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I'm kinda fine with this, obvious it be great if there was more dlc to come next year, after Frozen Wilds. I just hope there's enough content with this dlc to keep me busy for at least a week or 2.

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The trophies seems reasonable to do.

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Super excited, waiting sucks.

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I guess I've been lucky, haven't had crash yet on my Pro

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The hate for this game, truly should be in the GWR book. Destiny could cure a disease and people would still hate the game.
The MT are for emotes,shaders, and emblems nothing helps you get advantage over anybody, it's all cosmetic stuff, which isn't p2w. Everything in the eververse your can earn through actual playing the game, sure it may take long, but you can still earn it without paying a penny.

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Game comes out in about 3 days, why not wait till Mon or Tues to know from reviews if this so called "source" is telling the truth. Sources of today, tend to be more of he/she said now and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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The purpose of those programs don't cause cheating, but this is to prevent hooking from people, who use third party apps to do so.

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That's good, it cuts down on the cheating people tend to do on PC. D2 comes out October 24th for PC not Sept 6th.

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If you go into more details it says requires at least minimum of 68 GB available hard drive storage space as of September 2017. So unless the day 1 patch is over 30gb, which I hardly doubt, the game itself will be more closer to the 68 GB when it comes out. https://www.destinythegame....

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If people watch the IGN first vids you can clearly see somethings that weren't in the beta that were shown that helps with understanding of D2 better. I get it first impression means something, but sometimes people can misjudge and when experiencing the full content for yourself change their mind and end up liking it instead. Regardless of what you think of the beta, the problem I have is people are judging a beta like its the full game and think everything in the D2 beta will be in the f...

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Why would Bungie do what they did the first time around with d1 beta, but allowing tons of content and things to explore, cause last time I checked wasn't that one of the complaints people had, that the d1 beta was good percentage of the full game. So this time instead of doing that, they did a tiny amount of content for a beta, so that way it doesn't feel like a drag replaying everything again in the full game.
Now the d2 beta did have some things that need to be worked on, ...

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You know its click-bait,when the title is in a form of question. You played a beta not the full game, so how can d2 be disappointing if its not even out yet. Now if you want to talk about why you we're disappointed about the beta, than sure, there's a discussion there, but to judge solely base off a tiny beta, like its the full game makes no sense.
I enjoy the beta, was there things that need addressing of course, its why you play a beta, to test things out to give info back ...

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For a beta, its very small, but for the tiny amount we got, its good enough to show some of the things coming in D2.
Who knows maybe Bungie will do something other than opening up the farm on Sun for ppl to try out.
I like some of the changes they did, like 4v4 in crucible for me games go by quicker and tend to have more gun battles going on. I like the weapon change, you can finally have different type of layouts, that fit your play style more, like having a hand cannon an...

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For people who don't know, the code you get from a email, gamestop, best buy, etc that code is for you to redeem on when you log into your profile. You than select the tab for D2 beta, pick the platform you'll be playing on, looks like this
you than will be given a code that you redeem on PSN or XBL.

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Looks good, seems to have more interactions compared to the tower in D1. Goodbye Rahool.

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People need to know their history and understand the dates and what when down doing this time. Whats next, that will be removed from the game, the hammer and the sickle or heck lets removed the US flag as well, since diaper sjw babies are offended by that too.
Demolition Man society is getting closer and closer.

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In order to be reasonable the most would be $499, anything more the company is walking a very very fine line, regardless of the hardware. Avg buyer who get a console, tend to go with the cheaper version at times.
So if either company wants to sell, they"ll try to place the price between $349- $499.

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Its not really true 4k though. Lots of the info that was coming out of e3 was games were using check-boarding or on PC. Sure you'll get some games native 4k, like your racing and fighting games, but the majority of 3rd party games like Anthem was 4k check-boarding. Even MS "exclusive" Crackdown 3 was using 4k check-boarding.
This is the same person who compared the XBX to a $1,500 PC enough said.

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Can't wait to play it, looking forward to taking on some new robots.

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XBX doesn't come out till after D2, like two months afterwards, so Bungie has plenty of time to develop more on XBX version. Do people really think Bungie won't take advantage somewhat of the XBX hardware and at least make the resolution 4k. Of course D2 will be 4k on XBX, regardless of market deals Sony has. Why would Bungie do 4k with the PRO and PC and not XBX. Heck I bet Bungie will even try to do 4k on Xbone.

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