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So far it seems to work better than the Xbox one version. I have had to restart Xbox games because of it not showing a image on the screen a couple times. But I have found the os on my Xbox to have quite a few weird glitches. #5
Everybody is different. Just because you can just brush off stuff does not mean everybody else can. She most likely suffered from depression and the bully's just added on to that. #1.1.1
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There is no mention of God of war 4 at all in the job posting. All is stated its from the studio that made the God of war franchise. This job posting could be for any game Santa Monica is working on and they work on a huge amount of different titles all the time. #1
It's has been confirmed that it's guitar only. So sounds like rockband 4 is the one to go. #2.1
You should not be using you're pinky for orange lol. You should be changing hand position. #2.1
It's not a full game. Human head themselves stated it was not even in alpha when the plug was pulled. #1.3
Some people enjoy exploring. Walking around finding cool things is one of the big reasons people love RPGs #6.1
This is easy....killing children can't be done in a game like the film, most of the deaths happen off screen or are shot in a way that you know they died but you really did not actually see it. In a game there would be no way to not show arrows sticking into the other kids and stabings ect. #8
If you love black flag you will love rogue. It's pretty much the the same game with a better story. #1.1.1
720 was the nick name everybody was using then for the the new system. #1.2.1
It drops from the first zombie you kill with it. #2.1
All contracts would be null and void when Disney bought Star Wars. All the books,tv and games in development were canceled so it's pretty clear 1313 is never going to be done, Disney made it clear they don't want anything coming out that was started before they took over. #6
Ummmm the witcher? #2.1
the game is already out in America and I'm not hearing anything about it being broken. I'm not even having any issues with it at all. #9.1
Save transfer is not happening. They already stated the game is done and they are just bug testing now and they never said anything more on the subject. Plus has been busted making up news before. #3.1.1
I highly doubt in five or more years when the next generation is around the corner they will still be remaking everything like right now. It's just a trend to try and make some quick cash while working on the current in development titles. All most every game that has been re done this gen has come from studios that have other current gen titles in development. #7.3
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Bloodborn is going to most likely be the better game but it's playing to a lot smaller segment of gamers than the order so I think the the order will most likely sell better. #11
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No they don't. Video game is a interactive experience nothing more. Even if the game is just walking around it's still interactive. Journey was pretty much walking around and me and most people consider it a Video game. #1.1
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Parasite eve 3 already came out. It's called third birthday. #2.2
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There relationship is strained like you said but it's the other way around. Sam is self destructed and got himself in way over his head and so Nathan is trying to save his brother. It's the typical you got out and then they pull you back in story. It's all in the game informer article. #2.2
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