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A big lol at the question mark. i guess they need to send more reporters just to make sure hahaha

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“The best way to win a war is to never have started one in the first place.”
( Sun Tzu )

If they really care about casualties and soldiers life they wont start one.
But for some fuck up reason some country just loves to start one after the other efficiency saving lives is just pure bull :/

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Halo Combat Evolved was the reason i bought my Xbox.. loved that game

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I dont see how its bad for the industry Nintendo still remain as a kid-toys brand like they always did. If i have a kid under 13 the Wii seems to be the perfect choice.

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Compare to the red rings no hardware failures can even come close to exist..and thats just the red ring there are still other issues not counting.

Hate it or love it but the fact is Microsoft have a lot to learn from Apple in hardware making :/


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I clicked the link for charity i thought i saw something about topless :/

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Its no decision ..It just come naturally :)

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Just imagine if James Cameron make a Killzone movie adaption after his visit.

The day it happens i´ll cry in happiness :)

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Are they sure those are "men" ?

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Great score for a great game I never played xD
Talking about The hype effect.

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I can see a body laying on the ground and someone else is looking at it. It looks like someone was there with Kratos at the very end of the game :/

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Since when 10.000 = 1.000.000 ? The title is very missleading :(

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But we need this war lol
I know we all love price drop :)

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I dont respect bigmouth assholes ...

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"Brothers to the end"
So what the fúk is that Final Fantasy boi doing there :O ?

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Try to DRM that :/

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Then at least half of PS3 owners must be gone by now ?
Gimmi a break !

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He loves p*****s a lot more

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Doesnt make you less of a sucker

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This guy talk too much about his ideas instead of making it come true

Agreed he made "good" games
but not that great to go around acting "master".

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