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I don't understand hookers have been part of GTA for the longest time, no one was really complaining. Femminst people like Anita come a long all sudden women are being objectified, media hops on board and now its sexist. #12
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No evidence has been proven that violence in vg cause real life violence. Now its sex scenes in vg will cause violence against women, who comes up with this crap. How many more studies will there have to be until certain people figure out that no evidence, none, zero, goose egg, that violence in vg is the cause of why people are so screwed up in the head. #3
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TV News media is going to go ballistic over this, especially when your with a hooker, I know the feminist people won't like that. #3
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The pic pretty much sums things up about this article. http://img.pandawhale.com/p... #4
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You got to love the slow days in gaming media, when nothing going on they write stupid click bait articles like these. DS4 is great controller, but of course every controller has a flaw. The only big flaw the DS4 has is the battery life, but even that I can't complain because its rechargeable, something MS missed again this gen with their controller. #58
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Nothing positive so raising over 100k dollars for things like anti-bullying, suicide prevention, and TFYC but I guess that doesn't count. #12.2
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How many times has the media claimed its dead, yet its still going strong. #15
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How about her first known death threat to the public that was clearly fake.
Utah death threat where she claims it was GG supporter yet no evidence was ever linked to GG.
The part when she talks about hitman how your suppose to kill the strippers, yet never talks about how you get penalize for killing innocent people.... #3.2.1
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It really isn't surprising about Anita, tons of people can see through her lies. Too bad the footage of supposedly getting harsher questions won't come out, that would maybe and that's a big maybe remove the blinders from Anita supporters and see she played them and is a con. She's been doing her series for how long now and you can't give me three simple games that are sexist or misogyny come on.
She probably would be destroyed in a debate with someone whos pro-gg... #3
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Since we got one side of the story, how about getting the other side of the story say Christina Hoff Sommers to explain to Colbert what GG really stands for. #16
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What do you expect, they don't want rational thought out people commenting who will make Anita look bad. She has to stay victim or nobody will look her way. #8.1
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TB nailed that interview #1
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Won't even bother its gawker, one of the biggest anti-gg sites around. Seriously GG people are now Facists wow, wonder what the next stupid comment someone from anti-gg will use. When you only revert to name calling, it means you know your wrong and only trying to derail the subject in hand ethics in journalism. #4
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Not in Destiny case, PvE is what drove lots of people to play this game not PvP. #1.1.1
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It's good Bungie is updating the Iron Banner and making it the way it should've of been from the start, but when are they going to give the PvE players some new content. It seems Bungie is focusing little too much on PvP and not enough on PvE. PvE is what is going to keep people playing not PvP. So many games coming out next month, if Destiny doesn't get some actual new content for PvE and fix the actual problems that need fixing, Destiny will be like the planets empty and lifeless. #1
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When both sides finally have a sit down debate/discussion than maybe it will stop, but seeing how things are going I don't see that happening for awhile. #11
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Well when ever the anti-GG want their light-bulbs change just go to a hardware store to change it. Since they still can't have a rational thought or discussion, its only name calling because that's how your settle things. Its sad that media still write articles like these, one sided and never showing any glimpse of the other side. GG people have been wanting to have discussion a normal mutual one, but still the anti-GG refuse and just want to slander GG people with hatred and lies abo... #4
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Only way to end GG is to have both sides have a civilize discussion/debate. Only problem is anti-GG rather spit hatred towards the people of GG rather than sitting down and having a discussion. I'm tired of articles like these who show bias and one sided. These authors say they do research when really their writing says differently.
I don't know how many more times people at GG got to keep being broken records till peoples light bulbs come on, but most GG supporters DO NOT SUP... #14
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I don't farm much anymore, since I get enough blue engrams and sometime legendary just doing missions more than I use too. If Bungie would fix their loot system, than people wouldn't do this. Destiny loot system is worst than Diablo 3 when it first came out on pc. Bungie needs to do what 2k did with bl higher level enemies drop better stuff and certain bosses drop a certain item. #4
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The articles are only popping up again because Anita got death threats claiming its GG people, yet no evidence has been shown pointing to GG. So many people who support GG don't support harassing in any way, yet the anti-GamerGate people think one person represent the whole of GG.
Than what I like people like this author doesn't do research and doesn't notice how people of pro GG have been harass just as bad like Totalbiscuit or Boogey even some getting doxx. To people ag... #5.1
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