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The problem is not that PC versions should have better graphics. The problem here is that when you demo a product, the final version should at least match the demo in terms of quality, if not exceed it. If they had to downgrade cause of performance, they shouldn't have shown that level of quality in the first place.
On a different note, if they had the PC version running with those graphics, not many people would have been able to get it looking like that, and you would see many p... #28
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Had Alien Isolation not come out this year, i would have agreed with what you said #7.1.4
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I guess the only unfair review they gave recently was for Alien Isolation. That game is easily an 8 IMO #8
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Glad to see its getting all the attention that it deserves. The only game i can recall that has this level of tension is F.E.A.R. It should have gotten better reviews than it has got. After playing this game i realized that reviews have gotten very shitty lately #14
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Dark Souls and Portal definitely deserve to be there. They changed gaming for me. In terms of impact and revolutionizing gaming, they're not many games better than those two #64
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I really hope its lengthy #8
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who the hell cares?? We all just want one game from you valve, but i guess that's too much to ask for huh #44
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By this generation, i'm guessing you mean the Ps3, 360 and PC. In that scenario, there are plenty of games that can claim that award - Portal 1/2, Far Cry 3, Witcher 2, Skyrim(PC Version), Uncharted 2, Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 2 etc etc.
If i had to choose, i would either give it to Dark Souls 2, or Red Dead Redemption. Heck, even Xcom- Enemy Unknown was a bloody good game. The Last of Us deserves an honourable mention here, but i do not think it is the best 'GAME' of th... #65
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Bioshock Infinite for me. TLOU had a great ending, but Infinite's ending, however superficial it may seem, left me in awe #10
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Well this is irritating. I've given up all hopes now for Hl3. It'll happen when it'll happen. And maybe then nobody will care #9
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So you're telling me that comparing three games which have been released, to a game which is just being previewed right now and to pass a full blown judgement like "Do not buy this game" is okay? And on top of that you're telling me that i'm a tool for pointing that out? Such a great personification of reason and pragmatism you are!
And FYI i've never played zelda, and i would be willing to give HL3 an honest unbiased try even if they made Gordon Freeman a eu... #12.1.1
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Whats wrong with you people? They just took a new direction. And that's fine. Even if it is completely different, still that's fine. Even if the bosses say things like "F&^K You", with metal music playing in the background, still that's okay. Hate on it as much as you want if its actually bad. But do not pass judgements on it as if it is the successor to Big rigs. Wait for it to release. See what people have to say. And then decide. And while you're at it, don... #12
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Jim Sterling not giving this a 6/10????!!!!! Has to be the best game ever :p #1
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My jaw just exploded #9
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@DragonKnight Yes we crib when games don't have that PC quality because we have that choice. And you console folks don't. Consoles are locked and there is nothing you can do about it. Had you owned a high end PC, you would have acted in exactly the same manner. Cause when you know that something can be improved upon, and when that does not happen, you have every right to complain. Come to think of it, we always crib when we have choices. You wouldn't settle for any kind of food i... #5.1.2
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Damn it their servers are down due to heavy load, and the heavy influx of cash flowing in. Its a bloody scam!!!!! One which i can vouch for #8
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Last gen tech? Check out Diablo 2 and compare it with 3. The difference might not be obvious, but its huge. Its definitely current gen with all the effects. And since when did tech start to matter so much? I thought it was all about gameplay, and love it or hate it, but Diablo 3 has some good addictive gameplay. That's what matters the most right? Plus there is Dota 2, and the new Counter Strike. Also check out planetside 2. Too many good looking games coming out for the PC. Maybe you hav... #15.2.1
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Half life 2 should be above resistance, and most other games in the list. For me Half life 2 comes first followed by Bioshock. The likes of Killzone are nothing compared to it. Another game which should make it to this list is Far Cry. And Halo needs a mention. No top FPS list is complete without Halo #39
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the game was made on a budget of 8 million $. So it made quite a big profit #3.1
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thats awesome! #1
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