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"Principle of Falsifiability. Look it up. "


Why is this story in the Xbox One section? It's about a comparison between PS4 and PC. Oh wait, I know the answer...N4G. #12
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All I want is Project Gotham Racing to come back. It was the best mix of realism and fun for console racing games. I miss it. All these other racing games are just boring as all get out. #17
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I got lots of lag on my PS4 but none on my Xbox One. Although occasionally ot takes awhile for my guy to pop up in the lobby. But gameplay is rock solid. PS4 was a laggy mess. #1.2.1
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Someone could do a really good WW2 one now with better graphics. One where each building, house or farm in Europe you enter is unique. Where you really sense yourself progressing through Europe. Culminating at the Eagles Nest. #10
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I'd have to disagree. COD 2 & 3 were my favorite since they focused on Europe and Russia. The pacific just wasn't that interesting to me. It's all jungle and is monotonous. #1.1.2
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Not sure why you've gotten disagrees when what you've said is demonstrably true. #4.2.1
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You are such a fanboy. Don't act like having more bubbles makes you right. All you have to do to get bubbles is praise Sony. You lose bubbles by saying anything contrary, no matter how valid it is. #6.2.1
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You edited your comment and ended up with "Lolz"? Wow. #6.1.1
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MRmagoo...that was the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen. How about you delete your account? #2.5.2
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They are not sophisticated enough to help track anything. They're mostly kids doing DDoS because it's easy and they are bored and need attention. It's sad really. They don't get how seriously they can get into trouble. They think when the cops come they can just say "it was a joke" and it will all go away. They're in for a rude awakening. #1.9.1
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Lotd_Sloth...are you kidding me? Hitler? #1.3.2
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Perhaps the author has not seen all the #BoycottSony on twitter and elsewhere. A lot of people are pissed at how they and the theater chains behaved and so am I. They look like cowards and have now incentivized cyber terror even more.

Until Sony rectifies this I will not buy another Sony product. I also will not be going to any theaters this holiday season. Apparently $8.00 popcorn hasn't made them enough money to buy some balls. #78
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Did America pull the movie? I didn't know that. No, Sony, a Japanese owned company pulled it. Most likely due to their lawyers advice. It a huge pussy move. But on N4G people will look past that and spin it that Sony is great...hence this article being the hottest of the day. #30.2
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Agree. To those saying they're such a huge worry, there is a reason N. Korea never goes through with it's threats. They know they would be annihilated in a war. The only thing they have going for them is they care nothing for their people and throw wave after wave of them into the meat grinder.
@ Spinal...I'm not young or naive and a large military doesn't mean as much when it's outdated. Other than the black market and support from China, N. Korea has been cuto... #4.2.7
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SwiderMan, I have so many issues with the oped you wrote and you promoting it here.
1) This is a huge reputational, legal and transactional loss for Sony and that trickles down to all of their products, PS4 included.
2) Your headline made it sound as though Sony has said it will be released on PS4 and they have said no such thing. Learn the difference between "is" and "could be" and fix your click-bait headline.
3) You made an idiotic comment he... #4.1.1
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Where's the outrage that some PS fanboys had when it was announced Tomb Raider would be exclusive to MS? I believe MS was called evil several times. I thought that outrage was stupid but if you're going to be like that at least be consistent. #35
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I agree with him on the remastered titles. I am actually hoping for a remastered Bioshock. That would be awesome :) #1
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Are the 7 disagrees people that don't like Netflix or people that don't believe you're actually watching Netflix? Ah fanboys. I was on Netflix as issues there. #10.3
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If it's a shitstorm how are you finding the time to log in and comment on N4G? Just wondering. #1.2.12
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Go to Amazon and look at the reviews of the new bundle. Now go to the Xbox One bundle. Yep, lots of reviews by Playstation fans giving it one star even though they don't own the thing. Are people really so ridiculously devoted to one console or does Sony pay people to do this? I don't get it. #39
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