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WIsh the deal was good for any game, would love to get $15 for F5.

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I have felt regret almost every time I apply any shader on anything.

Shaders being consumable ruins the whole system, which could have been great otherwise.

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Unless you like shaders...

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Would not go that far, Overwatch mostly throws events at you for a very limited time to entice you to buy skins since you are probably not getting what you want. Then they throw a hero or a map at you every quarter of the year.

I would not call that doing it right. They are not terrible like this, but their method sure does not deserve applause.

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I think it is bad to hear, when Knack came out all people were saying left and right is how much a sequel could improve upon the idea and it's unmarked potential. At the end of the day, as far as critical reception is concerned, the outcome ended up being far from such a thing. It is a shame IMO, and I wish Sony would have done better. Thankfully they are not MS and have room for mediocre products like this

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I for one as a new player think Kiwami is fantastic and easily one of this year's best games (there are alot though).

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You save a whole $5...

Might be worth holding off and playing the game before you decide you need an expansion just because you can save a couple dollars.

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QLED is marketing jargin to sell the same old LCD tvs (even if it ain't it may as well be) OLED is the best and most expensive for a reason.

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I sadly don't see it happens.

High hopes, though.

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Yes but those games are 1080p on Pro, they may have more effects and settings turned up. However this is a give and take, which is decided my devs.

Both visual settings and resolution is the same thing, and one does not qualify for 'better graphics'.

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That is kind of the point.

Improved resolution goes a long way on larger displays, so those graphics look more crisp.

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The beta looks fine, but lacks atmosphere. WaW had way more atmosphere.

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Darksiders 1 is a classic.

I was late to the party when I played it in 2013 aswell.

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It's pretty short, easy to beat in a week.

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Let's see they have published pretty much all DBZ, Tales of, One Piece, Naruto, .hack, Digimon, Gundam, Inuyasha, probably more. So forever...

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If you can throw a pointless $300 at stupid wifi, pay someone to properly set up Ethernet for you.

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That logo on the statue just kills it for me.

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I preordered it just because it is nice to have the option open. I am fairly certain the only way I keep it is if a friend wants one or if I some how manage to get a lot of money. I just can't support Xbox in its current state

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What the hell is with all the SJW blame? Yeah good going SJWs, you managed to make a game buggy and technically broken. Thanks alot!

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You were better off with Forza 3 and 4, 5 was terrible.

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