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Yet to try this raid, but that time is impressive indeed. You really got to know what your doing to get that time. #5
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The question should be is why do people like Anita find it hard to embrace disagreement?
Anita is the one who doesn't debate or discuss anything with anyone who doesn't see it her way. She cherry picks everything in her videos never telling the audience the truth of the game. So of course people are going to disagree with her, lots of her points are invalid. #11
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Look another article being bias only seeing one side and not doing the research like they should. GamerGate has nothing to do with silencing women, its the fact of transparency has been thrown out the window with so called journalist. Anita and Zoe no one cares for because one Anita logic is so off the wall and Zoe is someone seeking desperate attention trying everything she can to still be relevant. Lets add that Zoe got the TFYC(group of women trying to get women into gaming developing) kic... #14
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He better not bring that crap to pvp because that would really ruin the game. I can't stand when people do crap like this in a online only game. I understand if it was offline sure go bonkers, but not online where you suck the enjoyment out of every other person playing. #15
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OMG what a Thursday evidence showing that Zoe Quinn committed fraud and now Anita most likely caught for false reporting on the death threats she got. GamerGate supporters the tide is turning in a big way. #7
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Who cares just make the game good, that's what lots of gamers want a good game. Lots of gamers do not care if there's gay,straight,bi, female, black, white, asian, etc in the game. All that matters is the game is good and the characters are intriguing and not boring and stale. #2
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Ouch that is going to sting, MS either needs to just pull out if sells don't improve or start catering to what games japan likes do something by next month or two. #45
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MS would have too do one hell of a marketing campaign for Rise of the Tomb Raider to outsell UC4 and even that may not be enough. UC is too big of a name now, its well known now and the popularity of it is bigger than TR, so good luck with that. #44
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Though I hope he gets what he deserved, still need a source you can't say FBI is looking into it and not have some kind of source. #18
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I wasn't born to experience enough of the games, but I got to play it when I was 5 for a little bit mainly it was Duck-Hunt,Zelda 2, and Mario 1,2,3 that I played. #9
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The journalists are literally using desperate tactics to bring gamergate down and they can't. They hate the fact that gamers are calling out their BS and going to people on YouTube for gaming news, since they won' get hateful agendas slam in their face like gaming journalism has become. #17
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So are gamers misogynist or terrorist can the journalist make their mind up. For real though when will this journalist understand gamergate at the core literally has nothing to do with females, males, tran, sexism, etc like that its about not showing transparency in the articles you so called "journalist" are writing about. Lots of the gamers around the world are tired of how corrupted gaming journalism has become, that full disclosure has been completely thrown out the window. Like... #5
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Kotaku, polygon, and the rest of those so called "journalist" are just upset that gamers finally have had enough and have expose them for the practices they've been doing in the gaming industry. #4
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Harassment is a issue and wrong that people do it, hopefully FBI shows that its a very small group of troll gamers and it doesn't represent every gamer out there. #10
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Enjoy the trailer, only a couple more days left now can't wait. #2
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Its sad that this once "journalist" came together with gamers to prove to Jack Thompson games don't cause violence. The minute this "journalist" got expose for shady practices and gamers call them on it, we gamers are the ones that are the bad guys not them. The nerve some of this "journalist" have to call gamers in general white male women haters etc is appalling. I came across this article today which was well written and exactly how journalist should be.... #15
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I had no clue who Anita Sarkessia was until last week and after looking her up and getting more info all I can do was smh and think look another Jack Thompson, except the subject this time is feminist bs. I can't stand when political crap gets involved in gaming. I game to get away from all the bs so I can relax and take my mind off things. I know major issues exist in life, but when you try to force your view onto something that doesn't belong like gaming, especially what Sarkessia... #16
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If they thought they weren't going to get caught they thought wrong. DDos attack is one thing, doing a bomb scare is where they went full retard. http://t.qkme.me/3lcd.jpg #40
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This stuff needs to go away in gaming, keep it for the real world not a virtual place. Gaming was fine back in the 80's and 90's you play a game to enjoy it, to get away from the husband, wife, kids, etc to relax and get your mind off whats been happening in life. When you start to bring real life issues to a place that doesn't exist that sense of enjoyment and relaxation is gone.
People like Anita Sarkeesian want to push their agenda to change something so it only fits wh... #3
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I can't stand what gaming has become now, its like no one actually enjoys gaming anymore. Instead of playing its nip-pick at every little stupid thing and bash it because it doesn't appeal to what you like. If the dev doesn't have a female protagonist in it or has women looking sexual, so what its their game they can do what they want with it. If someone doesn't like what they see in a game, than why don't they make their own game with their own views and shut up. #8
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