Geralt rules!


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cannot wait my god!!!

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GOD of the RPG´S
hands down

western RPG: Fallout 3

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again another no-direct feed video :(

guys- where do I can find a direct feed gameplay for FFXII on ps4?

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I am excited really, there is always a place for Lara in my heart....


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good move!!!

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In my opinion I can see that the best looking is the ps 4 version but also the worst frame rate. I really don´t care too much I am really happy to play this game for the first time on my ps4. The first one was amazing.

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The first one was soooooo Amazing, I cannot wait to play this gem on my ps4!

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Congrats N4G.
My respects. This is the way things must be clariffied.

PD: I really hope to have news of a sequel for this game soon. (It was an amazing game it really blew my mind in terms of gameplay)

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...and there is no decent AAA JRpg on it yet.

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yes please !

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I know this is the entry to the action packed Resi-era nevertheless what a great game it is.
One of the best coop experiences of the entire last generation

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WTF!!!!!! I want that on my ps4!!!! Golden Sun, Iga´s Castlevania, Metroids, etc.

great move Miscrosoft great move.

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DmC was a great game seriously
But to honor the real Dante we need a DMC 5 !

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same here!

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yes, until Geralt arrived.
Seriously for me before the Witcher 3 Xenoblade was the best RPG of the geration (talking about Xeno-wii no Xeno-wiiU)

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No money can save a company that cannot captivate its fans.
I hope that the NX prove me wrong.

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...bad reception to date....

what a shame I really wanted this game to be a blast!

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I really really love this new direction, seriously this is my most anticipated game of all times ;)

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this game looks really promising!

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the demo was good... but resident evil??
where are the zombies?
the gun?
the green herbs?
every resi-esque things??

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