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3ds was so close though and with all those 3ds games dominating the charts it is clear who the winner in JP is lol. I can see why Nintendo is probably doing some sort of handheld. After all these years it is crazy how well it does there.

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DQ? It is very Dragon Ball looking with a DQ cel shaded look so that would be my guess

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I see plenty of variety, but if you look at all these JP games as the same then you might see things that way.

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There are more to alot of these games than just 16 bit graphics it is not just some sort of novelty aiming to just sell off of nostalgia.

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Was actually thinking about this exact thing a few days ago as a great way to open up old gamer tags to active members

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Yeah because we all have gaming PCs under are TV with software dedicated to a controller experience. It does however change the whole image of what Xbox is (if there W10 Xbox plans take off). Unless you can start using Xbox User interface on any PC, the Xbox console will still be very relevant.

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Will probably have to switch services than, I do my MP gaming on my Xbone and if they don't want to give me a W10 app port I will give my money to someone else.

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As far as big sites GOTY the only game with a chance is probably UC4 so far.

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Wait til that NES mini though

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Same but I am so far from getting one.

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Eevees are fairly common for me and Drowzees are everywhere (I have made 5 hypno)

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Purples are cooler than the legendaries.

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Same however I got a 600 lapras

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Besides what demonddel said Spotify has no exclusive partnership with Sony. It being on Windows 10 store is a good sign it will come to Xbox. Sony most likely just reached out to Spotify while MS has not, these updates to the store are hopefully a sign they won't have to

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The new plot sounds good, but Prey 2s sounded insane, hopefully this does well and Prey 2 will happen

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Fallout 4 was not impressive, sadly... In any aspect

IMO I don't even know how you compare heavy dialogue and stat/class based games to Zelda. This game maybe open world but I think they aim to deliver something a little different than those games. Skyrim is probably the strongest comparison.

I don't see how any Nintendo fans opinion towards the new Zelda are any less warranted than the praise for Horizon. Of course unless graphics play a large pa...

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The elite controller already had textured grips.

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Campaign looks generic, I am excited to see the MP

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Another sandbox game with atrocious gameplay isn't there enough of these already

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Winston is great against tracer so that is impressive.

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