Principle of Falsifiability. Look it up.


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You really need to spend some time playing games on the One X on a good 4K tv. It’s quite a difference in the total experience. It’s interesting how when playing COD WW2 with friends that are on a One S, they will often be spectating for a few seconds watching me while they continue to load. Everything is very smooth and just looks better in general. If that doesn’t matter to you, so be it. But the PS4 Pro and One X are not the same.

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I’m just being legit Elda. Some are acting like every exclusive is amazing.

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Meh, most of the Sony exclusives don’t interest me. The Last of Us is the only one I’m missing. The read are niche games I don’t care about or have the time to play.

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None of those exclusives interest me. Downvote all you want, I don’t care.

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Wow I replied with my experience with the X and since it’s positive it got marked as spam. Freaking losers in here.

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Favorite game ever but I’m not going to buy all 3 games again.

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Nah, I’d have to agree with him. I upgraded from an S and it does feel like a generational leap. I really wasn’t expecting that either. I got it because I wanted to use my 4K tv to the most of its ability and because I’m kind of a dork for electronics. I’ve been pleasantly surprised though.

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It uses vapor chamber cooling, which still requires a fan as does pump driven liquid coolers. Either way, if the fan is running really high it’s an indicator your hardware is being pushed really hard which could mean a shorter life. Plus it’s just annoying if it’s loud.

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Not sure why you got 10 downvotes. I’ll never understand fanboys.

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It depends. If you’re a Sony fanboy who won’t buy anything else then you should be worried because your games don’t look as good as do on the X. But if you’re a rational person you just get an X if it’s in the budget. The difference is really more than I was expecting.

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You sound upset though.

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So if you shoot someone coming down in a parachute they detach from the chute? Umm, ok.

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Maybe not many on N4G since it's a PS fanboy haven. But there are millions of mature gamers that care about Xbox One.

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I hope they don't go too far the other way it though - where you're an elite soldier but you can't run more than 10 feet before being out of breath so you're walking around the battlefield. An elite soldier can jog with full gear on a good mile at least. Sprint maybe 1/4 mile.

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I despise her but I noticed after she became a thing the use of the word "trope" started appearing more and more. Suddenly every movie reivew said something about the "common trope" blah, blah, blah.

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Yep, they won't let you have ANY negative opinion about a PS game or device. Even if it's 100% true, they will downvote you.

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Really? Oh man, I'm gonna go check that out!

Seriously, does anyone fall for this stuff?

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You're awfully forgiving.

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Bingo! "Hey, let's hire a guy that tweets about his hatred for white people and then make you unable to have a fair skinned character! I'm sure white people wont mind."

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