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Good for him, more should follow too. Gaming should be more recognized than ever. Gaming is not just for kids, but also for Adults and its time people realize that. There should be a more serious gaming awards than that stupid Spike TV VGA!!!! It should be as serious as the oscars, so game designers like Ken Levine should get notice.

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I expect that PS4 would be cheaper and more affordable, cause Cell and Blu Ray has been out as long as PS3. I think it would be price at $400 hundred or hopefully $350 at launch. What justify the price is the graphic chip and etc.

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@ Kriauciuniux

Ah yo Kriauciuniux I'm not apart of anonymous, in fact I been commenting on this site before it was named N4G. I had that V for Vendetta Avatar before anonymous ever used it. So don't call me anonymous, and I never hacked before anyway. Sometime time you got to speak the truth, because people need to be checked. What I mean they need to know the facts before they choose either to agree or disagree on any issue that comes across. I'm no hippie lo...

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For all those that disagree you know its the truth stop acting like it is a lie. The truth is unpopular no one likes it, because it hurts. When you get use to the truth, then it will set you free. Said it in my own words by putting two well known quotes together.

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Heck you can play them right on Xbox Live, just download them. Not sure if its on PS3, but check it anyway.

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That's the problem with people, we don't read the terms of agreements, because its too long and boring. Plus it is very tempting just to agree, especially if there is a game you can't wait to play after months of waiting. Same thing could be said in all forms of entertainment. Ask any celebrity(actor, music artist and etc) if they ever read the terms of agreement, before selling themselves for fame. They only know when they first start, how great it is to have a career like that. ...

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Yeah a straight to download game, an RPG, and a HD Collection of two old Silent Hill games. Still not good enough. Well Mass Effect 3(exceptional) was great until the bad ending, so not enough to beat last months success.

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The games this month failed to deliver, heck even yakuza zombie spinoff and Armored Core 5 got a bad score. The only game that actually got a good score, was Silent Hill HD Collection? Those 2 Silent Hill games come out a long time ago. A terrible month of gaming no good.

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This game reminds me so much of Iron Phoenix.

That game back then was real fun!!!! Hope this game does the same. This game is a day one purchase for me. This is how fighting games should be done. I hope High Moon Studio (formerly named Sammy Studio) make another Iron Phoenix for both PS3/360/PC. The developers that is making Anarchy Reigns may claim to be the first...

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Management mess up everything in the working world, they never truly listen to their employees. They just all for themselves, even if sh*t hits the fan. Then they realize through their thick skulls, the consequences of their actions. Everything in Mass Effect 3 should of been a team effort, don't exclude the ending!!!

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You see people we have the power do many things, if the majority of us agree, even change a game ending along with throwing money for charity to help change it lol!!! Shoot wish people did the same to our government, making them reveal the 75 year old secret about UFOs and other secrets. Obama even said that he would have an open government policy revealing old US secrets, but that don't hold any water at all lol. It's good that they will address the issue, but still this should hav...

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Gears of War sh*t on this game, so not a good comparison. An this is the only high score I see.

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Dude If you watch the gameplay walkthrough in the past couple of months you see why this game got the score what it got. The game is a terrible mess!!! The A.I. is bad the level design are boring, and very bad glitches. The hype for the this game died when Resident Evil 6 was announced for November of this year, and it completely overshadowed this game. Save your money and reserve Resident Evil 6. Heck that even has multiplayer too that would over shadow it. The 360 at least got the better ve...

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No surprise cause the Hype already died out when Resident Evil 6 was announced, and good riddance. At least Resident 5, even with its flaws was better than this nonsense. Two games this week with past great franchises under their belt, can't live up to their past success. I'm talking to you Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and Ninja Gaiden 3!!!

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I wonder why I got 3 disagrees lol!!!The game clearly look like it plays like crap. I saw a couple of walkthrough videos of the game. An the game developer played as one of the characters, then just when through most of the level without his A.I. team to assist just hack and slashing. Guess the A.I. just sucks!!! It was evident when I saw the walkthrough for the first level. This game was fulled with issues from the A.I. on both sides, the level design, and etc. It was total BS when they ann...

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True I swap like 6 times lol!!! Mass Effect is the only game I know that does this. At least the JRPGs never do this, and they will actually give you 4 disc if needed. Like the Final Fantasy series for the PS1, as an example.

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I should never had reserved this game lol!!! Well at least I didn't pay full price. I had a lot of points from Bestbuy so I used 115 points from Best Buy Rewards Zone and only paid $ 5.00 dollars for Ghost Recon Future Soldier and this crappy look of a game. Had I known that Resident Evil 6 was going to come out in November 2012, would of reserved that instead. But all that was done last year. I will send it back lol for Resident Evil 6 and stick with Ghost Recon instead, cause that gam...

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original ending was changed for this terrible ending with plot holes.

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Holy sh*t!!! this game looks sh*t!!!! Wow!!! No wonder why Itagaki quit Team Ninja. I don't blame him. I am not even going to reserve Dead or Alive 5, until the reviews come out. They better not screw up Dead or Alive!!!!

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Ahhh the title is misleading nothing to comment about just a guy who wants hits.

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