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I just want to know does the band where it connects to the ear cuff actually sturdy and not flimsy like other PS headsets. One of the drawbacks of PS pulse elites the band where it connects to he ear cuff would crack over time.

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Talk about a huge announcement, I'm glad their bringing back Joel and Ellie. The song Ellie is playing is by
Shawn James & The Shapeshifters - Through The Valley

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I be shocked if it was, I think Bungie will announce when SRL comes out like they did last year at PsX.

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Like other people are saying Skyrim feels lifeless a lot compared to other open world games like Witcher 3. Replaying the special edition, Skyrim hasn't aged well at all. Side quest feel so generic compared to now open world games, combat mechanics are horrible, voice acting is abysmal minus a select few, npc are very robotic, towns are so meh, story is alright but Morrowinds and Oblivion to me were better and so much more. If it wasn't for modders doing Bethesda job and fixing and m...

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Only concerns for me are the basics price,hardware, games and battery when going mobile. If they can keep the price reasonable, hardware being somewhat up to date with current consoles, battery lasts longer than 5 hours and games actually come out for it, than I can see it doing well.

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Looks like Nintendo is getting back to what made them great, I still like to see more details of the hardware. It being able to go mobile will be a key feature, especially since it can play AAA console games. Drawback though is how much of the battery will last when you do that. Its nice they got some big third party publishers on board, but like Nintendo had with the WIIU they showed lots of publishers, but the games never came, which hurt the WIIU in terms of value in the long run. So hopef...

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For me the problems are I tend to sweat when really getting into games like Danger ball and sweat will get on the lens. The tracking at times doesn't work, if you move your head to much to one side, but its not something that huge deal breaker since all you do is hold the option button down on the controller and the camera will re-adjust according to where you are. Also maybe I have a really weird head, but the PSVR feels loose at times on my head, even when tightening it up.

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It be cheaper and not needing a mid to high pc to run it, I wouldn't doubt it. I know I'm enjoying it a lot, heck let my mom try it and she loved it. The only problem for me is, it can get pretty sweaty after awhile, especially playing Danger Ball. Overall the experience was worth the money.

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The boosters are faction boosters and do nothing for your actual level, IGN should've wrote the title more clearly. So its not quite paid for experience, as you don't get any experience for your actual level, rather it gives you more rep towards those faction. Plus they've been there since April and you got them from Shaxx TMOW bounty, ranking up in the crucible or vanguard and sterling treasure soon to be radiant treasure.

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I'm sure it will be, but the pricing is going to have to be there. I think what Sony is doing with the PS4P is testing the water more with 4k stuff and if it exceeds their standards, than I can see them announcing new console that everybody was expecting from the PS4P.

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So is going to being sexual assault when the adult industry starts to move in on VR, which by the way they are.

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Last time I checked Destiny is still one of the most popular games, no need of saving at all. The community of this game is probably one of the strongest and biggest gaming community there is. Destiny has survived all the "Destiny Killers." Just look at the Division a game, me included would be the game to surpass Destiny and now look at the Division, the first expansion hit this summer and no one seems to care as much. First news of RoI hit and more cared to talk and get hype for t...

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As long as it doesn't take way the character to much to the point where is utterly useless. Now McCree is someone I'm hoping they fix, but only the so called "flash-bang" he has. To me his flash-bang is more of a stun grenade really. It should blind you like turn your screen white, not stop you from moving and shooting.

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It needed to happen, PS3/360 are 10+ years old. In order for Destiny to move forward and become bigger, last gen consoles were going to have to be left behind. Now the only thing I read that is upsetting for the last gen console owners is possibility of having to re-buy some of the old dlc content on current gen console.

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Always enjoyed this series, so I'm excited to play the 4th game.

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Didn't realize that Sony and MS released the official hardware for both Neo and Scorpio, cause last time I checked it still rumors and speculations with these new consoles.

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Only bought few games, the rest was from PS+. The games weren't bad, KZM was actually pretty good game especially online. I just think Sony marketed it the wrong way and it backed fired. Than you have those expensive proprietary sd cards which today still expensive, compared to other micro sd cards.

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Somewhere between $400-$600 is the price I'm sure MS is aiming for, but until we get the real specs of Scorpio pricing for me doesn't mean much right now.

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MS had a good show, but to say their were the best Nothing about their conference was exciting. It was the same stuff from last year Gears,Halo, and Froza pretty much. Project Scorpio isn't much to get excited about till the official hardware is announced, its no more than Project Neo right now rumors and speculations.

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Just like I put in a previous comment on the Scorpio, Its the same with the Neo. Let's wait and see what Sony actually announces for the specs, before jumping on rumors and speculation.

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