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I'm getting this game just because it has sp. I can play it offline, I don't have to worry about any interruption with invites and messages while I'm getting invested into the story and game play. Games don't need mp to make it good, AC was ruined once AC had mp since ubisoft didn't invest in the sp like they did in the first two games. #35
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That was awesome to watch. #2
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I love it on consoles, it felt like it was made for consoles. The PC version wasn't a fan of it really. Always online, auction house(though I'll admit I bought my first legendary item there), drop rate was not very good, the story was decent but 1 and 2 were better. #17
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Fallout 4 of course, I miss V.A.T.S, nukekola, power armor, hacking, power fist, body part animation, and of course the nuke launcher. #35
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It appears to be the same amount of content as the Dark Below had. I hope the new raid gear doesn't require some new material like the Dark Below had. It made ascendant energy and shards become almost pointless to have. #10
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The platinum is pretty easy to get, the challenges aren't hard really. #6
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So a article based off someone ass, really is this what is consider gaming news now a days. #9
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A person opinion about this game or any other game has no effect on what I like and play. I'm going to get it because I like what is being presented. The game maybe be good or it may not be, but the last thing I'm going to do is not buy it just because someone doesn't like it. #40
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This came out of no where, at-least podcast beyond will still be host by them. #26
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*no need #3
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There's need to pull out your internet cable, all you have to do on the ps4 or ps34 is go to the internet settings and uncheck connect to internet. #2
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At-least this will keep Destiny alive in some ways. I was really wondering once the House Of Wolves came out, what else would there be to do in Destiny, so it answers my question. #20
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Everybody would love to have things for free, unfortunately that's not how the real world works. For the companies to stay alive they need to make money. Now how they make the money either could be right or wrong. Charging to play online doesn't bother me, but there's needs to be enough in the packaging for me to pay whatever it is. Plus making gaming online free, isn't going to stop attacks that happen in the future. #54
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Unless it became 2011 again, where there was a actual data breach and peoples personal info was at risk, there's no point in Sony or MS giving us something. Sony, MS, or any other business will never stop a DDOS 100% since its just overloading a server till it crashes, similar to how certain games come out with so many people trying to log on. Now a DDOS can lead to real data breach since it can act like a decoy while the real Trojan horse is being planted copying info, but Ive yet to see... #6
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Hopefully this helps people out to understand better what ddos is and what it does. Maybe Sony and MS see the info The Finest Squad posted about who's in Lizard Squad, reports it to the FBI, thanks Finest Squad for the help, and updates their firewall protection so they can be more prepared if it happens again. #14
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Depending on what group I'm with determines how Crota dies. The raid its self isn't hard, its just some people don't want to spend hours trying to beat it. They want to get it done, so they can do it on their next character. I'm sure this will get patched as well as the gate bridge. I could careless, the only thing they need to do in the Crota raid is give us loot on the third part with the wizards. Its probably the most annoying and hardest part of the raid. #8
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There's not much you can do to prevent ddos attack. Now MS and Sony can spend money and ask the FBI or CIA to help track down the ips of these people, since they are using twitter so its coming from somewhere. #3
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Its impossible to get to 32 not till January. You can have three pieces of raid gear and exotic, but the problem is the new material for the raid gear. You barely get enough to level two nodes if lucky on one piece of raid gear. Eris you need to be level 4 and even than you need new material to get the new material. So 32 isn't happening anytime soon. #9
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Anti-GG claim all these things about GG but of course non of it is true. GG supporters don't care if girls want to game, the more the better. Idk how many of my guy friends would love to see their gf,wife,sister,mom, etc play games. Heck I got into gaming because of my mom, watching her play zelda and FF when I was four. She still plays video games shes 65 years old. Guys aren't stopping girls from playing video games, girls them self are stopping them self from playing.
No g... #21
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I have the dlc, but even I think this is stupid. Bungie now has killed their game. To remove a piece of content that's been free for the longest time and force people to buy a dlc (which by the way is mediocre beside the raid) is stupid. #2
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