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Yeah, because it is smart to give most buyers a useless peripheral as a bonus. You lose money and they did not even want the thing. How does that even remotely sound like a good idea? #1.2.1
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If the guy did not swurve off the road on purpose with the full intent to run him over then was very much an accident (he did not kill the man on purpose, at least I hope not), him getting drunk and making the decision to drive like an idiot not so much. This is not like external forces causing your accident rather yourself. That being said I did not say it was an accident. He made a stupid decision and got bad results, people do it everyday and most are lucky enough... #1.2.5
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Yeah you sound like a true saint, kill somebody who made a bad mistake and had bad luck. There are millions who drink and drive and manage to get lucky enough to avoid causing such a situation however they are just as prone to it aswell. Do they deserve to die to, since technically they pretty much can cause the same incident and probably react the the same way?

The death penalty should be deserved by serious murders that do it and know all the consequences and do it for kick... #1.2.1
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I love me a good platformer hope it is good. #3
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That really is not that impressive though. IMO this game far exceeded expectations but still is far from great. There are good times to be had and the attempt has some potential and with a higher budget it could have very well been amazing. The game seems successful so hopefully a sequel happens. #1.1.1
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I doubt it, this will probably be the only VR headset available on the PS4 there for competition really is nonexistent. The only thing really pushing the quality forward is their is a lot of money probably behind it.

PS4 Userbase+Only one VR option= profit, especially with all the hype and excitement around VR.

This thing has ridiculous specs considering it is for the PS4. Heres to hoping they make a model without the pointless 120hz because it is pointless.... #1.4
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Wasteland 2 is probably the biggest shocker as far as a PC exclusive coming to consoles. It just seems like one of those games meant for just PC #7.1.2
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So in short that is the conclusion you came to, yet in actuality two different reviewers enjoyed two very different games differently. IGN did not come together as a whole and make some sort of comparison between the two.

These games are completely different, it is like comparing the Sims to BF4. The reviewer has a lot less to base judgment around and probably has far less standards for the genre when it comes to Sims 3 than say BF4 which has a plethora of competitiors that t... #10.1
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...and hate it.

The games are not for everyone, and never will be. That is not a bad thing, not every game has to be accessible for everybody #19.1.1
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TokiToki looks and plays bad, not cross gen. Perhaps you never been to a place like the Citadel in ME1 or even the Tower in Destiny two games that are on last gen. Cross gen simply is not the excuse. The battle system lock on system is not great either and ruins the flow of battle for me constantly. IMO a score of a 9 is far two generous and gives it the score simply because it is not ass like previous DBZ games, but everyone has their own opinion and if they enjoy that much more power to the... #7.1.1
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The idea of a survalist world intrigues me I would like to be in a zombie world like in TWD, maybe TLOU (has authority and is a much more established apocalypse lol). Just every day is a journey and anything could happen, far more excited than my usual day. #35
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The game is fun, but it still feels cheap at times and many things are flawed. I personally could not give the game more than a 7 or maybe an 8 #7
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They are called 'Final' Fantasy, because Square Enix was going bankrupt and Sakaguchi was going to quit after it was finished. They actually believed it was going to be the companies swan song. #3.6
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Or, oh, I don't know make a new game. They can remake and rerelease all they want fact is it is still the same game I have already experienced. #11.1
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After all this time it better have a new engine. Skyrim is getting old simply using the same engine would not do an ambitious next gen title justice. #12.1
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If it happens I really hope Betheseda releases it within a years time #14
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This really is one of gamings million dollar questions, Why has Valve decided to never finish Half Life despite the cliffhanger that has left gamers on the edge of their seat for nearly a decade? The answer will sadly never be given let alone HL3 #5.1
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Yeah the soundtrack, classic turn based mechanics, good storytelling are real awful same goes for all the iconic characters.

It is a solid game and though visually a little rough particularly the models, the game is a timeless classic just like most FFs #6.1
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That was a real intimidating super saiyan lol #1.1
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Well tell the insider, 'thanks sherlock.' #8
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