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He means it might have been running off a pc and not off a actual ps4 #6.2
I thought they announced it as March 20th? #3
It's a adventure game. Like walking dead. #9.1
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Overhype was not the problem. The missions are almost all the same and the world feels completely life less. And I don't mean in terms of Npcs I mean level design fallout,borderlands,last of us,bioshock and the metro seres all have items or bodies placed around the world that tells the story of the people that lived there and destiny has none of that. Nothing in the game feels real or lived in. #5
What difficulty are you talking about. Unless I missed something there is no difficulty settings. Never mind I see what you mean, the settings for missions. As far as I can tell it adds more enemy's and that's it. #2.1.1
They clearly did not make the money they needed because xenosaga was going to be six games and got cut down to three after they fired almost all of the origanal staff including the creator of the series. #11.1
Except this patch is way more than a bug fix patch. #1.1
The voice is the same as it was in the beta. All they did was add a slight robotic voice effect. #2.1
So are you saying we should let developers tell us if a game is good or not? There is a reason why reviews exist in the industry. If the majority of critics hate the game then there is a reason and it's not a conspiracy. #1.2
One problem with that. Unless something changed you can't use external hdd with a ps4. #5.2
Why would you hook you're phone into the tv when all games in the next couple decades will be streamed directly to what ever screen is in front of you. That's why all the big gaming companies are messing around with cloud projects, the next evolution step in gaming is clearly steaming content just like tv, film and even print. #4.2
I really hope they get some of the emotion they put in spec ops into dead island. I was kinda of bummed when the game turned out nothing like the emotion of that first trailer with the family. At least those accents will be gone lol. #3
Not the first time. I bunch of games have had exclusive dlc in the strategy guides. #1.3
Nope. None of them have heat issues. #1.1.1
I disagree. A game should be reviewed on its quality not on how long or how much it costs. It's price should not be a factor because a price in no way makes a game better or worse. #1.2
You can't play psn games off of a external harddrive. Unless Sony changed it. Plus do they make hybrid or solid state external drives? I'm not a huge pc spec guy so I'm not sure. #1.1.1
Black box were the whole reason the game ever existed. It was a passion project for them and a up hill battle just to get it green light in the first place. And you need to look at sales numbers outside of just the uk. Don't get me wrong I would love another skate game if made by black box, I was even a long time poster on the skate message board since before it was ever released. But let's be real skate 3 undersold in America and dropped off the charts with in weeks of release in alm... #1.1.1
Black box is dead thus skate is dead. Plus the sales were not that amazing and I believe dropped hugely for the third one. #1
Almost all gamefly money comes from consoles so how is digital going to really help them. Sony,Nintendo and Microsoft all have closed networks. #3.2
Plus by being a member for a couple years I get 10% off on games I keep. So that added with the five dollar coupon you get every 3 months I'm getting the metro hd collection on ps4 for thirty bucks. I also have never not had any new releases on my Q not ship the day they come out. You just add them to the Q right after they are announced and leave them there. #1.3.1
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