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Never even though of that, Rocksteady could probably craft one amazing Spawn game. #8.2
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Watch? They had the writer from the animated series as the lead writer, they clearly also were clearly very inspired by it and included many classic Batman voice actors.

I really don't understand the Batmobile hate, some of the missions based around it can be annoying but IMO they add to the Batman immersion, nothing is more bad ass then jumping off a building while your vehicle approaches and lands in it like a bad ass.

Not all Batman media include a Bat... #1.2.2
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But four games!!!! I personally don't have any interest in any of them, however I will download them and try them out. I would have preferred JP PS+ games #7.1
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That is your opinion, I have both as well and I much prefer the Xbox Ones however I feel the PS4s runs smoother. Honestly I wish Xbox One was as easy to use as the old guide on Xbox 360, and the PS3 had much better customization and organization options than PS4. Heck the Wii and 3ds do a better job at displaying your apps on the home screen. I have had the thing a week and everything feels unorganized. It manages speed though MS would be smart to integrate the friends and party apps right in... #5.3
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These weapon upgrades could potentially add new elements to game play, if done correctly it could at a nice level of strategy and even make for harder missions that adapt to these new upgrades.

The real question is can the game developers handle good game design #3.2.2
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I don't see how anyone could disagree with the PS3 looking cheaper, the original Slim looks nice while the newer one looks much cheaper in comparison. The original Slim has a nice balance while the fat ps3 is too big and flashy and the newer slim looks like a toy #2.1.1
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I wonder why curious people don't just oh I don't know Google
'game emulator'.

The things people could discover if they used Google #8.1.1
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Metacritic user reviews represents the entire gaming community. I for one had no idea. #12.1
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No I want them to do new superheroes, best this talent gets to expand rather than be stuck with just Batman #13.1
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Not really, Sony has exclusive marketing for Batman and has for every single release in the trilogy and the install base is 2x larger on PS4. It did fine, fact is 1/3 of the games sales is a big deal and only a stupid big publisher would think otherwise. PS is a much bigger brand then Xbox, I am sure the sales difference in the NA maybe a bit closer to half #1.10
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Spider man very much like Batman has so many awesome villains. Rocksteady have crafted an amazing Batman experience and I would love to see something done this well for other superheroes. #4
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The collection includes the old version which is the uncensored version #2.2.1
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I see serious potential for AMD if bought from MS, it is not like they are doing well in their competitive markets, Nvidia is the GPU leader and Intel is just destroying them in the CPU game. MS could invest in them to get some powerful hardware in their tablets, phones etc for a lower price. Not only that but they would gain the current market space AMD owns, some of the PC market and the console market. I think people write MS off to quick, they would have so many new competitors I don'... #11
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When TESVI happens I hope it is about it king some high elf arse #16
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Just get it on the store, you can't download them just purchase the free games #19.1
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I'll stick with the 20th Ann theme, those ps1 noises are awesome #4
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The issue is dying for me I literally have like 2+ minute load times reloading save #2.3.3
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For $150 it better be #4
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The Last of Us tells you when it last saved, might be a few others just can't think of them. I am pretty sure Uncharted does the same thing as well, which, the first came out in 07 #7
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Hope this happens soon, I need more Reach it has been so long. #12
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