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Nothing special about those prices. It's been like that for weeks. #3
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Complete list of the PS3 exclusives.

http://forums.n4g.com/Threa... #1.17
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Onimusha 6 and Devil May Cry 5. I call it. #4
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Co-op = instant buy. The first Dead Rising was boring as hell from a single player perspective. It was fun for an hour or two, but with the availability of co-op it should take away the boredom. #2
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Stop stalling the inevitable, Capcom. We all know it's coming. #1
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Ha, 360 owners are WAITING for Microsoft to announce games.

Karma is a bish, isn't it? #3
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Both of you (Hiphopgamer and the author of this article) need to shut the fk up. #4
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This is what happen when you allow a nobody site to submit sensation articles to gain traffic. Even the guideline says article is allowed if it is written by "professional" in the gaming industry and this article, right here, is far from beyond being "professional." #14
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We also want a sequel/prequel to The Legend of Dragoon, one of the most underrated RPG of all time. #2
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Talk about ruining a legendary anime.

Goku is not a white skinny kid.
Goku doesn't go to school.
Master Roshi...where the fk is the shell?

My gah, there is so many things wrong with the movie. #9
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I'm sorry, but the 360's d-pad automatically makes it inferior. #2
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I cringe every time I see the guy that plays Goku. :/ #2
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Good, maybe more people will actually watch it if they get people who actually knows video games to present the awards. And instead of booking so called "celebrities" to perform, why not have some kind of gaming competitions. I mean, this is a Video Game Awards show right? I don't want to see LL Cool J, 50cent, or some bands performing, if I wanted to see them then I would've watched the MTV Music Awards. I want to see red vs blue in Halo 3, terrorist vs counter-terrorist in Counter... #1
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Wow, this game looks to be heavily influenced by BioShock, artistically speaking. #1
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Bring it here, please. :) #2
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It'd be cool if Naughty Dog could develope one last Crash Bandicoot game exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and split the profit with the current owner of the IP. It would be a win-win situation for both parties. #4
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What a shame. My copy of Folklore from Gamefly just arrived yesterday. I can't wait to play it. #2
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You owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of this rare gem if you haven't already. I'm currently on the seventh chapter, but I'm restarting my file so I can A rank all my missions. Fantastic game. #1.3
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As many others have mentioned, they gave The Last Remnant and Haze high scores and we all know how those games turned out. Besides, this statement alone makes it an instant buy.

"is basically like every other Level 5 RPG." #1.2
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The only disappointing thing about this news are the gamers. Instead of buying and supporting fantastic new IP's they keep on buying the same games over and over again along with rehash sequels. This is why we don't see much innovation in the gaming industry lately. It is too risky for developers, especially small developers. Most gamers don't have taste these days. #6
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