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Okay, we are talking about Nintendo not Sony.

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People said the same about ME and guess what it happened.

That being said Bayonetta 3 being exclusive to Sony or MS would be stupid if that were the case. I don't think either are that stupid to get behind such a project.

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Wii Lifetime sales 101M
Wii Sports: 82M

That is 17M difference, and that is excluding every other system bundle. So that software bundle excuse is non-existent. Wii is nothing but success, deny it all you want. (I am by no means a fan of the Wii btw)

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Hardware sales don't matter...
Yeah sure if you are selling them at a loss like Sony and MS were. Nintendo walked away from that gen with a bank full of cash, MS and Sony certainly didn't.

Also Nintendos first party stuff was on fire when the Wii was at it's peak. Nintendo were lucky ass geniuses with the Wii.

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Wii U would say otherwise.

I think they are doing things decent at the moment, but Nintendo will pull a Nintendo soon enough, first it will be a disappointing VC, half ass online service, no big hitting 3rd party or indie games, and just a continued backwards attitude they have always had. Prove me wrong Nintendo, please.

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Lol good joke, one mistake more like many mistakes

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Nintendo or all of them, that is if Bayonetta 2 is still Nintendo's.

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This is a good move, I hope it is a good demo

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Their problem not mine. If the game was worthy of a 8+ in reviews or I at least heard some solid praise before launch I would have been more than happy to pay $60 on day one.

If you think this game can do just as well without praise, great scores and impressions before launch to hype up the game before launch you are crazy.

On the bright side, this is a great way to prevent preordering, so good job Bethesda you are doing a better job at convincing people ...

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That is not what I am saying, I am only implying the free DLC skins should have been on the disc. If they want to charge for there unique skins related to previous games go for it.

I don't agree with your reasoning on that matter though.

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Go play MGS1, FF, Castlevania SoTN and try and tell me that again.

MGS1 is one of the best made games of all time and this is coming from someone who played it in 2012

Also any JRPG or turn based slower paced game or 2D side scrolled aged damn well.

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Nothing impressive at all.

Persona 4 had more free costumes in the actual game that were unlockable in game. If I had to guess with Persona 5 they used them to get people to see the buyable ones it the store rather than give it to us as actual content in the game.

Disagree but facts aline with the thought...
Game finished development like a year ago. This content had probably the same treatment in JP almost a year ago, yet a year later they could...

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Well amiibo sales would very depending on game and figure releases. Sales were down because Nintendo had very small releases and now that Zelda is out old amiibos are at an all time high and the new ones are selling out the moment they are stocked.

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They are quite a big deal right now especially Zelda ones.

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Until they fix the terrible gun and power balance, it really is not worth playing. I tried regularly for a few days and all it does is depress you how bad everything is.

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Only game that could dethrone it for me is if RDR2 is better than RDR, which seems doubtful

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Literally nothing alike, wish a sequel would happen, such an underrated game

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Come on man white men don't get discriminated against that is impossible and if they were who cares they get special treatment anyway.

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Maybe if Nintendo did not crap all over their fans with the NES mini people would get excited.

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If you ignore that they often bring up how they are speaking japanese and how some of them are not good at english.

Those parts were a little odd but easy to overlook for obvious reasons.

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