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360 does not have the cell processor. A crap ton of devs have said it's a lot harder working with the cell than the architecture that Xbox runs on. Also the reason for so many bad PS3 ports. #1.1.1
I highly doubt sony or Microsoft would be interested in that line of business. While I'm Sure they appreciate children and family based gamers but it's not there chief priority like it is for Nintendo. Outside of both making games Sony and Microsoft are in very different parts of the game industry than Nintendo. And in all honesty they have not really been even competing since the GameCube was around. #3
I'm sure it can be beat in 2 hours if you know wear to go and exactly what to do. Even with a walkthrough it was at least twice that for me when I beat it. #3.1
That's the trailer from the e3 Xbox conference. Not new at all. #2
Strange I beat it on ps4 and never had a single frame rate issue. #1
If you use a guide to know what symbols are used to open the door you can make through the mine with out any jump scares. I never even got a look at the ghost lol. #3.1
I don't think they will delay it. It's been being worked on since I be leave 2009. So plenty of time left for bug testing. #3.1
Saying you want something and actually spending the money on it are two different things. this kickstarter proves that people not only want the game they are willing to go out and buy it when it is released. #2.1.1
Saying all companies are in it from the money really is a kinda of in correct. We are talking about people not robots. Yes most company's were formed to make money but it's also not as simple as that. There are companies that want to be the best and there are company's that want to to help people. I'm sure there are people at the top of Sony who are only concerned with the bottom line. But there very well could be top people that really are there be cause they love the industr... #1.1.2
That keyboard will work for rockband 3. Not rockband 4 it has already been stated that keyboard support is not going to be in it. #1.2
There is no keyboard support in rockband 4. If you are referring to 'pro' mode it is also not coming back in rockband 4. #1.1
Netflix adds a ton of new content every month. It may not be anything that interests you but it is still content. #3.1
They have been making and selling fallout items for years on the Bethesda store, along with elder scrolls and all there other games. It means nothing. #1.1
The Jaguars outer housing has been used for dental x-Ray cameras for years now. At least this way the money from there sale stays in the game industry. There is insane amounts of game related shells and cartridges all over the place and the majority of people, gamers included think of it as junk from a bygone era. So would you prefer they end up in a landfill? #1.1.1
You go back to white orchard and buy the items from the merchant near the bridge. #7.1
They said they are looking in on it. So hopefully they do. #1.1
The street date was broken in the Middle East over two weeks ago lol. #1.4.1
That's great.... Somebody should tell gamefly lol. Now to remove from my Q. #1
Because some people like to explore and solve puzzles? #7.1.1
So far it seems to work better than the Xbox one version. I have had to restart Xbox games because of it not showing a image on the screen a couple times. But I have found the os on my Xbox to have quite a few weird glitches. #5
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