E3 was wank!


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Think's.. Think's... Really? Why the apostrophe?!

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it certainly is in 'europe'!

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hes such a fat sh1t

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never buying that shit

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'cos most fans are complete retards, n4g proves that

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Who the hell is Jimmy Fallon?

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I didn't and I'm glad!

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@ poindat
Cheers, it's hard to know for sure then i suppose. I'm guessing it's 20 which is a bit disappointing, but it's a game that bases itself on quality rather than quantity... (apart from cars then it's obviously quantity too)

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It makes it look like it's a quote, effectively misquoting Sony and making xbots happy in the knowledge that just that little more people hate Sony. THey aren't saying the 3DS is crap or anything, Kaz said that from THEIR OWN FINDINGS they think it's better on home consoles. Which, purely from a logical perspective sounds about right. THat doesn't mean to say i won't give 3DS a chance...

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where does it say that? i hope you're right though!

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I think even the most die-hard xbox fanatics have to admit that kinect is underwhelming compared to playstation move....

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But that new 360 is really tempting me.. Problem is, apart from project gotham, forza, gears and halo all the games i wanna play are available on PS3 so it might be a waste of money for me. I liked 360 before, but with the price as it is and the slimmer form factor i might buy it

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How can that feature be that useful to anyone... You'd only really be able to do basic stuff on Linux for ps3 anyway, like web browsing which you can already do via XMB- and for everything else just use the computer, or if you don't have one just save up and buy a cheapish one...

This guy's making a mountain out of a molehill... maybe he needs a girlfriend?

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Maybe if he waited around to see what the guy had to say he might have found it to be alright!! Otherwise the game would just be called 'Puzzle'...

And how the hell has this managed to be one of the hottest stories on here it's crap!

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I was expecting much more of a jump, but they are practically the same as KZ2...

I suppose the focus is enhancing the gameplay, controls, and making the levels bigger and more diverse.

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Never played a Twisted Metal game before... in fact, i'd never even heard of it up until a few months ago when i watched an interview with David Jaffe about God Of War and he mentionned Eat Sleep Play and Twisted Metal..
Never even seen the games in the shops before!!!

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I think the problem is related to the franchise as well - like i have many friends who literally won't play any other shooter than COd or Halo simply because it's most well known... i mean what about resistance, killzone or even something like gears..
When it comes to box art though and the overall impression the game has on a person on store shelves, i think the best example is Folklore for PS3. It was released a few years back and was quite a good game, but it didn't se...

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I guess that kinda explains it, but like when the ps3 was first released in the united kingdom it was £420 (and for some retarded reason i actually bought it).. i mean it surely was never that much in the united states because i rememebr so many people complaining about how sony was charging so much more in england....

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The quote in the title doesnt even have quotation marks, what i mean is titles like "[insert ps3 game here] is terrible" are spoiling the website.

It's news 4 gamers not bullshit 4 gamers.. back in 2007 you could find real news on here, now i fing myself on cvg and ign which is never a good thing!!

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