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After AC3 and Unity, how is this even a contest? Halo's numbered entries have all been solid games. AC has gotten bloated with feature-creep and turned into a mere chore for masochistic gamers.

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Of course, any headline with "nobody" will have people jumping for a chance to be the exception. I'd say the batmobile itself was a fun addition, but it could have been implemented better. Too many tedious tank battles and scenarios that sometimes felt forced for the sake of "Hey guys, don't forget about the batmobile!" did wear a bit thin.

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Definitely one of the best surprises of the show. Can't wait to see more.

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I just hope this plays like FFVII, turn-based combat and all. Modernize the graphics, but not the core gameplay please.

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Technically, Fallout 3 did briefly visit "The Pitt"

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Even the textures aren't bad.

Play The Witcher 3 and zoom the camera to the equivalent of a 1st-person view. Guess what? The environment textures look a little less sharp when you're right up next to them.

If there were other gigantic, 1st-person RPGs that made the Bethesda games look bad I might understand the criticism. But there aren't.

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Classy trailer. And it's in-game footage. Just a glimpse makes me eager to start exploring! However, I almost wish they didn't show the "first emerge from the vault" scene as it seems they did. That's one of those moments you want to experience for yourself.

In any case, this should be great. And while Bethesda always knows how to push environments, it's good to see that the character models are looking way better as well.

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Any list like this is by definition going to come down to personal taste, but my top 5 would be:

Uncharted 2
Red Dead Redemption
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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At least this looks like what players will actually get. If you really think Battlefront's gameplay will match that reveal trailer, I have a bridge to sell you...

(Eh, it's bad when I'm actually defending Activision, but after all the depressing news out of EA, my expectations are pretty low on that front)

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With this and a new Dishonored (hopefully!), the next year could be great for immersive sims.

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Given the major role that the Scarecrow is playing this time around, I'm still betting that the Arkham Knight exists only in Batman's head...

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I skipped The Order, but a friend bought the game and that's literally what he told me: "There's nothing else out."

He doesn't hate the game, although he is a bit underwhelmed. It's basically just something to tide most people over until MGSV/Uncharted4/Batman:AK etc.

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Eh, but look at the monthly chart.

UBSFY has shot up around 25% from its low in mid-October. It's only natural for there to be a pullback, and right now it's still holding on to half those gains.

This could be a decent setup for a quick day trade maybe, but I wouldn't buy big unless it dips back to around $3.

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That's pretty much par for the course with any dedicated stealth game.

Nowadays, unless a game gives you the option "be stealthy . . . OR go in guns blazing!" it tends to score lower.

However, I personally enjoy the tension that a dedicated stealth experience brings. When you can't fall back on overwhelming firepower, breaking stealth actually matters.

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Actually, I think this review nails the issue perfectly when they complain about the lack of quicksaves. THAT's why other reviewers are giving it lower scores - because if you keep dying and repeating the same section enough times, anything will start to feel repetitive.

The greatest stealth game ever (Thief: The Dark Project), one of the greatest horror games (Amnesia), and the greatest horror-stealth combination game (System Shock 2) - ALL HAD QUICKSAVES.

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I can live with this so long as they show more actual gameplay at E3 (preferably in new, not-so-brown environments...).

We all know MGS is heavy on cinematics, but as the story has gone on and become more convoluted, I find myself caring less about the drama and more about solid stealth mechanics.

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While it wasn't my #1 game of last gen, no title "defined" the previous generation more than COD4.

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Yeah, I'm skeptical about it, but then Pete has stretched the truth several times in the past for publicity purposes, so it's a little hard to dismiss it totally.

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Owl Other-Joe was pretty awesome.

As others have said, you can count on Joe to give his honest opinion and *tell you why* he scores as he does.

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Am I the only one who actually found the voice acting to be the most impressive thing about the trailer?

I've never been crazy about the main character's design, but if he's well written and voice acted, he could turn out to be a memorable protagonist all the same.

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