Principle of Falsifiability. Look it up.


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So if you shoot someone coming down in a parachute they detach from the chute? Umm, ok.

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Maybe not many on N4G since it's a PS fanboy haven. But there are millions of mature gamers that care about Xbox One.

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I hope they don't go too far the other way it though - where you're an elite soldier but you can't run more than 10 feet before being out of breath so you're walking around the battlefield. An elite soldier can jog with full gear on a good mile at least. Sprint maybe 1/4 mile.

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I despise her but I noticed after she became a thing the use of the word "trope" started appearing more and more. Suddenly every movie reivew said something about the "common trope" blah, blah, blah.

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Yep, they won't let you have ANY negative opinion about a PS game or device. Even if it's 100% true, they will downvote you.

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Really? Oh man, I'm gonna go check that out!

Seriously, does anyone fall for this stuff?

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You're awfully forgiving.

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Bingo! "Hey, let's hire a guy that tweets about his hatred for white people and then make you unable to have a fair skinned character! I'm sure white people wont mind."

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They cared more about political correctness when filling positions than they did talent. They got what they deserved. How in the world you keep a racist POS like Manveer Heir on your team is beyond me. He may be gone now but he did work on Andromeda.

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PS1 games don't hold up that well. I remember playing Resident Evil not that long ago and the reality didn't live up to the memories.

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Really? So you think if the Xbox One had been praised by fanboys for being an all-in-one device that Sony wouldn't have reacted? It seems a lot of you don't realize consumer electronics companies listen very closely to consumer (there is a ton of proof they do.) That or you don't want to take responsibility for stagnating innovation.

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I'm interested to see if VR will fade out. I feel like it could be good but they tried to implement it too early. You need a really powerful system if you want good graphics and frame rates high enough that users don't feel sick.

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Fanboys were actively engaged in spreading false information about the Kinect - saying MS was spying on us all and such - that MS got afraid to use its full potential.

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What's sad about the gaming community is that it hurts itself over and over again with the stupid fanboys. Rooting for a console to fail and actively trying to make that happen is about as dumb as you can get. MS took a chance with something different and got hammered for it by fanboys and then the media. So what's going to happen next gen? Increased specs but zero innovation. That's all we'll get. Innovation gets punished so why innovate? Hell, Sony was so convinced by fanbo...

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I'd be all over that.

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Nice to hear Spencer say they are already working on next gen though. That means they're thinking about where the Scorpio will position compared to next gen. I'm guessing next gen will be very robust hardware wise.

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Sadly, that'll never happen here.

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Why did 2 people vote that down?

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There's absolutely nothing to disagree with there but you have 29 disagrees so far. This place is a madhouse.

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Herp derp "something something 180." Yes, very clever. I'll be playing games.

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