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Please wash your hands before writing such shallow comments...
A developer with a saga of 5 main games that have an average score above 94 on metacritic. Multiple perfect scores given by the main critics of the videogame world from east to west on its main saga and spin off such as Peace Walker (a master piece also).
Considered a genius by many of his peers.
I really really believe that he deserves this kind of condecorations.

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interesting concept!
I am glad to see so many new vita games

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Come on !
You can´t give a perfect score to a singla player rpg game with atrocious microtransaction system.
Please we are in time!
And don´t came to us with "..but is optional...", or "... it does not affect the main experience"

This game can be a fatal precedent to us console gamer if we dont say "no".

Single player RPG console/pc game with microtransactions: no thanks!

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yeah sir!

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its a blast I am loving it !
Though I do not have an xbox I am playing it on PC with my daughter.

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I never expect Polygon to give such a score to a classic and old jrpg saga.

I love this saga I am happy for Falcom, cheers!

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Anything with original FFVII music on it turns gold inmediatelly for me

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Playstation´s first quarter might be difficult to beat:
1.-Horizon Zero Dawn
3.-Persona 5
4.-Nier Automata
5.-Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood
6.-Gravity Rush 2
7.-Yakuza 0
8.-Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 + 2.8 Prologue
9.-Tales of Berseria
10.-Resident Evil 7

You have at least 10 super productions tittles in 3 month!!! (I am sure I forgot some of them)
Whit the Switch y...

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master master piece!

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A Master Piece with no age, not just the best RPG, it is the best game of all times.
Just look at the reaction of millions of people crying with the announcement of the remake, the game is THAT important.

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Not for me at least.
Horizon ZD is without a doubt best game of 2017 so far, it so wonderfull. 2nd Place for Zelda BOW looking back at my experience with the game there was a lot of empty and ugly space wasted, a lot. And of course no Zelda music

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Its look interesting. I hope boss fights are well done.

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...and no microtransactions of any kind please! (it is a new plague that is trying to kill my single player rpg experience lately)

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They ruined a marvelous series with their greedy plans. Now they are living the justified hate to them an the game.

My god we are talking here about a single player RPG experience ruined with microtransaction. For god sake this are consoles not phones!!

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it so obvious and it is the best nintendo´s strategy of all times.

Control the number of peopple until you can give them more than two proper new AAA game.

Smart move.

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congrats !
AM2R was a blast.

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Aerith death.

Final Fantasy VII.

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wait what.... :( WHY? the first one was so amazing and genuine, Why the greed had to touch you Talion

Sad, probably get it when the price drop.

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Long live Japan!

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