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There you have sucks. #1.3
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825d ago by LAZL0-Panaflex | View comment | Offensive
Kz is looking pretty damn nice. I'm really exited for infamous. I'm not excited for Indies though. Not at all. #11.1
what?! #10.3.1
Big deal. #5
tits. #13.1
Make the trophy system more like achievements.

Example bronzes are worth 10 or 20 points based on difficulty I suppose.

Silvers are 50.
Golds are 100
Platinums are 500

Display the sum next to are gamer ids. We can get an idea of what are fellow gamers achieved rather than wait for a 2-5 minute trophy sync. Keep trophies and add a numeric value is what I'm proposing get rid of the level system.

That system... #21
I hope not. PS home is one giant update and no one has mics. Ixnay on the horseshit like home and vita and invest in more exclusives and I'm happier. #20
Yeah keep telling yourself that. #6.4.1
Its not 12 AAA games a year....its like 2 old triple a games like battlefield 3 and hitman and a bunch of crappy indie games I'll never play like star funk or cow queefs. You're just afraid to admit Sony is ass raping you just like Microsoft has been doing to their fan boys for the last decade but their service is a little more polished. #6.2.5
Uncharted 2 was a masterpiece. Uncharted 3 was ehh. I particularly like the octagon shaped bald guys in uncharted 3. #3.1
Until Sony and Microsoft get off their $60 for a digital game high horse they can suck a fat one. They bring it down to $30 for a digital considering there's no box, instructions, shipping, disc, or retail goober, or secondary market....then we'll talk. Until then they can stick them codes up their asses. #1.2
Sorry to hear you're having problems with your eyes, mopar. Get some glasses so you can enjoy the superior xbox version. #13.1.3
Way to use your last bubble. You showed me. Let's dance?...toy story ..OK. way to name games that don't matter. fail. LOL!

fail. #13.3
I been on PS over a decade but I like the shooters, control size, dash, feel, better 3rd party graphics, and good party system on Xbox. I also prefer achievements to trophies. Gamer points are cool because they're culmunitive and I can avoid annoying obscure achievements where as trophies are dick unless u get a platinum....which I got 17 by the way....if you're stuck at 99% one little stupid bronze one that either glitches out or is impossible to get jyps u out of a platinum. Oh y... #18.1.2
Yeah I was pleasantly surprised. I do love me some infamous...but I think Xbox did good this time. Damn it now I gotta buy both. #15.1
Atari 5200 #3.2
Yeah, but most likely ps4. I'll keep the more powerful one if its Xbox cool, if not ps4 no big deal. With Xbox making exclusives and Sony charging for online its a tossup for me. Last Gen I played mostly PS for exclusives and free online, but played call of duty whenever a gears would come out I'd play live. Off gears years psn on gears years xbl. Sony seems more pro customer Ms seems more f thecustomer. But the multi plats look better on 360. But ps4 has computer architecture so... #1.1.8
U obviously didn't play call of duties or crysis games on 360. They smash ps3 into oblivion. Mafia 2 says hello. Look at the grass and clothes in mafia 2 on both consoles switch between inputs on your TV.....oh yeah you don't own a 360....I own both and most 3rd parties look better on 360. Look at the stiff trees in ps3 black ops multi player then look at 360 where the trees actually move. Its funny reading u guys comments.

I will say Sony exclusives smash xboxs... #13.1
Vita sucks and $2 games I'd rather play on my smartphone. Ps4 sounds like the better deal, but 360 was weaker yet call of duty mafia 2 crysis 2&3 looked better on 360 along with most other 3rd parties. I don't get why you and others are on Sony's junk so much. Even the long lauded free online argument is squished.. wouldn't it be better to see how this fight plays that ms has exclusives??...and sony has Indies? #1.1.9
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