Principle of Falsifiability. Look it up.


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I agree but they did have full auto machine guns in WW2. Lots of em. And the main weapon of the US wasn't bolt action, it was semi-auto. But yeah, I don't want anymore future war BS. I want either modern day or WW2.

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I agree BF4 was unacceptably plagued with issues months after launch, but Star Wars Battlefront has been solid and a lot of fun.

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What an idiotic, immature, fan boy statement.

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I'm actually happy about the Hardwood Backgammon game. I used to play that right before bed and it's such a chill game to pass the time. Where is Bioshock though?

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So does COD. But this COD is a tired rehash of the last one, which kind of sucked. I enjoyed the Star Wars Battlefront beta and am looking forward to the release. I'm taking a pass on COD until they bet back to the real world.

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@Crimzon I agree with you in some respects...BF4 does suffer from the tediousness of getting to the battle only to be sniped. However, at least it aims for some semblance of realism whereas COD has thrown that out the window. COD used to be fun because you could play around shooting realistic looking weapons and call in airstrikes from planes that exist in real life. Now it's all biosuits, lasers and other fantasy crap. I miss the old COD.

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We should be talking about their horribly laughable commercials. It's so clearly aimed at a 14yo boy when COD USED to have a much wider demographic. This is the first one in a long time I won't be buying. They're getting worse and worse.

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Videos are not a good way to tell how good a game looks. Having actually played Halo 5 I can say that while it's not the best looking game every it does look good. COD just looks like Advanced Warfare.

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Lackluster performance and lackluster game in general. It's just Advanced Warfare 2.

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They've made some stinkers lately. It's as though they're pandering to the 10-14yo demographic. I'm so tired of the space age future soldier crap. I wonder if they'll ever make a semi-realistic game again.

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If that comment doesn't get down bubbled for immaturity then nothing will.

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@ShinMaster "Aside from that, this site has an overwhelming amount of negative PS4 articles vs Xbox One."

You're kidding, right? Either you're joking or you were referring to NX Gamer, not N4G.

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I just wish they'd hurry up getting more games backward compatible. At this pace it's going to take years. I'm ready to play some Bioshock and some PGR. And some of the arcade games.

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I've had fun playing it but it's nice to see N4G with several articles about which platform has the best resolution.

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@Name Last Name - ah, I see. Maybe I'll give it a try.

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I've never bought one either and this doesn't make me want to. Sure it looks good but it also looks like it's made for 13 yo boys. Dudes got like a sock or piece of metal lodged in his head, the sniper girl is wearing a bikini, and you have unlimited balloons that fly anything you want back to base. Is it supposed to be tongue in cheek or are we supposed to be taking it seriously?

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Interesting that people are disagreeing with your list. Are they saying that scores aren't correct or just down voting anything that is not positive towards Playstation?

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It's what they do. They're hyper defensive and illogical...almost cult-like...when it comes to the Playstation. As you pointed out, this is a story about something a Sony exec says and the overwhelming response here has been "It's the xbots fault. Praise our glorious leader Sony." It's so weird. And now I'll get downvoted by them all.

And fruit juice, could you please use some punctuation? The run-on sentences are very hard to read.

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Look, Xbox has announced more exciting games lately. Get over it.

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I haven't been here in months and I see nothing has changed. Everything Death said is right. I used to like Playstation but their completely illogical fans have really turned me off to it. They're more like a cult than anything. They're completely brainwashed and most of them have atrocious grammar (see above for examples.) It makes talking to them maddeningly unproductive.

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