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It's kinda like minecraft but built around everybody working together for the good of the town. #3.1
It's being powered by the ps4. And Sony has already stated they will not charge more than the price of a console for it, zero chance of it being even the same price as rift. I'm getting a psvr but it's pretty clear rift is the more high end VR option and that's why it will cost way more. #4.1
If that was true why were they making Osiris? the game that is being turned into assassins creed empire lol. Gameplay was leaked a year or so back and it was a AAA game. #5.4
Yep. First it was a reboot of prince of Persia then it was Osiris now some of it has reportedly been worked into next years assassins creed. #2.1
That's why you should look at what you are buying before you buy it, I got gone home the day it came out and was aware of what the game was. It's not like they tried hiding the point of the game lol. If you knew what it was and was unhappy that is fine. But it seems most of the people that have issues with "exploration" type of games seem to have bought the game not knowing anything and that is the consumers fault. #1.1
Except 3D was and always will be a gimmick, VR is always been thought to be the next logical step in consuming media. VR in fact was already written about before the invention of the tv. Yes it will most likely take years or even decades to reach its full potential but sooner or later VR or some form of it will completely replace screens as we see them today. #3.1.1
Please god no. After the fallout 3 dlc I don't want them going back to Alaska. #3
They have already announced a partnership with marvel, and the trailer for batman just was shown at the game awards. #3.1
This game was in development before until dawn shipped. But still they should have trashed this game because it's going to crash the momentum that the ip has going. #1.1
What a stupid headline, it's already been talked about for over a year that after she left they started the story over, she most likely left because they decided they wanted to go in a different direction. The original voice actor for Sam drake has already talked about the script being changed and Troy baker taking over his role. #9
The problem with that train of thought is we don't know who is responsible for mgs5 being in the state it shipped in. As far as anybody knows konami refused to let Kojima finish the game and refused to delay it. And thus we got a unfinished game. #1.1.3
One problem, rising sun is not a real game lol. A fan has already come forward that he made it as a art project. #2
I completely agree, it should have come out today. Lol #4
Such a great game, sadly it's name is going to be hurt really bad when rush of blood releases. Who seriously thought a on rail shooter was the best way to keep the ip going. #3
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The problems on PS3 was the cell processor and how the ram was split on it. Ps4 had neither of those issues so why would there be a problem? #9.2
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I have seen a couple of bugs but nothing that hasent been seen since assassins creed 2, clipping,wonky animation and the like. #1.1
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It's a game about murder, and when it comes to killing people with a bladed weapon its not even as gory as real life would be. The game was created as a m rated adult game about killing. Changing that would completely destroy the soul of the game. #2.1.1
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Harmonix has already stated this is most likely the last rockband, rockband 4 was built to be a app like system for songs and features to be added over the years. And if it sells good they will make more guitar heroes until it's run into the ground again. #4.1.2
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I would say in terms of most tricks ect. Skate 3. But I have a really soft spot for skate1 because I put over fifty hours into the demo. Something about the world of skate 2 and 3 just always felt a little off to me. But that could be because after getting sick of tony hawk pro skater for lack of realism skate 1 was like the greatest thing ever made lol. #1.1
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Mgs5 did not just need a Ending it needed the whole cut chapter 3. The game should not have been released with a huge chunk missing. The whole plot with Eli and the kids just completely gets dropped at the end, yes we know how the Mgs tale ends with mgs4, but the fact is Kojima was telling a story in this game and for what ever reason konami shipped it with out it being finished. People get so upset with ubisoft and say watchdogs,assassins creed unity ect. We're not finished but mgs5 was... #1.1
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