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Ghostbusters. It doesn't have to be related to the movie. I just think having ghosts around town and fighting them in AR would be cool.

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The way I look at it, both the 32GB and 8GB versions of the Wii U are undersized. The 360 started out with a 20GB drive and that ended up being horribly undersized itself.

The Wii U's saving grace is that you can add external hard drives to it with a size limit of I believe 2TB. This is more than enough room and is cost effective.

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If you have a Wii U, rent the game. If you like survival horror games at all, you'll get hooked quick.

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The game is fine. There are plenty of people who are enjoying it, thoroughly.

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I'm pretty sure Ubisoft wasn't about to rewrite the engine and all of the game content just for one console. The only way you'll be able to see if the Wii U is powerful at all is on titles that have the engine and assets built specifically to take care of that. We probably won't see what the Wii U can or can't do until the next generation of consoles.

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Apparently one team knows how to keep their code tidy and the other one is just trying to push out the next iteration of their product.

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Scumbag Forza Horizon: Only lets you look at one square inch of your fender during replays. Video for car pack shows cameras all over the place.

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Forza Horizon must be what Project Gotham racing became. Most of the people out there wanted a game like Project Gotham but with the handling of a Forza sim and I think that Horizon is pretty much the best meld of the two that you can expect.

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I remember Atari 2600 games being $90.

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This is a pretty awesome idea.

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I wonder if it's possible that Microsoft is simply planning to use the name for their Windows 8 Xbox service.

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I think it's time that the Apple idiots started realizing that iOS is not the ultimate power in the universe.

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Word on the street is that they've improved the eject button over the 360 slim model. Now if you walk within a foot of the console it will eject the disc. ;)

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I would have rather seen the objects moving around. For all I know the reflections were reflection maps placed on each object.

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What? No constipated look unlock?

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It would be nice but I know for certain that Bethesda has been doing this since Morrowind and nobody has followed suit. Although BioWare released an editor for Neverwinter Nights.

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Sad thing is that they're not even operating servers for the games. They're just running a matchmaking service, which they stopped most Xbox games from connecting to.

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Why would you want to speed run through a game like Deus Ex? Just do the hacking and enjoy the game.

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If Patrick wanted to actually make a mature game he wouldn't be pandering to the war genre itself so he's being just a bit hypocritical.

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How can the Wii U recapture hardcore audiences? By Nintendo not treating their customers like shit. How does Nintendo do this? By not holding back games from North American release like they're doing on the Wii.

Why would someone buy their new console after they've just finished dangling all sorts of games in front of their customers and then not releasing them? What's to stop you from doing the same thing on the next system? Nothing.

And Nin...

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