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Utter hilartius!

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12. When the game "does a Flood"
Here are two completely compatible statements: (1) Halo has the best enemy design of any FPS ever, and (2) Halo has the worst enemy design of any FPS ever.

This was humerous. While its not often, you do still see some games "doing a flood". It worked perfectly in the original Halo, but its a hard thing to replicate and usually ends up sucking.

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"I thought it was going to be open world with dungeons that you could go to whenever you want and lots of weapons but instead its all scripted"

Exactly the same thing I was thinking dude, and I think thats the main reason a lot of people arent too happy with it; for years it was being marketed as something so different than what it actually ended up being. While its in no real way a bad game on any level, its nothing like what we were promised or wanted from it.

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The EB Expo was held on the Gold Coast yesterday... Would still like some of that electricity though!

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For those who dont want to click the link:

■A few seconds are needed for the transition between the old and the new graphics.
■You can play using the new or the old music.
■Announced a new skull, Recession: consume twice the shots of bullets.
■Announced a new skull Bandana: ammunition are endless.
■Each object is exactly the same point in the original game.
■Proved the capabilities of the Kinect. These include voice commands and a kind ...

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Superhero games generally suck (becuase they are generally based on movies), but its usually easy to say that a year is no good for Superhero games. But in a year that has Batman: Arkham City? Thats an outright lie. It will make up for any amount of crap Superhero games.

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I would say there wont be a difference.


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Absolutely, while the quality is still excellent, the updates are so minor that its a lot less of an impact and people take a lot less notice. Look at the jump in quality from the first game to the second... then look at each of the 2 following that. Yes, they are still amazing games, but they are essentially taking the same path as Call of Duty with their annual sequels now.

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Haha, yeah I think thats what they meant. I remember it was only last month of the Devs said he would like to stop with the Annual Ass. Creed titles in an interview. But the big wigs who rake in the cash wont have any of that! MORE MONEY!

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My thoughts exactly.

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2007, actually.

But my apologies, I was under the impression it came out at the same time as the PS3 (I picked my PS up in 2008, and Prologue then).

But still, with 3 years to work on the game after the engine was designed and even released in a full retail game, the final product was a mess (in context). When you look at most games, 3 years of development will result in an extremely well polished product. With GT5, the game was obviously in development way b...

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Because GT5 had its 'prologue' 5 years before it came out, and was essentially an extended version of it with no dramatic updates to gameplay or graphics, leading everyone to question just what the hell PD did with thier time.

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So its BS that Fallout games are supported with massive slabs of DLC providing hours of new content, raising level caps and even allowing you to play after you beat the game, essentially giving the game a whole new level of playability and freedom? And Halo and CoD are given map maps that create whole new playlists and experinces? And its BS that Vietnam was released for Bad Company 2, giving a whole slew of big new maps, vehilces, music and weapons? But because you dont want to pay extra to ...

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I really wouldnt want to play a whole game as a midget.

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Personally, the one thing I would like to see from BioWare is another Knights of the Old Republic.

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Haha, that was quite humerous.

I agree though, the only way Shephards personality is no good, is if the play makes it so.

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It wasnt released on 360, it was on the original Xbox. And yeah, while the single player was just as good (better, due to upgraded graphics and a better controller),they tried to completely remake the MP, which ended up sucking. The original Teddies vs Squirels game mode was so amazing!

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I think he means to say, the company that is now Crytek. Free Radical are now Crytek UK.

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Sequel, you mean? The game had its own sequences, and they were pretty cool, a sequel, with all new sequences would be sweet.

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