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That would be equal to economic suicide. Not to mention the other party can do the exact same thing when they are desperate.

Lower price is not a good first hand strategy for any form business and would never benefit in the long run.

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But knowing that i can turn it off, and the fact that i can turn it off without compromising my computer is very satisfying no ?

I spend the money and i deserve that kind of minimum freedom.

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It was them all alone, being greedier than the studios

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Cant stop lolin at this pic xD

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Lol it looks like they are compromising almost every core strategy they came up with in the last 2 months

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One right move and they think they are already in charge.

Whoever in charge of their business strategies must have been sitting in a Hittler bunker

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Let pretend the PS4 is not in the room

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Thats a bit overboard.
This is like saying "My father works at NASA" ..... as a janitor

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Porn-streaming, Kinect and always on, there cant be a nastier combination

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I´m waiting for the price, its the only PS4-spec that is missing missing right now

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The best way to make a beautiful game is not on the GPU its on the level of talent the developers behold, and its the only thing that is truly future-proof.

The extra added RAM is mainly to address the problem Sony had with multiplat developers. Sure it wont boost the raw graphical power directly but if you know only a little about programming you´ll know how much money and time that can be saved from spending time hiring highly-skilled people...

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Yes they do but not f**king customers over while doing it is caring enough

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No one dare to mess with Gabe ... He is a big man with ruthless taste

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Its in Bungies contract to develop an Xbox 360 title, and we all know how Activision is so its probably not true.

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No but we arent in the future and i dont want the PS4 to have a futuristic price

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Metal gear solid 1

I never got more emotional since that game EPIC

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Hey here is a tip dont make any promises ... How hard could it be ?

But the dude just cant stop hyping his shit

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Let see if he can make the tree grow this time

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