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Sutherland has absolutely no diversity in his voice. It just sounds like Kiefer doing a Kiefer impression. Lame.

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Imalwaysright - When they remade MGS1 for Gamecube David Hayter sacrificed half his salary to pay for the other voice actors to re do all the voice work.

Kojima is nothing without the people around him, including Hayter.

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Food for thought.

With the same number of games Gran Turismo has outsold Halo...

Think about it.

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You don't DO a mistake. You MAKE a mistake.

Moron. Grade A journalist can't even use grammar correctly

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'You' referring to the general public aka everyone...WUT?!!

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He did absolutely nothing wrong.

Go Amurica. Keep selling guns by the truck load whilst jailing kids!


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and what will you say if the console doesn't release a game in AUST/NZ because it's sales are down and it can't afford to.

Oh if it's region-locked X1, you're screwed..I bet you'd have something to say then.

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who the fuck reads instruction manuals for consoles?

What world do you live in.

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that's because they are.

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are u serious? It looked like a bad version of SF4 including the art style. Not KI at all. But what can you expect from Rare.

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Generic open world where ever you turn

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Japanese voice actor is the same.

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Then why is the Japanese voice actor the same?

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Are we talking about the guy in Lost Boys?.....

Oh dear.

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maybe they didnt want a small girl to be able to block against robots? That sounds more original to me

Dont call a game bland and then offer generic suggestions

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well this seems not so bad...

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this sums it up I think

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When does this movie come out again?

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if it were more like COD, it would be more successful

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"Many of the environments are claustrophobic?"


It's a survival horror is this a negative point?

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