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He express his fanboyism in highest quality comedy.

Do you even know what Green Burg do ? apart from trash talking ?

At least Sony's PR department puts an imaginary character on the line when they talk - MC's PR dept. hides behind a paid gang of real life idiots.

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I´d like too see this guy and Green Burg on the same table :D

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Then why so serious ? take a chill pill and enjoy the comedy :)

Lucky for you and your club ...Most people here care about games too but our wallet dont seems to agreed both ways.

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I dont want to play a cop i want to be a criminal ;D

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No shiet ! Like you even have one

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You know what the problem with you is?

Its very popular to group rape a 360 fanboy in a PS3 related articles hence "Fuck of" to a Xbox fanboy is very much appreciated but not the other way around. The same can apply to xbox related articles.

Its not the sites problem its you being stupid in the wrong place :)

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One thing i´m sure Kinect can predict the future better than he does ? ;)

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Hahahaha now I´m waiting for the Xbox response xD

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You can take you mentality bull and apply on every major electronics company, at least they don't update it every 3 month a là HTC . Their phones should be flying right now.

Yeah and a sale man hype his own product ..is a crime now ?.

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Metal gear solid 1 should have been on that list

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1) There are tons of free navigation software for iPhone
2) Ever heard of the word "Jailbreak" ?
3) I´m watching porn right now on my not "jailbreaked iPhone" so what sems to be the problem ?

4) Multi tasking is out it delayed because Apple want to make it more energy efficient and i kinda believe them. However its out soon.

5) 3 billions and counting since last year is not enough for you ? ...

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Yeah i wonder that too

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Why ? Because he's the "biggest" xbox fanboy out there

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I think when they make one the price will be high and millions of people will be forced to buy one like having a gun point to their head :/

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And how long has it been out for the Mac again ? 2 weeks

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You can watch youtube on it ..ever own one ?

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Very straight forward title :D

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"Humiliation" Hahaha !

Sorry but i cant stop it ;D

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And do you know how much that cost ?

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Some of the games said to be using everything a console have but yet looks average is pushing the limit ?
Im programming world we call it bad coding.

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