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A sequel for Tales of Vesperia would be an amazing turn of events for the series. It'd be a day one purchase for me. I love the world and all of the charming characters that those talented devs created for Vesperia and it has really grown on me. #17
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Why the heck is Tales of Vesperia not on that list? WHY??? #21
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For the love of all that is good in this world, please go through with this idea! I can't get enough of Tales of Vesperia and I'd love the chance to play yet another game with such awesome characters. But I'd be heartbroken if they did follow the awful trend of putting sequels into hand-held devices. If anything, please put it on either the PS3 or 360. Please!!! #9
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Yeah. Didn't he say that the next Zone of the Enders was at the top of his to-do list? #5.1
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Steven Blum Rules!!!
I'm watching Cowboy Bebop right now and I can't get enough of his acting. He's brilliant! #5
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Personally, I'm one of the aforementioned players with ADD. I mean, I like turn-based combat because it doesn't fall into button mashing sequences but I'm not that into watching my character stand there taking hits without my say in how come he/she is simply standing there. That's why I love the combat system in the Tales series. A bit of strategy in a smooth flowing fight is what I love. #11
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Nice to see a strong score for this game. If it gets more of this kind of appreciation then I just might fork over the 60 bones for the game. #1
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That's a shame
I was really rooting for this game. I wanted to hear that it was good and that it would be somewhat of a sleeper hit. I mean, I've heard some positive feedback from the customers but whenever I turn to the reviews I see nothing but average to below average scores. Oh well, I'll just have to rent this game instead. I think it deserves a chance. #14
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*Cough* Velvet Assassin *Cough* #1
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You do make an extremely valid point my friend and I can't argue with you there. But if we were to look back and think of the art that represented the sheer form of it, what would first come to mind? The Mona Lisa? Starry Night? The Scream? Now, if we did the first video games that would come to mind which would they be? Final Fantasy? Halo? Mario? Zelda? Tales of? I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Both art and video games are plagued with obscenities that do not even deserve to b... #11.3
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I would have just posted the game Demon's Souls. That game is very difficult. It's not unfair because of poor development or design but rather, those guys at Atlus wanted to purposely make a game that would push you down whilst pointing and laughing at you as you cry for your mother. Demon's Souls forces you to adapt into a good gamer, or else you will tear a hole through your wall. #11
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Paintings have been, first and foremost, a form of art. Video games, on the other hand, were created as a means of entertainment. The fact that video games have come this far to have cinematic moments that rival Hollywood cinema, well crafted characters that rival the epic heroes of time, and worlds that have sprung from the wildest of imaginations tells us just what the gaming industry is capable of achieving. Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that app... #11.1
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I look at the Tales series as a work of art. Most people underestimate the artistic medium that is the gaming industry. It never ceases to surprise us all. #12
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I think the only competent game that will grace the Wii will be Tales of Graces(see what I did there?). But lets be realistic. Tales of Graces, like every other mother ship title in the Tales series, will be ported to another (much more competent) console a year later but with added content and fixed technical issues. Hey Wii owners, thanks for beta testing Tales of Graces for us. #4.6
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This is one of those games that I give the benefit of the doubt to and hope it's a decent title. I don't know if I can fit this game into my already tight budget since there are a ton of better titles soon to be released but I'll find some way to get my hands on it. Even if I have to rent it, at least I'll have gotten a chance to play it. #11
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You forgot Tales of Vesperia. #15.2
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Are you kidding me? What the PS3 needs is backwards compatibility across every console. Whether it is through hardware or software, it needs to happen. #4
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Wow. It really does do everything. #19
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Honesty at its finest. #7
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Even if you aren't a very skilled gamer, Demon's Souls will break you down until you adapt and become one. #7
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