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So why is this being posted its old news. In fact it happened in 2011 according to the source website lol. #3
They are made by two totally different teams. This game has no effect on fallout 4 being made. #4.1.1
Since the story of the game takes place on one night, not a full day I'm not sure why everybody wants a day and night cycle lol. Unless Gotham is in Alaska during summer time. #27
It never states that is the location of the second bomb. It could be any place in the human body. Most likely it's in her head and that's why her head was shaved. Edit. I looked around for more info on that scene and it was surgically placed in her womb. So no it was not in her "private" area lol. #13.1
As long as you're wifi is over 5mbs you should be fine. #3.1
It's set in France and its a French assassin. Doubt we will see Connor. #2.2
Why. If you already have the songs you can still play them. You just can't buy them any more. #1.1
The game was canceled because it was very similar to destiny. It was a space based game that was being written by one of the show runners from battle star galactics. Podcast beyond talked about it a couple of shows ago. #2.1
The computers won't let the sale go through. Tried to get little big planet when it got removed from stores over that song lol. #2
True but gamefly would still have a advantage with the fact you can keep any game with a discounted price. #5.1.1
They are just stopping sales of the first gen dev kit. I assume developers can just get the new version instead. #1.1
They won't. The resolution won't change as stated in the article. #6.1
Actually I'm not trolling. I'm very serious. Yes home has quite a good size following and that does not matter at all, I will be shocked if a version of home ever comes out on ps4, I love rockband and so do millions of people right now that are still playing it.......and it's DEAD. I'm sure home was a money maker for Sony but when was the last time Sony talked about it. Home,move and wonder book were experiments that in the long run did not accomplish what Sony wanted them to... #2.2
Home is dead. And had been for years, when it failed to take off Sony stopped almost all push for it. Why would they spend money and resources on it now? #2
It's so you can use you're ps4 when it's not with you. #2.1
No you don't. I'm using a five doller cable I have had for three years. #3.1
The wii u has made more of a profit than ps3, 360. Source please. #1.1
The systems are for sonys servers. They will not be sold at retail. #2
I agree. Just put one in my ps4 a couple of weeks ago. #9.2
In the long term this will be the start of the end for GameStop. Unless twenty years from now they became a seller of niche collectables. Soon or later digital will kill the Game store that we have. What pops up after will most likely be for a very small specialize group of people. #7
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