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The only ban on information is FFvs13. The info is always coming "soon".

Speaking of which, I hear we'll be getting flying cars "soon".

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Since he left, what's going to happen with Fortnite?

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Nope. I'd like to see Sony & Nintendo succeed. The 360 can go die in a fire with it's pay-2-play system.

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RIP Final Fantasy

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It will be another overrated disappointment like GTA4 was. This time you constantly switch between 3 characters so you can care even less about the story (which is about all GTA has going for it these days since they've abandoned the fun that they put into the games last gen).

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DmC is the better hack & slash. If you haven't bought that yet then you might as well buy GoW:A because that too will crap all over Rising. Most people will end up buying Crysis 3 when Rising releases anyway. It's not the same genre but it's still a better choice than getting this garbage.

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This will be yet another overrated flop from Platinum Games. People will still continue to be in denial now that DmC has shown itself as being the better hack & slash compared to Rising (of course GoW:A will easily be better than Rising too). This isn't a Metal Gear game at all, it's a desperate attempt by PG to cash-in on the Metal Gear name since all of their games sell like crap. If it wasn't for Nintendo then there wouldn't even be a Bayonetta 2 because of how hard it ...

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GoW:A will be the best hack & slash of 2013. If GoW:A didn't come out then that title would go to DmC.

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The game is garbage. Every enemy you kill will fully restore your health and energy. The combat is dull and ridiculously easy. Even DmC was more of a challenge (we already know it has better combat on top of that). If DmC was as easy as Rising then you'd have full health and full devil trigger every time you kill 1 enemy. It doesn't help that Rising's story and characters are all dull and irrelevant either.

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Dead Space? More like Dead Franchise.

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It will be overrated, mediocre, and repetitive just like GTA4. Except now you have 3 boring protagonists instead of 1. The Saints Row franchise stole the fun factor away from Grand Theft Auto it seems.

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It's from Platinum Games so of course it's going to flop (much like Rising will).

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It's not on PS3 so I couldn't care less about it. It won't be a true Killzone game so it's a waste of time.

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It will be a glitchfest like all of their other games so it doesn't matter what it learns because it will be garbage in the end anyway just like Skyrim.

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It's an epic failure, just like the single player.

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The game is ridiculously easy. Just mash square and then go into blade mode to kill the enemy. Most enemies don't even need to be hit. Just got to blade mode to insta-kill them and get a full refill of your energy and health. The combat is a joke.

DmC is way better than this garbage.

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When I play FFvs13, The Last Guardian, & Agent on PS3 then I'll be ready for next-gen.

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That's what happens when you make a game that fans have dreamed of for years and then fill it with a bunch of advertisements instead of iconic characters that people wanted in the game from the beginning.

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They must be talking about Lora Craft.

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I hope it's not more sonic racing garbage.

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