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If you actually have something to back up your expertise please show us ....
Until then your words hold no weight

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"God knows violence ...."

Bitch please !
Someone get this maniac out of here !

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What an idiot.

Without the effect of the internet that directly affected the pre-order fiasco what Sony does don't mean shit to them.

Just type "The xbox one is" on google seach bar and see what happen, all thanks to the internet.

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When a billion corporation shows that they cant make decisions and business strategies for one of their biggest product in the eyes of shareholders and those who involved its a monumental WEAKNESS.

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Please dont compare Ipad games with console games. They are much cheaper simply due to the fact that they don't require as much time, resources and manpower to make.

10$ Ipad game in the comparison is a straight rip-off compare to console games which are often at least 10-20 times more costly to make.

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This trend is rewarding

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Sony got the best possible start ever But dont underestimate the power marketing and dumb people in large groups.

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I want to know what the rest of the first party studios are up to

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Man if you dont get paid for your support i´d be disturbingly amazed

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And this is how its done on Xbox


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Its done this is confirmed the biggest pawnage in the history of gaming

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Yes people you just witnessed Live-execution

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All i can hear is applauses from the crowd, The REAL crowd

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Now its getting somewhere :D

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This is getting kind of boring

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If 400 or even at the same price there wouldnt be much of a competition

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They dont have to, now its included in every console promoting further would be pointless

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Why is Microsoft so good at live-failin xD ?

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Where is all the applause coming from ?

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