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We had issues with the 580 strictly in Titanfall. That's why I asked the community to tell us how their own were performing! Thanks for letting me know yours is doing well!

Might be an issue with the specific card that Titanfall is unhappy with. #2.1
We used the beta driver. If you read the article, you'll see that the mesh tearing only occurred in beta. It did not exist with the latest beta drivers. It was a low FPS, though. #1.1
I've spectated a couple of MLGs and loved it back when SC2 was still a thing. Generally, it'll come down to the organizers and commentators (and players). If the commentators are good and the players are good, you'll have fun -- it's their job to make it exciting. If the commentators are trash, well, it's hit-or-miss depending on how much you love the game. #1.1
This was confirmed like a month ago. #1
Silly. Activision just reported record profits. #2
No... it was ported backwards for the 360. If you looked at the benchmarks before commenting, you'd see the exact opposite of what you said is true. It failed in two tests and basically failed SLI by means of microstutter. #5.2
Indeed - it'll rank around where the 650 Ti Boost is in the benchmark we ran -- maybe slightly higher. Drivers and Titanfall patches to fix all the video issues will obviously further enhance the 7870's performance. #1.1
You should probably not be so juvenile in your titling/outlook on the industry. As someone who runs a PC gaming website, even I know when to give consoles credit where it is due; every platform appeals to a different audience and has different benefits. There is no denying that, and to do so is naive to the way the industry works. #1
Is "top 10" really relevant in such a small (yet growing) industry? Seems like nothing much matters after first place -- maybe top 3, if you stretch it. #1
So... just Seattle, then? #2
Those things were given to us. Read, you know, the article. #2.3
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The image looks like CastleStory... too bad this isn't just a finished version of that xD #1
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If you spent $650, it's budget-class, not mid-range. #4.1.2
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Good one. This was under embargo until Monday. Way to respect the industry. #1
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That one wasn't for gaming. Pretty clear about that. #1.1
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This is Unity, not Flash. #1
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... This is a mid-to-high-end build geared for the hardware enthusiast. If I wanted to build a machine that'd compete on the same level as the PS4, I could do it for $700. #3.2
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Leakage isn't generally an issue with CLCs... they're factory-sealed and tested, so you're safe on that front.

As for OC'ing -- if you don't want a proper custom/open loop cooling solution, CLCs make a good mid-point for high OCs. Air coolers actually perform almost as well as liquid for the sub-4.8GHz range, so there's not much point in buying liquid if you're below 4.8GHz (and the right air setup will be fairly quiet, too). If you're going 4.... #1.1.3
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It keeps the silicon cooler, which gives you more room for high OCs at higher voltages. An aftermarket heatsink is always a good idea -- the lifespan of the die is threatened by the inefficiency stock/box coolers when under load. #2.2
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I don't understand the premise of this blogspam. This is a non-linear comparison, no conclusion can be drawn. #5
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