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Eh, but look at the monthly chart.

UBSFY has shot up around 25% from its low in mid-October. It's only natural for there to be a pullback, and right now it's still holding on to half those gains.

This could be a decent setup for a quick day trade maybe, but I wouldn't buy big unless it dips back to around $3. #2.2
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That's pretty much par for the course with any dedicated stealth game.

Nowadays, unless a game gives you the option "be stealthy . . . OR go in guns blazing!" it tends to score lower.

However, I personally enjoy the tension that a dedicated stealth experience brings. When you can't fall back on overwhelming firepower, breaking stealth actually matters. #2.1
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Actually, I think this review nails the issue perfectly when they complain about the lack of quicksaves. THAT's why other reviewers are giving it lower scores - because if you keep dying and repeating the same section enough times, anything will start to feel repetitive.

The greatest stealth game ever (Thief: The Dark Project), one of the greatest horror games (Amnesia), and the greatest horror-stealth combination game (System Shock 2) - ALL HAD QUICKSAVES.
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I can live with this so long as they show more actual gameplay at E3 (preferably in new, not-so-brown environments...).

We all know MGS is heavy on cinematics, but as the story has gone on and become more convoluted, I find myself caring less about the drama and more about solid stealth mechanics. #1.2
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While it wasn't my #1 game of last gen, no title "defined" the previous generation more than COD4. #5
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Yeah, I'm skeptical about it, but then Pete has stretched the truth several times in the past for publicity purposes, so it's a little hard to dismiss it totally. #1.2
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Owl Other-Joe was pretty awesome.

As others have said, you can count on Joe to give his honest opinion and *tell you why* he scores as he does. #1.1.2
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Am I the only one who actually found the voice acting to be the most impressive thing about the trailer?

I've never been crazy about the main character's design, but if he's well written and voice acted, he could turn out to be a memorable protagonist all the same. #1.7
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Yeah, besides Retro Snake, we got some new angles of the same old military encampment they've been showing off for the past year.

Seriously, is this the game's only environment? #1.1.8
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I'd say several of the titles on this list are easily more overrated than Skyrim. Both TESV and Fallout 3 would make my top 10, along with Dishonored, RDR and DX:HR. #1.1.2
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I occasionally use it. Google's results have dropped a bit in quality over the past two years, and Bing is basically like the old Google, so that's a plus for me.

If they do sell it off, I just hope it keeps going. Bing also powers Yahoo, and is Google's only real competitor in English markets. Google having total monopoly power isn't something I want to see (yes, Google has done plenty of stuff just as, if not more shady than MS).

Competi... #1.1.3
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I'm eager to see how the boss battles have been reworked.

DX:HR was one of the better games this gen, but some of those bosses were rather frustrating given my non-lethal, stealth-focused style of play. Supposedly they can now be tackled in a greater variety of ways, which is one of the main things that interests me about this Director's Cut. #1
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If you don't like the XB1, the proper emotional response of a healthy, non-obsessive person is *disinterest*.

If you're not merely disinterested, but literally *hate* MS and the "Xbone", then yes, you're a fanboy. #1.1.31
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Sony should just make both. Give us a model with a swapped left-analog and d-pad. I'd buy it.

I realize some people love symmetrical sticks, and that's fine as well. Some people drive with their hands perfectly parallel on the wheel. I don't. The offset stick design is more comfortable for me, and having a choice would be nice.

Many forget that the current position of the analog sticks dates back to the Dual Shock 1, which was designed at a ti... #1.1.23
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It's been in trouble for a while now. The Dark Project is up there with my favorite games ever, but most everything they've shown of this new Thief is downright depressing.

Limiting rope arrows to "shoot at the glowing spots"? No more jump button and no ability to leap and mantle onto whatever we want? Bullet-time auto-kills?

The more I see, the more I think it will take a miracle for this game not to be a total disaster for Thief fans. #5
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The game is pretty, but it also really shows the limitations of the current-gen consoles. While playing, I can't help imagining how it would look with fewer jaggies, a higher frame rate, cleaner textures, per-object motion blur, etc.

Hopefully after the DLC is out, we'll see a "complete edition" release on PS4, XB1 & PC. #2
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No. Fighting censorship by calling for more censorship isn't the answer.

It's an opinion piece on the opinion page - basically a blog. I may not agree with it, but calling for people to be silenced only makes us look like the unhinged wackos that many in the news media would like to paint us as. #1.3.1
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Fox is an easy target, but it's not as though CNN and other networks haven't been singing the same song. Not to mention that politicians on both sides of the isle have repeatedly called for censorship of games (the libertarians are about the only ones who haven't).

News is a business, and that business thrives on controversy, whether real or manufactured.

I don't personally have any problem with people complaining about excessive violence... #1.1.5
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You clearly didn't read the piece. Nowhere does he complain that it's too violent. What he does complain about is taking away player choice in a very specific act of violence against an innocent person.

You could always rampage in GTA games, but generally killing civilians was optional, or at least a matter of "them or me" in the scenario. This mission is more like "No Russian" from MW2, only without the option to avoid shooting.
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It's so clever how you post this comment on every GTAV story! Oh, wait... #2.1
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