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The new plot sounds good, but Prey 2s sounded insane, hopefully this does well and Prey 2 will happen

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Fallout 4 was not impressive, sadly... In any aspect

IMO I don't even know how you compare heavy dialogue and stat/class based games to Zelda. This game maybe open world but I think they aim to deliver something a little different than those games. Skyrim is probably the strongest comparison.

I don't see how any Nintendo fans opinion towards the new Zelda are any less warranted than the praise for Horizon. Of course unless graphics play a large pa...

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The elite controller already had textured grips.

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Campaign looks generic, I am excited to see the MP

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Another sandbox game with atrocious gameplay isn't there enough of these already

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Winston is great against tracer so that is impressive.

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Well when even its maker gives it no love, why expect anyone else to

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Personally I would say

1. Uncharted 4 (not finished but so damn good)
2. Dark Souls 3
3. Overwatch
4. Ratchet and Crank
5. Probably Doom or Xcom 2 (I need to play these still)

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That is what my comment was getting act, the guy above acted like it was okay

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So f*** the power user who payed $60, as long as it does not effect a casual for a few years.

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About time...

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Just my opinion, Overwatch is a sugar coated early access game. A damn well polished one, but still very much not finished. Do they plan on having this full price $60 MP only game run off of one game mode for 2-3 months it just seems to slow.

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I used it last night, and this update clearly did wonders before I I could not get anything to stream from my phone

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Despite being a work in progress it is a solid experience.

It is $60 for one MP option with tons of unlockables that are pretty much impossible to get since you level up slower and slower making the game pretty much a pay to have cool cosmetics or depend on your slim chances which will get slimmer and slimmer every time you rank up. This would be okay if the game was not $60.

There is of course the potential to add daily and other progression type of chal...

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Is the gameplay the same giant turd? These 'wonderful' sandbox PC games play like crap and how people put up with the terrible gameplay is beyond me.

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Strange I always get shut down by mei when I am reaper. I counter her with roadhog and zarya (amazing btw)

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Especially anything to do with Activision. Every lower budget title they make is nothing but rushed out garbage.

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Nobody really hates the PSP, it is just outshined by the Gameboy and DS

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Finally got Transistor that game was never on sale, also got banner saga. Great deals wish MS would do similar ones.

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ME3 was no more casual than its predecessor. If anything it was less so...

The primary huge problem with ME3 compared to 2 was that atrocious ending that just ruined the whole games story

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