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Me aswell due to all the Mario is Missing lets play on youtube lol

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This device last just as long as my DS4 if not longer than it. A nice highlight is that the controllers last 20hrs iirc.

IMO battery is a plus for the device
Plays a game like Zelda for 3 hrs, but could probably play a VC, maybe small indie or smaller game for 5-6 hrs and has USB C, and the controllers actually can hold a decent charge. Seriously I hate the DS4 battery life, the damn thing might aswell be wired

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Old tech?
No there are simply different PC platforms, the key thing to know here is this is mobile tech and this mobile tech in every way is quite impressive for $300

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@frinker good luck with that 4ktv (guessing 55in+ size) and ps4 pro for $500.

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Nintendo cannot be doing to much rationing then, because PS4 and Xbox One were sold out every where in those 12 hrs. So 2M at launch is not too bad.

I understand people love hating Nintendo low supply at launch but Sony and MS do the same thing. I remember PS4/Xbone were very hard to find for a month or two, especially more so the PS4. I remember waiting at a Walmart for 12 hrs to get a Wii because they only had 19 units, and PS3 the week before had a whopping 14. I was not...

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Its actually alot like you know... Banjo Kazooie lol

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Played the toybox demo thid past weekend,cant wait for the game to come out

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I love trophys on PS4.
Platinums are something I can dedicate a bunch of free time to. I enjoy a playthrough, then do the grind while i play spotify in the background. Right now I am just coasting my way through Skyrim.

Sadly I will not buy anything on Switch that is not 100% uniquely exclusive to the platform because as a home console gamer it is inferior in every way for me. That being said cant wait to play Zelda on the Switch day one and Mario next winter. I ju...

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Oh man, you must have missed the decade long hatred for Square. Besides the small turn around the past couple of years the only big games square was pumping out were those eidos and big western ips/devs they bought. Square has only been fine the last year or two. Ask yourself is a company that can only get that much buzz from a remake of an old game that fine? I assure you can only milk that cow so long, and they know this and are doing a good job now at making games.

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This could be a good sign actually, increases the chances they will be getting rid of friend codes, adding trophies, and offering free games which Nintendo could do better than PS or xbox with VC games. If they plan on doing none of this I will gladly not get it.

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I hope to see
maybe a bundle of some sorts under $400
Pokemon Stars
Mario or Zelda at launch and one releasing shortly after
Online service that is actually good
Trophies/achievements would be an awesome bonus especially with VC support
Preferably when docked performance is on par with current gen hardware if not small gap

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Well the thumbnail would indicate 2x performance at the same speed, 2x memory speed, while also being 4x less power hungry. Sounds impressive enough to compete but we will see when it releases

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I was wondering why there was no King Knights in the game, they refer to it all the time

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Venusaur is far more viable than Charizard and Blastoise, at least was I am not that up to date though.

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Only gen with all around awesome pokemon is 3. Of course I am primarily referring to stat wise, though designs are top notch aswell and all the ones following have not been nearly as impressive

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Double post

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Wait 5?

Those odds are way to low just buy a scratch off you would have better luck with that. At least make the 5 consoles some cool rare limited editions

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I am usually a huge New game + fan, but FFXV in its current stat really would not offer much with the feature. A couple accessories and costumes really dont add replayability for me. Cant complain about options though, hopefully if they fix the story alot I can fire the game up eventually and take advantage of NG+

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Not when you have prime, of course not everybody has it but alot do

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She is a fine character and all she is meant to do is stall the enemies. She can easily survive longer than any other hero. The way you talk you think she ruined your life or something

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