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I'm so glad Sucker Punch are continuing the inFamous saga. It would have been a bit dejecting if inFamous 2 truly was the end :(.

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The only Far Cry 3 thing I noticed was the part where the protagonist jumped on top of a Helghast soldier before throwing a knife at another one.
The AI is something that can be fixed upon before release. Remember how the Killzone 2 AI didn't look too good in the early builds but turned out great in the final product?

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You thought Shadowland looked like Ratchet and Clank in first person? Really? I take it you've never played Ratchet and Clank before, have you?

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You know sometimes I wish the fans themselves could greenlight games. It was disappointing that there was never a MediEvil game on PS2 and just as equally upsetting that we didn't get one this generation :(. A MediEvil game with Move features could have been great.

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I would love to see MercurySteam make a Game of Thrones game and I think Quantic Dream could make a great Dexter game. Wishful thinking, I know :/.

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Have you tried playing games on normal or hard mode rather than easy mode? You might just get more playtime :).

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Jak 2 took me exactly 16 hours to beat! Damn that game was hard! Never felt as much satisfaction in finishing a game :O.

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I wasn't expecting a better looking GOW game than GOW3 this gen. Those graphics are just plain insane!

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I'm hoping the story is at least 15-18 hours. That, in my opinion, would be a suitable length for a survival horror game.
Naughty Dog have said themselves that it isn't short though, so I'm just going to go by their word.

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Seriously Sophistocrat isn't worth the time or effort. It's his loss if he skips out on this upcoming masterpiece.

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I agree with the fact that it has one's still three months away.

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LMAO where the hell have you been for the past four years Kaz?? XD

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Does anybody remember these ads?

I thought they were really well done and nicely advertised a variety of PS3 exclusives together. I feel games such as Sly Cooper, Starhawk and Playstation All-Stars could have benefited from this form of advertising.

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I would love to play as Vaas in Far cry 4! :D

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Do you usually base your opinion on youtube videos?

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I've always wanted an open world game with a full blown futuristic city, featuring 3000 foot skyscrapers, hover cars etc, similar to LA in Blade Runner, Illium in Mass Effect 2 and Corusant in Star Wars. Can you imagine flying a hover car only to jump out of it and jack another one in mid-air? Or having the cops chase you only to lose them in the hundreds of alleyways or the massive flow of air traffic?
This is something Rockstar could definitely pull off! It wouldn't even nee...

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This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard in gaming! Heck the whole Heavy Rain soundtrack is one of my all time favourites. So sad to hear that he passed away at an early age :(.

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Let's not forget the various Call of Duty expansion packs and portable games that ThichQuangDuck forgot to include. So, yeah COD actually wins :). Plus I think including a HD collection is a bit of a stretch, and I don't think they should be counted as a new entry to the series.

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Actually, Saints Row was more San Andrea-ish :).

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Well I never actually said that there was a huge variety of missions in the previous two. And I didn't mention Vice City, I mentioned Vice City Stories.
But yeah if you want me to tell you about the variety of missions in San Andreas then that's no problem. In San Andreas there were gang territory missions, bank robbing, stealth missions, underwater missions and airplane missions. The shooting instead of driving happened more than twice in San Andreas by the way. But all I'...

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