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Cod hasn't looked this promising in years, hopefully Activision doesn't screw this up.

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Shes played the voice of Amita in FC4, shes also has played on the show True blood (Luna Garza), Arrow (Detective McKenna Hall), Vampire diaries (Tessa) and Sleepy Hollow (Diana Thomas).

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I use that TV with PS4 Pro as well, its fantastic. Plus It was one of the few TVs that came in the size I wanted and the price was a good deal, for people who on a budget and wanting to try 4k with HDR.

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Obviously the PC is faster no question on that. It will really should be Scorpio vs Pro, going by DF the specs on the Scorpio just edges out the Pro, no denying that. The real question should be which exclusives will be better. Right now its obvious Sony is winning that department.

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Good luck, it'll be dead faster than the WIIU. I could buy a PC for $700 and get better specs with it. MS needs it to be $500 or less, anymore and MS will have another bad launch for a Xbox console.

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I'm sure MS will at e3, but they have to really bring it. The last couple E3s have been hit or miss for MS since lots of their games have been on PC as well. They need games only on Xbox and be games that make you go I'm glad I got the Scorpio.

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The specs are great, gives MS just the edge it needs to turn things around. The problem is the exclusives have to be there now to match those specs. Games that really will take advantage of its upgrade in performance, MS needs a HZD game, to really showcase why you should get the Scorpio.

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No that will never happen, Switch hardware is to sub-par to run Destiny 2. I think Bungie doesn't want limited hardware holding back their game again, like PS3/360 did with Destiny 1.

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I'm hyped for Destiny 2, looking forward to playing as much as I have with Destiny 1. Destiny overall is always going to get love/hate no matter what Bungie does. I will agree with this part of the article for sure, when it comes to the Destiny community as a whole, its one of the best and passionate gaming communities for sure.

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Very excited for this and PC players who wanted the game can now play it. If anyone wanted to see gameplay, May 18th is when Bungie will reveal it.

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Wanted to get the collectors edition, but when seeing the price, I'll just get the deluxe edition.

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Cayde-6 made this trailer great, sweeper bot was just icing on it.

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Awesome, looking forward to playing it. Maybe there will be some hidden Destiny 2 trailer within AoT completion book.

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Bungie already stated why there's no increase to light level in the first AoT stream. Weapon balance already happened, you know this if you spent enough time to look it up, instead of writing your comment. In the last stream for AoT, Bungie added little bit more weapon balance. Nothing new to play, is determine by the person playing. Last thing its a free update, rather you like it or not its FREE no one is forcing you to play it.

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Awesome very hype for this, Destiny 1 is obviously coming to a end. It would be cool if you 100% AoT book you get a link to Destiny 2 trailer, but probably won't happen since the ToO page is where people will struggle with.

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So many gamers who really could careless what the color or gender of the character is. Lots of them care more of, does the character fit the story line, do they help represent the overall game, are they interesting enough to invest into caring about. When you force your own political views just so you can you say you have it and keep reminding the player the character is this and that, the character lots of times ends up being forgettable and not interesting. Devs should make what they want, ...

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Of course Polygon would take something that most gamers don't give a rats arse about and turn into a big deal.

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This is just plain awful indeed. Would of thought being the 4th installment and on new hardware the facial expressions would improved guess not. Someone on Bioware clearly wasn't giving their 110%.

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I got the platinum last week, never receive anything but its all good my theme is great screenshot I took playing the game.

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Congrats to GG for taking a risk and doing something outside of KZ. I hope future dlc we get something on Rost. Like to know more of his backstory, beside what I learn from playing HZD story.

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