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I stand corrected. I remember looking at the Sunset Overdrive site a while back and it had a bespoke background, while I checked only the Edge of Nowhere site before posting earlier and, clearly, made a fool of myself.

Thanks for pointing that out. #10.5.1
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Clearly a tease for their Oculus VR game, Edge of Nowhere. The motif in the trailer perfectly matches that found on the background of the game's website:
http://www.insomniacgames.c... #10
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Because the Resistance series was so cartoon-ish, right? #1.1.1
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I'm guessing that this will be a return to "classic" Devil May Cry. Check the listing proper:

It's about halfway down that page, and it's clearly... #27
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Nephilim are not "ridiculously powerful beings". It is stated that they are the only ones capable of killing a Demon Lord, but that doesn't mean that they are not capable of being killed by Lesser Demons. Why would he bother to battle Dante himself when he can delegate the task? And Mundus didn't know where Dante was. He dispatched demons to find and get rid of him, with the Hunter attacking on discovery. Similarly, Dante sought out the other bosses and the camera demons ope... #2.1.2
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Not guilty at all. Rather, written as a response to the many, many people that flame the game by choosing to sideline logic. The dialogue is easily the weakest part of the story but that also is of lesser weight when compared to other story elements, namely plot, characterisation and theme. Gameplay is no factor here. #2.1
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Requiring patience =/= being difficult, unless you're a CoD-ite who can't sit still for three seconds. #8.1.3
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No, it is easy on a stealth playthrough because that's the way it is designed to be played. All you have to do is sit back and learn the unaltering enemy paths and then you can waltz up behind them and take them out with no-one being any the wiser.

It becomes difficult when you choose to turn the game into a bloodbath because the volume of enemies. Trust me, I tried both paths during my playthrough. #8.1.1
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Eh, best in the series requires a return to what made it great in the first place. I don't want "dramatic horror" if it means that I'm just going to be gunning down thousands of the undead with a minigun. I want to feel the fear and tension that RE became famous for in the first place and this, I can damn well assure you, is not going to return.

Alas, it is the way of things. I'll probably still give it a rent, or a bargain bin purchase, but based on wh... #8
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Well, if a game is bound for failure, would it not be better to leave it unfinished and move on to more profitable projects? Alternately, developers could use the feedback from early episodes to improve later ones, a point brought up in the article.

And as for receiving the full experience, that could always come later via a retail release that compiles all of the episodes into a single linear experience, like BTTF The Game so there would be no missing out. #2.1
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Your sentiment is understandable when it comes to a game that received as grand a critical reception as did The Witcher 2. Unfortunately, no-one on the team had a chance to play that game, which is unfortunate, but answers the fundamental question of why it failed to make the list. #1.2
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Poor fella... he's as muddled as a guinea pig in a washing machine. #2
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So... it's a poorly translated Italian site that is already translating from Japanese? Am I the only one that doesn't understand so much as a single sentence of the article? Eh, he's still working on The Last Guardian. Nothing's been confirmed either way to the separation, so no news, I suppose, is news on N4G! #10
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And how many of the users have already played the game to give a realistic rating on their feelings. Not many would be my bet. How many of these people are just haters? #2
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Addressed in the article:
"Of course, thanks to Microsoft's policy of not allowing games on their platforms if they have been exclusive to another without added incentive, the listing is titled Joe Danger: Special Edition" #1.1
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Care to elaborate on why I wouldn't be? Oh wait, you have only one bubble...

Dante, I'm with you on that, 100% #3.1.1
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You read the review, and it has nothing but praise. There is not a single flaw mentioned. The last sentence: "Drake’s Deception is the quintessential PS3 adventure."

So why has it been docked half a point I wonder? #3
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Again Baka, you must be dense. Games can be played offline. Patches are not necessary to make a game work, though they may improve the performance. If you mean firmware updates, they're included on game discs, genius.

As for the second past of your comment: sure, it could be done but why should one have to. #2.1.2
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Wow... some of the commenters here are dumb as concrete. You do know that there are portions of the civilised world that do not have access to broadband due to oversights by Telecom companies.

Matter of fact, I'm one of them. And I've annoyed them and hounded them, but no progress has been made since I began my crusade three years ago. I live in an area that they see as being too much on the margin to bother, in spite of the fact that I could move five kilometres dow... #1.1.7
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What's in the package for $40? One disc, or two? Are multiplayer and campaign separated like ODST, or are both on one disc, allowing switching in a lobby instead of swapping discs? The Reach DLC is not included - but are the original Reach multiplayer maps? If the only Halo game you owned was Halo: Anniversary, wh... #1.2.1
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