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Sure I got in a woman's bathroom once just to count how many they were. That made me feel heroic.

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Thats for the later part ;)

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Why still no one ever smack this guy on the face ? I wanna see if he can predict that :/

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Its realistic enough for a "Driving simulator" but perhaps not enough for a "Crash simulator" if such game even exist ?

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Even a dead clock shows right twice a day. Why so serious ? :)

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You guys are so short sighted ..
Join-force is never good for the consumer there are actually laws to forbid this kind of business. Just imagine how the market prices will be like if it wasnt for Microsofts and Sonys constant fight.
If they ever become one you can forget all the price-drops and free online-services..etc. They´ll charge your asses for everything and you know you´ll have to pay for it.
The fanboys might go away but idiots will last forever :/ ...

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"..Better than "any" Sony TV" just make you stupider than your comment :/

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Your mind is so fuk'up i thought a zombie was talking :/

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For some odd reason I´d like to hear HHG´s review now :D

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Ok so its Hiphopgamger
I´m outa here :/

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If ads is playable the Xbox library must be the best biggest :)

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Funny how religious people find out about places no one ever came out from... in details :/
Isn't that contradicting ?

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I´d rather pay to hunt down Bushes

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Most people can f!ck long before 18 so i dont really understand the rule :/

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Didnt know imaginary ps3´s can get YLOD :O

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I´d be happier not have to pay :/

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Thats make him a decent CEO but a scumbag he still is.

And what do you know about running a multi billions company you litle twat ?

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Your two last lines :/

You´ll fail that common sense test for sure

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Xbox 360 of course Its HOT !

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Gimmi the name of those Devs i´ll avoid their game from now on they seems lost touch with reality.

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