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Eye = 1280 x 800 pixels x 2 @ 60fps
Kinect2 = 1920 x 1080 x 16 bpp 16:9 YUY2 @ 30fps

Hmmm... Which is better?

We don't know what the Eye's depth stream is, Registration nor it's Infrared Stream (IR) does it even have it? What about it's latency? Big issue if it is poor as the first eye was. (though I am sure it will be much better)

And we don't know the eyes resolvable depth... but we do know it has a 15 degree mor...

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Right now digital downloads on consoles has actually been very lucrative for MS and Sony.

So the factor that all those people that purchased digital copies were not able to see any resale value in their purchase, is a big factor in why we see this happening now.

Sony is not coming out and saying it.. (they like to wait and imitate later) but they too would prefer to see a download oriented sales perspective reach the favored option for gamer's choice in ...

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As normal MS is likely to be selling characters in different fashions.

Individual character choices will likely be an option. But bundles character choices and complete bundled selection is most likley going to be the sales choices.

So see a complete character selection available for purchase at a reasonable low price.

It's almost like you guys have never purchased anything on XBL before?? Wait... let me guess... most of you are PS3 user...

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Not so much. MS and Sony both are pushing more to download sales then hard sales. Looks like next Gen is hoping for more of a STEAM situation in their sales out look.

We will just have to see.

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- PS3 was overpriced in comparison to Xbox 360 (and even a year later) didn't seem to hurt them.

- weaker console (hardware wise) some aspects look like that on paper possibly... but built in Kinect and better cloud support looks to counter that thought

- always online? As we already know this is not factual. But there is a 24hr login requirement which is concerning to most.

- no used games? This is also contested opinion as MS has stated...

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Try reading other articles on N4G that aren't just SOny fanboy posts.

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Really how long have you been yapping about Xbox gamers having to play for multiplayer? How long has the DRM been talked about?

The main attacks on XBL was the fact that you had to pay for Multiplay. And the fact that they would never pay for Multiplaying... and now you have to pay. PWNED!

p.s. guess what... XBL Gold users get free named title games every month now too. hahahaha

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And as usual... while T-Bagging... Sony will get shot in the head.

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Final Fantasy...? Kingdom Hearts...? hahahaha

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I guess those guys were lucky they were next to each other so they could hand the other person their game to play.

If they owned an Xbox One then they could simply have the person login and play from the cloud listing of games they have.

And that person can be on the other side of the world. Yep... my close XBL friends can try my games out and I don't have to worry about getting a scratched disk back.

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Hahahahahaha... pwned.

All the Fanboys who knocked XBL requirement to play Multiplayer games. And now they sit here with the same situation.

Most of you said you would never stand for it. Guess you won't be playing on PS4 or XboxOne then?

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Conker? STFU already.

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Why are there so many Sony Fanboys here? Feeling threatened as usual? Just play your own damn games and stop hating.

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FANBOY.... even so much as claiming himself the Playstation Defense Force at the end of the video???!!! Hahahahahaha...

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9 are PS exclusive... while 8 are PC/PS exclusive titles.
Leaving 31 as being available on Xbox One??? Xbox One is showing 15 exclusive titles coming out... so looking to be very little difference.

* Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
* Basement Crawl
* Battlefield 4
* Blacklight: Retribution [Free-to-Play]
* Call of Duty: Ghosts
* Carmageddon: Reincarnation
* Cyberpunk 2077
* DC Universe Online [Free-to-Play]...

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No because A Honda Civic can actually beat a Lamborghini in the right kind of street race.

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Doesn't matter if they even both look the same. Battlefield games play better then CoD games... so that is enough for me.

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@WeAreLegion (how redundant is the 'we are'?)

Maybe he is interested in other games? Not like all these games fit in everyone's wheel house.

Kingdom Hearts III (kids game... not interested)
Jak & Daxter 4 (dito)
Final Fantasy XV (Never cared for the series)
Uncharted 4 (more Lara Croft action minus the nice Ass... pass)
The Last Guardian (maybe... but not enough info to make me interested)

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Really? They say that they know Xbox One is not an always on requirement but that it is an always on system anyways because people will choose to keep their system on when required to do a 24hr check-in?(which this also has never been confirmed as final)

People could as easily choose to not turn off their PS4 too. Why would that make it an always on system?

I have my system plugged into a surge protector... guess what, I do a hard turn off of it every night....

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I really can take the audio of the video and place it over 'Alone in the Dark' gameplay. them talking about how dark it is, the flashlight and the forming of new weapons by combining items.

And what is up with the creatures that look like a bad case of a venereal disease gone too long on their faces. (Yes... I had to sit through too many military briefings prior to each deployment on the risk of unprotected sex...ha)

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