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Just beat it in under 6 hours.... WAY too short in my opinion, WAY too short, especially considering half the game was cinematics and QTEs... Rent The Order: 1886, under any circumstances DO NOT buy ut, show these developers/publishers that we won't stand for this crap passed off as a full video game!

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Couldn't agree with you more; in the mighty words of Taylor Swift: "haters gonna hate hate hate hate..." - this game was supposed to be the savior for us PS4 owners in terms of exclusives, and it was not anywhere close!

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I would agree, there just weren't that many quality releases in 2014 and the game industry had some major changes...

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Not sure what the point of this is... why does the list suck? Would it be on your "worst lists of 2014 list?"

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Some of these games were soooo bad but with such horrible launches this year (Assassin's Creed Unity anyone?) I would have put some of those on the list...

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Great review, will be picking this up today!

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Not sure I would take it that far but like Mario for Nintendo it's definitely important to the console!

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Love this new IP!!!!

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Picking it up today, glad to see reviews coming in strong...

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Aquaman please!!!

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Love the Michael Bay one... Great piece!

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I LOVE collectors editions!

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Checking it out this weekend, can't wait for the full MGS game!!!

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If early beta thoughts are any indication Titanfall will blow everything out of the water, now EA just needs that to translate into sales!

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Seriously? I'm guessing 2015...

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Exactly, I think the franchise could be in much worse hands these days, but not in better hands (for an in house dev team, lead by GearsViking)!

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I had no idea the history of Black Tusk Studios, great article...

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What is your high attrition points, 59 here...

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Loving the beta, great tips!

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#1 - Zombies!

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