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I would actually disagree, for the most part. The PS2 stopped being the "readily available" system once the PS3 hit its market stride, meaning that most consumers wouldn't have easy access to them unless they hunted for used copies. And I excuse the God of War III one because it was part of a series collection.

It's very money-grubbing and leaves a bad taste that many of Nintendo's other remakes/ports have. And as far as I'm aware, Wind Waker's s...

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They made them for the Game Boy Advance after the original games stopped being easily available to most consumers. There's nothing wrong with that.

The problem, as mentioned in the article, is that the game isn't even three years old and is still available with no problem.

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It matters to me because, no matter if I visit a Nintendo or Sony thread, those are the type of comments that pop up all the time, regardless of what the article itself says.

And I came here to look at the article and find some actually good opinions, but instead I got the same stuff I always get from these threads.

And I'm not cheerleading Nintendo. I'm condemning the users of N4G for being so unfairly one-sided regardless of the information in quest...

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Nintendo Hosts Portable Gaming Mini-Conference, Announcing Variety of New Games: "Ugh, Nintendo is going down the toilet. They better be scared, because this plan isn't going to work. They're doomed."

Sony Hosts Portable Gaming Mini-Conference, Announcing Variety of New Games: "Woohoo, everybody! This is Sony's year! How can a company be so awesome? Look out market, 'cause the awesome train is about to stop at the PlayStation!"

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Am I the only one who enjoyed this Nintendo Direct? They unveiled a new RPG, sports game, puzzle game, 3D port, and major pack of DLC, along with announcing the release date for Animal Crossing and discussing a lot more. It was a pretty darn good 30 minutes, as far as I'm concerned.

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The difference is that this is by Disney, a company known for their female characters. And, especially considering how well recieved their recent female characters have been (think Tiana, Rapunzel, and Vanellope), your argument is bunk.

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All of this is noted in the article, and Rapunzel has not been confirmed or shown in any marketing so far (also noted). The issue is that, for a company known for having a huge cast of popular female characters, the game hasn't shown or marketed any that are the actual protagonist of their own movie. Mrs. Incredible is the closest we've seen, and even she is labeled in Infinity as a sidekick.

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If it was another company, you'd have a valid point. But this is DISNEY Infinity, a game named after a company known for their female characters more than just about anything else.

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The difference is in the marketing. Skylanders and Infinity are clearly marketed as requiring many extra figure purchases in order to get the game's full experience. It's similar to how trading card games (IE Yu-Gi-Oh!), despite having starter decks, made it clear that most people will need to buy booster packs to enjoy the product fully.

Skylanders and Infinity make it clear from the get-go the investment level that needs to be made and that is why, despite being DLC...

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A price-drop will definitely boost sales, but it won't dominate by any stretch of the imagination. It isn't as accessible as an iOS device, nor does it have the massive franchise recognition that the 3DS has. Sony will lose the handheld race for the second time in a row.

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I don't see why this one is a big deal, honestly. The Skylanders series has always been extremely up-front about how their "DLC-Alternative" works, and anyone who buys the Starter Set should realize it's just that: a starter set.

It has always been marketed as sort of the digital equivalent of card games like Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic: The Gathering where, while you can get a starter set with a good amount of content, you are expected to go buy expansions in order ...

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The Vita should have received a midnight release, especially seeing as the 3DS got one.

The companies should have the amount of systems that were pre-ordered which, when you're selling to people who pre-ordered, is the exact amount you want. The midnight launch isn't for anyone to come in and buy, it's for people with a reserve receipt.

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The point still stands that they are getting away with not doing it for this one, regardless of what they've done before. There's no way they would have pulled this for the new Xbox, especially after the huge midnight launch for Halo 4.

So, the "danger" of midnight releases suddenly only applies now? What about all the other launches for systems and games they've done?

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