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This and Super-troopers 2 on the same day Awesome!!!

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Eververese is a problem, due to the fact a good junk of the ships,sparrows, ghosts, and shaders go through her. While in D1 she had those things, you could earn a huge portion of them through other endgame activities or even buy them with glimmer through the npc. Having 4k bright dust doesn't mean much when certain things cost close to 3k+ just for one item. That's another thing that needs adjusting is the pricing on how much dust it cost to buy things.
Your correct you can ...

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Its glimmer who cares, the xp cap is a big deal, eververese is a big deal, but this not really a big deal. They had this in D1, yet no one really seem to mine. This is only a issue because of the state Destiny 2 is in.

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Why do people still ask Michael Pachter things gaming related, his a joke and has been for years. What he says is wrong most of the time. The game will sell and be very successful, Just look at GG with HZD, enough said.

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Somethings are good that was in the blog like the masterwork weapons, but other things is more of the question why wasn't in the game to begin with, especially the features that were in D1 like faction vendors actually selling things or ornaments etc..
Bungie pretty much took what they did over the three years of D1 and water it down so much in D2, that even the community that kept D1 going over the years (hardcore players), is starting to feel annoyed,disappointed or less intere...

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EA clearly are out of touch of what gamers want. Gamers could careless if its linear,open world, turn-base etc.... just as long as the game-play is solid, enjoyable and not plagued with garbage MT that ruin the experience. Can't wait for E3 2018 just to hear the boooos at the EA conference.

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Out of all the vr demos, London Heist was the only one to me that felt like it should be a full game, so Its awesome London Studios is actually doing it. Can't wait to play it.

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Huge Destiny 1 fan since day 1 put in close to three thousands hours into it and I always was hyped for the next dlc in Destiny 1, but D2 not even a spark of excitement for this dlc. D2 is in a worst state than any drought of D1, its that bad.

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Not too bad of deals, just bought Ezio collection. Going to wait till actual Friday to see how much Wolfenstien 2 deluxe edition will cost. PSN is pretty good price, but I think Amazon will probably be slightly cheaper.

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Though its temporary, still a big win for the people who got it.

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I hope it pans out, I havn't pre-order cause I'm not 100% sold yet.

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Won't matter as much, since TGA has been a joke for years, the first one that was on spike was the only decent one.
I do hope HZD wins goty, but with Zelda and Mario having a much bigger audience, it may not win. HZD is a huge underdog, I just hope PUBG doesn't win, that would be huge spat in the face to the great games on the list.

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Unfinished games or games still in beta shouldn't be voted for goty. PUBG maybe one of the most popular game, but its in beta right now. You might as well start adding every game that has a beta/demo right now to the list.

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XoX was always for the person who doesn't mind spending money to get that boost in performance, the same can be said for the Pro. My main problem with the XoX is there still hasn't been a exclusive really showing off the hardware in it. I know XoX has better hardware than the Pro, stats show that but, I got a Pro mainly because of HZD. I knew GG was going to be taking the full advantage of the Pros hardware. You can't really say that about MS XoX right now. MS has failed to really...

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I'm enjoying as much as I did with black flag, because it tried to do something new with the formula. Its a fun a game, its something AC series needed, a year off and fresh sorta new take on it, good percentage of people agree.

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The hardware in the Xbox X does show over the Pro in the images, but its very small detail and you would have to really look for it, like the shadow on the light in the third image, average person wouldn't notice that. Till MS puts out a quality AAA exclusive that really take advantage of the Xbox X hardware, small details will not convince me to get one.

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I just the beat the main story of the dlc last night. The mountain sections are pretty tough, I beat it on very hard can't imagine ultra hard. Spoiler warning they throw a good junk of the robots at you, so be prepared.

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Frostclaw and fireclaw to me make the scorcher feel like a kitten, there pretty tough there's no mercy with them.

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Can't wait to play this tomorrow and take a break from ACO for a couple days.

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The wire placement and the processor unit being able to do HDR pass through, that's the only difference really.

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