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Do these small studios really need or want this kind of attention just to promote their game? Attention whores much! I blame the studio and the so called "gaming journalist" that made this article, simply looking for clicks.

Parity clause is rarely applied. Just ask Microsoft if you can launch your game later on and you will get your response. Many 3rd party PS4 games have been launched later on the X1. #1.6
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I think Microsoft is going to wait and see how it goes with their exclusives this year: Forza Horizon 2, Halo and Sunset Overdrive. Next year there will be definitely a price cut (to $300/300€ ???). #1.2.2
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My guess, 2016. #3
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"Buy an Xbox One, Choose a Game for Free – Sept. 7 – 13"

In my country there is a better deal. Buy a X1 and get 2 games for free, Forza 5 and Fifa 15, 400€.

Even Sony is selling the PS4 with a free game, Destiny, for 400€.

Take your pick. #1.1
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Yes, it's best to own both, PC and consoles, but the funny thing is that I'm the opposite of you. The games I'm hyped the most for the next few months, are PC only games: Civilization: Beyond Earth, Wasteland 2, Pillars of eternity, Torment Tides of Numenera and Star Citizen.

Even one of my GOTY's for this year is a PC only game, Divinity: Original Sin. This year has been quite weak in console exclusives. Have a PS4, haven't swi... #1.2.4
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It's only really, really, really bad when Microsoft buys (timed) exclusives. When other companies do it, it's ok. #1.4
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"Hideo Kojima wins Gamescom with stunning Silent Hills reveal."

Nop. #1.1
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Hypocrite. #5.1
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"Rise Of The Tomb Raider: Has Square Enix Finally Done Something Right?"

Tomb Raider/Final Fantasy 13-2/Final Fantasy 13-3 (among other Square Enix games) weren't a huge success. Square Enix needs money. Microsoft gave them money. Rise Of The Tomb Raider is exclusive. End of story. #1.8
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Actually Tomb Raider was the best Uncharted I played last gen, and I played them all. #3.1
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Lol. How many stupid articles are we going to see like this from now on?

Fanboys simply have to accept this is business and move on. #1.3
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You guys should be in bed. It's passed your bed time.


Why do you automatically assume I'm a Microsoft fanboy or even have a X1 ?

Are you that insecure? #5.1.3
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"This alone nullifies any argument you could make.
Tomb raider Originally (in '96) was on multiple platforms. Sony then bought console exclusivity for the sequel. What MS has done is EXACTLY the same, and ironically involving the exact same franchise also. "


THIS! #1.16
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It's ok if Sony does it, but if Microsoft does it, then it's bad, they are greedy, and they should get out of the gaming business. /s

LOL. Fanboys! * shakes head * #1.15.1
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What's the point of showing screenshots at that resolution if the PS4 only handles 1080p ? #5
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"You are gaining nothing new. The only thing happening here is they are excluding others from getting it."

Are you that naive? X1 owners will get nothing new, but Microsoft will. It's business, they will sell more consoles. If you want to play the game, buy a X1. Simple as that. Sony does it. Nintendo does it.

Exclusives sell consoles. If it wasn't for exclusives then why the hell would I purchase a PS4, or X1 or WiiU. I'd play all my g... #10.1.3
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"How Rise of the Tomb Raider's Xbox One Exclusivity Hurts Gamers"

Double standards much?

It doesn't hurt gamers. It's made to sell consoles. It's a business, with every company trying to make their product more attractive then the competition. If you want to play Tomb Raider, you buy the Xbox One. If you choose to buy other consoles, then it's your problem.
If you want to play Nintendo exclusives you buy a WiiU.
I... #1.7
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"DayZ on PS4 is a “win win” for PC, says Dean Hall"

Absolutely not. Firstly they should finish the game on the PC, then think about releasing it on other platforms. A lot of people have already purchased the game on the PC and are waiting for the finished game. I'm glad I didn't buy the game on the PC, otherwise I would be pissed right about now. This game will never leave it's alpha state. #1.3
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"Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Xbox Exclusivity Helps No One"

Lol. No.

It will help the Xbox One sell more consoles and help Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix (money they received). #1.3
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So when a 3rd party developer makes a exclusive game for the PS4, how much money will they loose by completely ignoring PC, X1 and WiiU gamers. I bet they ignore more then 10 million gamers. #1.5.1
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