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Its "Hardcore" :)

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Rumoured about as long as the psp. 4-5 hours is more or less the same as the 3DS, quite reasonable considering all the power.

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Your life is just a metaphor no one give a dam.. you can change it to "your mother" or whatever suit you :/. We see more than that in the vid so perhaps youre more of a blind one here. Every fps is "basically" run left, right, forward, and backward shoot and knife. Oh i did some research some of them have jump too :/

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If you summarize your life that way it wont be much of a list :/

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Is you comment some kind of universal truth ?

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They are all Hardcore :)

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MGS 1 still gives me goosebumps every time I play it :)
An unforgettable classic.

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The scale of this level is insane i hope all other will be in the same standard :O

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Nothing more than a dude talking like hes gona throw up any minute :S

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Nahh hes not homophobic just a bit homo-allergic :)

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Sure but the hole on the other pocket will be much larger to fill te maximum graphics needs ... not ? :/

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Yeah but you know faking an ID to pass detection is much easier than you thought. Cheaters have been doing this for years. Tracking data being sent is easy before but now when the root key is lost modders can make programs to hide the connections and ID without any problem. Detecting those among their 60 millions users and growing is now neither cheap or that easy let alone pulling lawsuit in so many countries :/.

What i´m saying is Sony have a hard time ahead of them, m...

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So you're saying pirates need an excuse for pirating ?

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Put Ballmer to the spot he can do it ... ArrhhhH !!!


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There are plenty of movies much better than those you mentioned
Flashpoint, Ongbak 1-2, Fist of legend ....

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Wow thats one big fat lazy stupid mistake :O

" return 4; " WTF

Some one is crying while cleaning his desk right now :)

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And your taste is bitter :)

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Another good news move on people :D

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Wow first headline ever without a question mark .. You´re on the right direction gangsta :)

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I beg someone else to smack this guy out of his job for the insults he inflicted to Gaming Industry.

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