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I disagree I have no issues in DkS, hard mode in W3 is ridiculous at times. Enemies attack so quick it is hard to properly dodge them, I find myself just rolling around like crazy every 2 swings and using the shield spell. It has been getting easier though now that I have some decent gear, but enemies are hard to read and they strike extremely fast which is very different than DkS. #5.1
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I can't take anyone serious who plays a game and thinks of a decimal like 8.7 #3
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As far as this expansion goes, it is not by any means a bad addition. The game is developing into something better something it did not do with the joke that is the dark below. Its longevity of keeping people playing seems small though but what do I know people seem to have kept playing despite short content since launch. #3
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yes it is

They have been promotions and have done monthly vault boy shirts for years. You keep IPs relevant by continually putting out new limited merchandise. There have been fallout rumors since before skyrim and probably many have said the same thing you are 2+ years ago

I am by no means doubting Fallout 4s existence, but this is far from any kind of sign. #1.1.2
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MKX is definitely AAA however Project Cars maybe debatable I would like to consider a game with high production values that are competing against top tier franchises AAA even if the ad campaign is far from comparable. #2.1.1
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Meanwhile at least one new one comes out every month. Just recently MKX, Project CARS, Witcher 3 came out. #2
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I am playing this on Xbone and for the most part it looks beautiful, I also have the PC copy and odds are when I fire it up I will just face palm and wonder why people want to cry about everything #13
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Then go buy it...

That is usually how a gamer gets games they want. #2.1
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I think a lot of the crappy swords and armor pieces are a great way to get crafting materials by dismantling them, but yeah it is a all a bit overwhelming #9.1
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Just finished up most of the area today, but I think one of the abandoned sites is a bug because there is literally nothing there to kill. A good note is don't be stupid and sell your witcher armor like me :( #8
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Which is a western developer... #2.1.2
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You do not need any thing from side quests to beat FF13. #9.1.1
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Most games take place in one continent on a huge world, therefore it would make no sense #1.1.2
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Probably when it is actually available otherwise spend your $25 elsewhere #15
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No there have always been crappy games on XBLA, except maybe in the very early stages. They just were not as noticeable on the old store, and with the new openness XboxID has there are bound to be some bad quality games. More open development, more crap you will find. Look at Steam it is a forefront for indie games but still is full of loads and loads of crap. #4.1
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No probably is from cancelations though because cancelations are no longer possible (just tryed). PC version looks to have sent fast probably do to PC gamers faith in CDPR, while console gamers have not had a huge taste of what they can offer. This item has been sold out for a while (June 4 2014 I believe) and Amazon probably just put all cancelations back up at last minute. #3.1
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Well I thought it was going to be rare will probably cancel now. No point to call it a collectors statue if everybody can have one.

To late to cancel but at least they are selling out quick PS4 is gone and Xbone will probably follow shortly. Mine still says Thursday, if that is the case oh well I am probably getting Xbone version digitally tonight #2
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Meanwhile all I see is hype for Uncharted (just about as old gears), GoW (PS2 era), GT (PS1 era), and none of these deserve anymore hype than Gears, Halo, or Forza. Sony does the exact same crap with big name AAA games. If fans are happy and devs get their money so I would not call them tired, simply too iconic to go away. When money can be made off a brand you maintain that brand not throw to the side and say we made enough money. #9.3
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If all this is going to be is a pretty Gears 1 without all the others this is as stupid as the rerelease of God of War 3. #20
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I really can't wait but I still trying to decide if I want to get my CE PC version or just go digital on my Xbone for only $30. I get the PC version is better but I like the Xbox ecosystem and chat with all my friends while I play it #4
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