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So nobody found the title of the post funny?

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Or, in other words, meet the man with no life

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Not even a comparison. Witcher 3 is one of the best games of all time. Horizon is great no doubt, but W3 is just more expansive in terms of story telling, side quests and all the other activities its provides. Combat is better in Horizon for sure, but combat is a very small part of Witcher 3 when compared to Horizon. Its more about the exploration and the gritty, unforgiving open world, which i feel Witcher 3 nails perfectly. Let me put it this way, Horizon is probably the best action rpg aft...

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And in between all these flame wars, Nier Automata has racked up a user score of almost 9 on metacritic. Nioh is 9.1. Zelda is 7.6 and Horizon is 8.3. What a pointless argument when they might not even be the best games of the year

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With the comparison between Zelda and Horizon : ZD getting all of the attention, no one noticed that Nier : Automata has quietly chalked up a 9.4 avg rating on metacritic and has placed its own claim on the GOTY crown

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Outlast is one of the scariest games of this generation. Being compared to it should be thought of as a complement. Resident Evil has always fallen in the action horror segment, where guns are the only defense against evil is the only formula that has defined it for so many years. But Amnesia and Outlast have clearly inspired a different league of games, and RE7 is the first step towards ascending to the top of that league

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whaaaat. Thats huge!!!! Blizzard cannot stay away from success it seems

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"He then talked about the reason why Valve at times appears not to talk to its customers as much as other developers.

“That’s right. Another way to think about this, and the way we talk about this internally, is that we prefer to communicate through our products. "

Thats Freeman right there. Never talking, but letting the player be the character. They're letting their games talk. Half Life is integrated in their work philosophy as well. They...

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or it might be bad. You want it to be good, but there is every chance that the game might be bad. Only time will tell

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You sir are a brutal troll

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Westworld is going to be greatest TV show ever

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Dunkirk is going to be the greatest movie ever

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One of the better lists i've seen

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Witcher 3 has spoiled side questing for us forever!!!

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But i thought No Man's Sky is a No Man's Sky killer

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Trying to imagine a "Sandwich load time". Just cannot make sense of it

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Very good list. I would like to put The Witcher 3 : Blood and Wine at either #1 or #2, but its not a full game. Uncharted 4 deserves the top spot. I doubt any game will top it this year

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Has any developer ever released 22 patches for a single player game? This is insane :O

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They should just stick to finishing Half Life 3

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Your classmate has a mother-in-law already? Did they forget to use a condom and had to marry early? No wonder your classmate's mother-in-law has to have her daughter in laws friends post ads on gaming websites. They need all that money to feed the kids. I feel sorry for you

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