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When the Game Boy line was sold, the gaming population was less than a third of the size it is now. So... pretty difficult to compare the 3DS directly to the Game Boy and come away with an accurate picture of 3DS performance.

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This guy gets it!

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They were marketing Wii Sports from E3 all the way to launch.

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So, they took what was basically a free (bundled) game at launch last-gen (and is now a $20 game), re-announced it with basically zero fanfare and no actual marketing finesse right after GTAV came out at $50 for the whole package as a download-only title that will therefore lose most of its visibility to the average consumer? (This is a franchise built on the backs of the average consumer, mind you.)

What in the actual hell.

The $2 rental and flexible pricing...

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In which scenario would you use PS Vita as a controller for a device that plays PS Vita games where you couldn't just use the Vita by itself?

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Note: Not saying third-party titles are bad. Just giving third-parties total control over your console is bad.

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I've got to admit, while I always thought this game was a more likely candidate for remastered sound due to not running on that distinctive "N64" sound setup... I didn't think they'd actually put in the effort. Seriously floored. Just hearing that wind-changing chime remastered made this game for me.

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Good. Those who just want to migrate from previous gens shouldn't have to pay extra.

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Gold foil cover, like Skyward Sword.

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Plus, the 2DS is $130

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- Not giving me atrocious cramps when I hold it
- Having an adequately usable D-pad
- Better Start/Select button placement
- Probably being more like the indestructible Game Boy in terms of durability

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Nice find!

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If you're looking at system sales: yeah, I think that might be right.

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Congratulations PS3 for being the console to own this year.

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Sony announced "worldwide" at Gamescom.

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PS3's 1 million in one month was more impressive.

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Sony said PS4's 1 million pre-orders are higher than PS2 or PS3. That's simply not true; PS3 hit 1 million pre-orders, too, and in a much shorter time (1 month after pre-orders opened), at a higher price point ($599 vs. $399), with Europe (their biggest market) getting the console four months later than they are now.

What about this sounds like a good place to be pre-order-wise, given how PS3 did out the gate?

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It definitely was staged, otherwise the PS4 footage couldn't have kept moving the way it did after the guy set down his controller, and the Remote Play "picking up where he left off" would have actually picked up where he left off and not a few seconds before he left off.

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They've never once confirmed TWWHD at 60fps - just that it's the only first-party game running at 1080p native.

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I'm trying to keep things squarely focused on a "dollars for games" value assessment, because in hindsight I don't think much else matters when unless you happen to pull a Wii with a killer app feature.

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