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This is old news, its been known for the longest time, I think since the beta people have gotten in there. #7
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Technically his exploiting a flaw in the vog raid with a warlock, which btw has been done already. I still will give him credit just because its hard Atheon and its more legit than pushing him off. #5
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Everybody can agree, Destiny is in need of a overhaul of new content and changes to keep things interesting and people wanting to play it more. Some of things for me that Destiny needs is no cap on glimmer. Have vendors who sell things for pve and pvp, similar to how other mmos do it. Allow us to stack planet material/ammo synthesis similar to other items. It makes no sense I can stack energy, shards, coins etc as high as I want, but when it comes to planet material and ammo synthesis there&#... #7
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Full of glitches complete exaggeration for this game. I only in counter one glitch on my first play-through, took down a guy to close to a wall and I was stuck in the corner. Other than that didn't have any more glitches after that. #8
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Though its impressive, he did sorta cheese/glitch the 2nd bridge by blink and swinging across without building the bridge. #8
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There's plenty of stuff to write about in gaming, but junk like this, really shows why its better to watch someone from youtube actually report gaming news than this. #3
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Has nothing to do with exclusives, more like I wanted to buy it to play it. Btw there's plenty of exclusives to play on ps4. #50
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What do you know another clickbait score just so they can say I'm part of the cool kids. This game in no way deserve the stupid low scores it gets at all. Hopefully RAD sees through the bs reviewers and looks towards more the consumers who actually play the game and see what they have to say. #12
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There better be sequel, you don't end a game on cliffhanger and things unanswered and not make a 2nd game. I think the game was good, didn't deserve any of the dumb click bait low score articles it got. RAD has something, they just gotta to re-work couple things like the balance between cut-scenes and game-play in the 2nd game and they could possibly have a franchise on their hands. #30
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Have balance between the length of the cut-scenes and game-play. I don't mind lots of cut-scenes, its when they go on longer than they should, which can slow the pace of the game down to much.
The cover system for sure needs more work, the character needs to transition more smoothly.
QTE I have no problems with them in the game, just don't make them pointless doing moments that aren't necessary to have them.
More interactions with the environment,like one o... #12
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I think a 9 is debatable, but for sure the game deserves no less than a 7. I would give it a 8, its a fun game to play indeed. RAD just needs to find the balance between cut-scene length and gamplay. I think the 2nd game would be a big improvement over already great game, if they can just find that balance the game is needing. #23
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I can sit through tons of cut scenes in a game, its when the the cut-scene seems to go longer than it should, which can hurt the pacing of the game. RAD just needs to find the balance between cut-scenes and game-play and their good. QTE I had no real problems with in The Order 1886. Its when pointless QTE are in it that weren't necessary, like when pushing triangle three times on the airship to count to three. #8
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Well said, I can't stand what journalist and reviewers are doing in gaming these days. There's no consistency with reviewers or journalist at all. A person will write how great this game is, without mentioning any of the flaws the game actually has. Than they will pick apart another game for flaws as similar to the game they praised.
The Order 1886 does not deserve all the hate it gets, it has some flaws but there nothing that screams the low scores its been getting. The game... #4
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All the sites giving ridiculous low score, need to be shot with the thermite rifle. Beating it today finally I must say I enjoy the game, its so far from these dumb click bait scores, sites have been giving it. The game is no 9 or 10 but with some tweaking in the next game, it has potential to be top notch. The story is great and interesting. With great voice acting it made it even better. I beat it in about 8 to 9 hours on hard mode.
Visuals are great, but I think there's room fo... #17
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That truly is amazing indeed, I thought someone would never beat it on solo but someone finally did. Though it may come out as negative nancy, he did get real lucky that the boomers stop shooting him, just when he was about to die twice. #4
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Listening to the soundtrack right now, the music is fantastic. Looking forward to hearing it while I play the game. #2
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I blame the gaming sites like Kotaku,Polygon and people like Anita and Brianna for this horrible wtf did I just watch episode. They were the ones who were writing and saying gamers are sexist, they don't want women in gaming, gamers are worst than Isis, I don't want to use the word terrorism, but its terrorism. Now those people are backtracking(not Polygon they think what happened in the episode actually happened in real life)are hating on the episode, yet can't figure out why the... #4
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Where do people come up with this stuff, 3 hours come on. #6
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I'm sure the game will look fantastic, the problem here is the screen shots looked blurred and washout. #5
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Started off as a lone wolf because the way I play is all over the place, instead of going straight to the objective. With people it tended to throw me off and wasn't getting as much done. Was enthusiast for quite awhile and now I'm a collector and a sherpa but only to people on my friend list that still play Destiny. #9
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