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It looks awesome but I hate light colored themes, so I have been sticking to Makoto from Persona 5 and FF7 re.

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People need to quit pretending the Switch is in the same gen or at least position to compete with the PS4/Xbone that really is not fair nor does it make any sense

Everyone is saying come on get second Nintendo, but that is stupid. You people realize there is a 4 year gap between it and the PS4 right.

It may as well be in its own separate category with the way Nintendo has fucked around with generational release times. I keep seeing it is not powerful enou...

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GPU is kot made for gaming so stupid ass comparison

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No it is a poor piece of HW, why would you want to spend a bunch of money on VC games that won't probably transfer to Switch, an actual nice piece of HW, that is also a portable. Do yourself a favor and wait for VC on Switch.

You want VC buy a Wii for under $50, the idea of buying a Wii U for just VC is ludicrous.

If you are not a collector and already have a backlog, do yourself a favor and completely ignore the Wii U. Between the Switch being more p...

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Lol cheated the system to try a games demo, yeah okay. I look forward to seeing their decline in preorders.

Nobody has zero plans to buy a game when they preorder it to specifically try a demo. People who genuinely may have pre-ordered with good intentions may have decided it is not worth the money are now getting fucked in the ass. Most people who shop at Best Buy are regular shoppers, because department stores are a dying breed, fucking them is not the best idea. Especial...

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There you go best buy encourage people to not pre order from you. Good way to stomp out the competition, lol.

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I have not seen Moana but odds are its water effects shit all over the best water physics found in gaming (whatever that maybe, UC4?)

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I am not a fan of the weapon type changes, it is now primary weapon only battles in pvp leaving very little room for weapon variety especially when SMGs and side pistols are trash and useless. I really liked having a shotgun and sniper with a fair amount of ammo.

I don't mind throwing $30 (game sharing ftw) to see how the base game turns out, but it certainly did not blow me away.

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North America fan edition?

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Yep that is how that encountered played out for me. I was about to flip out if it was forced on my home screen.

I got a PS3, and I don't see it is as some inferior product I just can not spare any room for. It has a great cheap library and why people choose to ignore it is crazy. PSNow personally holds no value and never will

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All games do not have to be for everyone, if a game is to hard move on and play something else.

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Well for a company selling a product that is very similar to a competitive product made by an even more respected company in the same market, yeah it is a good thing for them.

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I think PS ridiculous level system helped the Platinum importance. Like seriously I get a plat and I move like 3%

Also avatars are very irrelevant, and if they still on brief occasion reward them. So it is meaningless, I much prefer the PS themes (if I got them)

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I enjoy platinuming good RPGs and the occasional other game, but on Xbox I don't care and I don't know anyone who does. Same goes for PS trophies, though online I see more interest in trophies
I fucked around with modding back in the day and had a GS reset that banned me from reearning previous achievements and I just lost any amount of interest I had (which was not high to begin with).

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For those wondering how it works

Preorder on Amazon/GS
Get code for
Enter code
Click link to go to redeemed codes page
Pick platform and get code

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How does the preload work?

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Need to be Trails of Cold Steel first, maybe even platinum it. Can't wait to play this though

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What a bargain lol

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Well if they get regular stock on AMD GPUs at MSRP that's why. It is impossible to get MSRP online at the moment

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I traded $220 worth of Walmart games and now have a $600 GS giftcard

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