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A sarcasm detector? Yeah THAT'S useful. #6.1
Targeting uninformed customers is always a great idea. #2
"Granted, the option to get a dual analog stick attachment is there, the peripheral is currently only available in Japan." It's available in America. It turns the game into a modern Third Person shooter with better controls then the original PS2 version. #1
Fable Kinect Kart Racing sounds awesome! #1
Yes, I won't spoil the plot, but it goes in a VERY odd direction about 75% of the way through. #1.1
Hammer buttons and hope for the best. #1.1
Equip Telekinesis and you can easily beat that final boss by catching his projectile blasts and throwing them back at him. #1.1
Now I see why they have a Cover mechanic... #2
Good to see the UDK used for something other than shooters. #1
I want one SOOOO bad I'd kill Ryo Hazuki's dad for it! #1
Well, tomorrow's the pitcher and today's the catcher, so I guess Yesterday must be the shortstop. #2
Will you just tell me what's the name of the man on first base? #1.1
The DoEE has a bunker where copies of every video game are preserved in case of an apocalyptic scenario. #1.1
Atari needs to do more than revamp their classics... #1
That's from the Wii version. #1.1.2
I'd like some hands on with Katarina... #1
It's the extra-fancy Special, Ultra Director's Platinum Plus Edition too! #2
Ha! #1.1
Yes, this could the thing that ( Eventually) surpasses WoW. #2
The fourth game, Tomb Raider The Last Revelation had a teen Lara Croft, complete with pigtails. #1.1.1
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