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I think the whole console experience on the go is as big a gimmick as the Wii, this is coming from someone who got the PSP the year it came out and was blown away running GTA on it (was 12 btw). Maybe gimmick is not a fair way to put it, rather who really needs to play a game like Uncharted on the go (very few people). Nintendo handheld games are usually always dedicated or implemented to mobile well, and just make sense whether it be a 10 minute or 2 hr session. Sony markets the thing the wr...

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They had better endings but nothing about them was special or mindblowing, just a little bit of foreshadowing of whats to come. Then it came and it was so bad...

They do not deserve any spot on best endings list. You want a fun and unique ending or games that hit you emotionally ME is not one of them

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...but there are pretty much no exotics, which killed it for me. Then again, maybe not, it is just with Destiny 2 being so close it is hard to want to jump back into the cycle of progression like I did with TTK. It just does not feel rewarding and at the end of the day pointless.
Last year I was enjoying TTK so much I gave Forza no love, this year it is going to be the opposite.

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Well in the past sony has used their consoles to help push their disc formats into the mainstream. That being said discs for media is a dimishing market rather than an exploding one like in the past, maybe they do want to capitalize on the small market.

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Not really, if the 60 fps mark can't happen due to a bottleneck they are not underestimating it at all. If I was to buy a PS4 Pro it would be for 1080p/60 fps not slightly better shadows and lighting.

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Is it though Minecraft literally had little to no marketing when it came out and despite eventually getting it, the popularity was their already. Personally I think games like MW2 and GTAV could get away with much smaller marketing budgets

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I only pay attention to if a game is good or not, would not give two craps if the main character was some heavy set lady for example. I am sure most gamers feel the same way. Just let devs do what they want, if they are content with good looking brown haired white guys so be it that is their decision. They certainly are not sexist or racist for whatever decision they make nor should you try and call them out on it either.

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Not coming earlier but really makes that launch in March seem likely, come on Nintendo show us what you are making it is killing me lol. Thinking about this thing has had to been heavy development like 2 or 3 years they could have so many surprises

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Why make a guide for this, so pointless.

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Youtube compression ruins the comparison, 4k upload would have been better. Biggest difference is the motion blur due to fps

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People want HDR more than 60 fps lmao

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So hyped to try horizon 3 on PC, and FFXV aswell it was such a shame it got delayed. Pokemon has me the most excited lol

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If Telltale could do it I see no reason why Alan wake couldnt have.

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That is so much bs from Square ff will have a day one patch just wait, that definitely was not the cause of the delay.

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You know what would have done a better job than Pro, more quality exclusive content. I think Nintendo is the only one that focuses on that these days, MS speaks big about it but at the end of the day most their new IPs leave much to be desired and flop. If you quit playing PS3 mid gen and abandoned the platform I am sorry you missed out.

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All fanboys are the same way, full of crap and ignorant as hell

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My GTX 1070 is ready, cant wait to try out crossplay

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I dont have a gears buddy, so I will be skipping this I hope it delivers an awesome experience though

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Well it would not have been as bad if the rpg looking gun was in the beta.

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You see you are in a very small crowd, the tech demo for a lot of people did more harm than good. Thats great you want to play it, but IMO this about much more than that. If Titanfall wants to have a future the only way I see that happening is if it gets delayed. Going out and getting torn to shreds by the big dogs is not the way to become a big name shooter. EA are a serious business and I dont see them giving this another chance if this fails

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