Holy hot tamale!


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Don't be a weenie. Play the game, trudge through it, get gud.

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I saw this early on, played through later. Did we play the same game? Wrong, wrong, wrong.

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No way. Never going to happen.

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Game is gonna flop!!!!!

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PS4 up, Xbox down!!!

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Love this franchise. I'm replaying it through!

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I keep seeing this game and wonder if it's worth it. GameStop has the bundle right now that's $499.99 that includes the game. Still don't know if I will pull the trigger. Read most of your article. Going back in to finish it. Saw the score. Still hope it's enough to make me buy it!

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Super stoked to see more on the PSVR. I feel like Sony was pretty tight lipped on people talking about it

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How can people disagree with that? Aside from very little from Capcom, they have been the only ones to come out and literally voice support. Just Dance is still a game regardless of whether you play it or not. They are supporting the platform with additional titles. Sounds a lot like a deal was struck, though. "We'll give you exclusivity over Beyond Good & Evil 2 if you allow us to throw out some dance games." XD

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I'm all for Nintendo doing exclusives the right way.

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Ubisoft seems to be the only one really carrying the torch for third party games.

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This is how they win against the other third party games. And I'd take this over any CoD.

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Awesome episode. Ready for the next!

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But why trust a gaming personality that gets to post Nintendo stuff? Seems fishy.

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TheAttack is an awesome off-chute because of it. You should check it out.

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I agree. I just don't know how thy expect to sit on what it is for so long.

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A game for the Xbox fans that is best on PC. No doubt.

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The best IP they have imo.

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I think they should continue doing franchise tales like Borderlands and Batman. But, I don't want them to not do any original IP's either.

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