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All games seem unfinished when shipped these days. Releasing a game seems fluid nowadays. Games as a service also ties into this unfinished model of development. It gives developers a window to keep updating, adding, creating.

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That’s what the articles says 😂

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Bowling ftw

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Exactly. Which it’s why what they say and do on social media and when playing is much more criticized.

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They don’t need to be. They exist solely in a...league of their own 😏

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The game pass sucks. Just another subscription by microsift to do just that, sift money out of our wallets for a worthless service.

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How do you write them off as not being a sport? And no, that’s not what the articles about.

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It goes back to that saying, once you start to get paid or something you do, you’re a professional.

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I do agree there’s a certain level of performance that is needed to compete in the esports realm. I hate that people keep trying to group two opposing universes together.

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I shared it and got some interesting comments.

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Have you seen any esports comp in person?

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People just want to blame something other than the people themselves.

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Hell yeah. I’m not one, but I know plenty. Some with degrees going for more.

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Plenty of people find their way home at 28. Doesn’t mean they’re a loser or something like that.

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Which I think is just more telling of who he is. I mean, the only damaged I’ve cause are a few mildy broken controllers. They’re too expensive to destroy. I guess, I’m the same breath, a life is priceless and he crossed the line.

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I wonder if it will come out that he has a previous history of violence or jail history.

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I mean, don't you think there were other times when he thought about killing his parents? This doesn't seem like an isolated incident.

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There are so many reports.

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Michel Ancel is one interesting cat. He seems like he has a lot of freedom with IP. I mean, the artwork for a lot of games are showcased on his IG.

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I have been to E3 a couple times. Never really had any bad encounters there. Really just hope she broke her phone and that's the extent of it. You're right, scary.

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