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Japanse Goku is and was one of the most ridiculous thing that ever happened to japanese anime.

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I hope they get the story and dialog together. Killzone is a great universe but they did an average job in storytelling. There are no memorable character and the story is all over the place, such a shame considering the overall design and game- mechanics

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Tony Jaa and Bruce lee in the same sentence is insulting to anyone who know even a little about martial art.

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Go down in price is a risky move especially when the competitor can do the same and well afford to do so.

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Now please let make it smaller. That thing screams neckpain

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Dam mofo went full retard

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Me too and i also found a way to reset the clock also

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With what ? fish AI ?

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And not a single f*ck was given that day :)

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Football >>>>>> Handegg

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All talk and no substance

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Where is the "money back" part ?

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Now its a different story to make that face and body moves like the real thing which is still one of the hardest challenge in 3d game.

Realistic looks with awkward animation is just even more creepy

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What black man ? I only saw 2 women

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If its a model its animateable but i´m not sure how pretty it´ll look then.

Facial expressions and motion capture contribute a lot more to realism than good textures and shading

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Remind me of this

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This wont destroy anything.
Anything that work on a small size device and be done on the console for at least 10 times the performance that can be have with much less money

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Yes but in Europe there is an additional fee called "Import tax" that makes 400$ = 400 euros for not just the PS4 but all electronic in general

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That Fish guy were clearly on the high ground on that discussion and totally blew it.

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Whatever man ... Its strictly business in one way or another, its not like they are doing charity.

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