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That's the problem with over the shoulder, your fov is limited. So people who are used to having the camera wide in GOW may not like it.

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People really want GOW to get that 96 on metacritic. Edge gave it a 8, doesn't drop the rating and the fact that it really shows the game lived up to the hype around it, not one troll review and the lowest score was a 8. There's not many games that can claim that.

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I'm enjoying the changes, though there still some drawbacks with certain things, but overall its what GOW needed to progress the series and Kratos in general.

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I may have to wait till tomorrow to play, due to I got the stone mason edition, but I know the hype is real with this game. Not many games that receive the praise its gotten, so I don't think you can over hype it.

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At least the game has gotten no lower than 8's. I'm sure people want it to get that 96 rating, but to me the fact its in the 90's shows its a fantastic game and game that you shouldn't miss out on if you have PS4 and like the GOW series.

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Been waiting for this patch for awhile, now with it being delayed, I may wait to play it again in the summer. To many games I haven't played, DLC coming out and games I haven't finished right now. WH studio has to get things rolling, KCD is a great game, but these long waits of fixing problems, will make ppl forget about it and not want to play again.

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Going by lots of reviews, 8/10 is the lowest this game should get. I'm shocked that there hasn't been a troll review yet, but I'm sure by Thurs or Fri there will be and that site won't exist anymore when that happens.

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Same here, David Cages games have always intrigued me cause of the multiple choices you have that determine the story outcome, making you want to replay it a ton.

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It's still a fantastic score, but seriously 9.9/10. Why not just give it a 10 or even a 9/10. Taking .1 off is really weird to me, that's very nitpicking to do that.The whole decimal rating should go away, it should just be a whole number.

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MS would have HQ games like GoW if they would finally start investing in studios to make them. Sony and Nintendo put out so many HQ games is cause they know you have to take risk and allow devs to have tons of creative freedom.

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WOW!! a 10. I figure Polygon, would give it a lower score, given their history of taking points away when a game doesn't fit their political agenda or it being PlayStation game.

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Just pre-order it, can't wait to play this again.

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Fantastic!! and I'm glad they didn't use that dumb version from skylanders.

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Best buy taking pre-orders, its how I got mine.

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Such a good year for Sony with exclusives.

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Always try to play a game on the hardest difficulty that way if there's other difficulty setting trophies they unlock as-well. Plus hardest difficulty for me makes the game more fun to play and gives me a challenge.

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It's why I like Sony at out of three the most, since they tend to allow more creative freedom for dev to put out what they want. I hope it pans out, because so far lots of the new changes have been looking good.

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Congrats!!!! and now for the wait, that feel like forever.

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Lots of us know Bl3 has been in development for while now, its more of how long do we need to wait for Gearbox to announced it, hoping E3 but who knows.

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Holy crap I had no clue they put this on PS4. Had a blast playing this back in the day, have to look into this.

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