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Almost all the previews for this game are negative. I'm guessing by the time it's released review scores would be terrible.

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you do know when did the 360 and the ps3 was released right? Yes the PS3 did not sell as well as the PS2, however you cant deny the fact that the PS3 sold fast compared to the 360 in the same timeframe, on top of that the 360 dont really have a "real" competition for a year, and to top it all off, you do know how much was the PS3 when it launched right? Oh well the 360 and the PS3 will never catch up the Wii anyway

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accoring to wiki Nintendo have 7

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Simple, make Wii Fit HD a launch title then advertise it like this: "Lose 20lbs more than the regular Wii Fit game*"
*will make you look like a crazy stupid sh!t

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You see the difference with regards to Resistance and Ratchet and Clank and many other exclusive franchises of Sony is that Sony don't just publish those games they actually own the ip, meaning they can ask any developer to a create a game under that ip, look at the ratchet, Resistance, GOW games on the psp, they were developed by different developers as oppose to Insomniac and Santa Monica, while Sony can sell those ip's to other publishers like what they did t...

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yeah standards are different now..is that the reason why GTA IV received higher scores than GTA:SA??

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Apple is rich but Sony is still too expensive for apple imo

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1. the games are aweful
2. the games are aweful
3. the games are aweful
4. the games are aweful
5. the games are aweful

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while I do believe MGS Rising looks better than MGS4, comeon MGS4 looks a lot better than those screenshots!

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kinect sucking so bad.

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the casuals will still go crazy over Kinect.

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well i think it will fail in terms of having quality hardcore games, but in terms of commercial success I do believe it might become very successful as long as it is priced right. Imagine your GF seeing that kinect fitness game.

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gamescom 2010 is Aug 18 - 22, not July 8 - 11.

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my guess is peace walker

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go play natal and you will be 149 pounds soon.

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last time i checked the PS3 still has FF, and it was actually the superior version.

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wtf! There's no way i would like to play my games like that!

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all those games you mentioned are SOny owned IP, the developers of those games can go multiplat anytime they want but Sony is keeping those games.

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is it ricochet again?

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no big deal here for 360 fanboys they hate Insomniac anyway.

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