use the features. (USB2.0 plugs still work in USB1.0/1.1 ports, and newer DVD's still play in players that don't do upscaling or have HDMI ports.)

It's more aki...

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What if the problem is supply issues and that's all? The question we should ask is: Why would Microsoft have supply issues?

Well, I've got a theory. Remember back before GDC that it was rumored that an Xbox 360 with built-in Wi-fi and HD-DVD drive would be announced at GDC? Remember how any Xbox 360 hardware announcements were absent from the MS keynote and the HD-DVD keynote was cancelled entirely? What if ... What if Microsoft and Toshiba actually were set to announce such a...

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This is so cool. Games on Zune, and you can make them yourself. So ... What's a Zune?

(I kid!)

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Your logic makes perfect sense, but I still find 90% to be a figure that is highly suspect. I think 10% is far more likely.

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90% is way too high. Considering that nearly half of DS owners are "tween" girls (at least in my experience anyway) I find that any claim that 90% are using mod chips and downloaded games to be highly suspect.

I had two DS stolen; but before that happened, I bought several games. I never considered using pirated software.

Maybe they got the statistics wrong. Maybe 90% aren't using pirated games, and the other 10% are. 10% is alarmingly high in its own r...

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Has he spoken with MS about getting a waiver to the limit? They granted one to Konami for "Castlevania"; why not "Super Street Fighter II: Turbo: HD Remix"?

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Seriously, I'm done with WW2 games (unless it features Marines, Chinese, and other allies in the Pacific theater; or the Nisei 442nd). How many times can a guy play US Army pushing through France and Germany? It's a bit stale. I didn't buy "Call of Duty 3" for just that reason.

There are other portions of WW2 that haven't been explored; but there doesn't seem to be any desire to put you in the boots of a Chinese soldier fighting against the Japanese invasion, or a Mar...

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Libel suits are bad PR. Microsoft, et al, simply wouldn't respond to his comments. Though he might get a sternly worded letter from Paramount.

I still don't think that Microsoft made the payment. I thought that it was clear based on official statements that Toshiba made the payout themselves. All parties have denied Microsoft envolvement in the payout to Paramount. Where is the "Microsoft paid Paramount off" stuff coming from now? Are the conspiracy people just unable...

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If this is about what I think its about, I think it will get thrown out of court before a judge ever gets to the meat of the "case".

What the patent describes has been in use in mobile phones for over ten years. When you let patent infringments go on for ten years without filing a single suit or injunction, your patent becomes invalid. It is the responsibility of the patent holder to "vigorously defend" its patent. Failure to do so is considered an acceptan...

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