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......was that supposed to be an attempt at speaking Shakespeare?

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Great game! I loved the touch screen features when dealing with treasure and artifacts, it added a whole new level of interaction in Uncharted. Didn't like the touch features in other areas however.
If Sony Bend make another, I'll gladly buy it! But I'm hoping they'll do Syphon Filter for PS4 first.

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Man I can't wait to move to London. It will only be a matter of time now. I bet Boris was rushing off to get his PS4 XD.

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I was really contemplating buying AC4 for PS3 since I won't be getting a PS4 until the beginning of the summer. But after seeing this I think I'll just wait to get the PS4 version.

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I'm sorry to hear that you weren't satisfied with this generation of gaming. But I'm going to have to disagree with you on it being the worst.
This generation saw advancements in both online gaming and user-generated content that were not seen in the previous. Games such as Uncharted, Gears of War, Mass Effect, God of War 3 and MGS4 brought new levels of high octane action that the PS2 and Xbox would not have been capable of producing. Honestly can you name me one PS2 or ...

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Here is what I'd like to see.

Grand Theft Auto: VIce City ;)

-Three characters again, with a twist this time. They'll each come from a different gang (Haitian, Cuban and American).

-A much bigger map that includes a bulk of the Florida countryside. Also it would be cool if you could travel (in real time) to places like Havana or Haiti similar to Scarface and other parts of the Caribbean.

-Being able to run an actua...

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Well whatever helps them sleep at night. I'm just anticipating getting the inFamous: Second Son PS4 bundle after I finish my last exam in April :).

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Lol I love how you make Microsoft sound so saintly and care free while Sony is strict and dictatorial. I haven't heard any of Sony's first party studios complain once about not being able to develop on other platforms. In fact most of them seem very happy with the freedom they get from working with Sony.

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There is a chance we could see it by fall 2014. Remember, Naughty Dog are using the same engine in which they used for PS3 so they didn't have to spend any development time creating a new engine. The fact that developing for PS4 is both faster and easier than PS3 will have also played a factor.
Another thing is that both Uncharted 2 & 3 were announced a year before they were released, so who knows? Maybe the same will apply for Uncharted 4 and we'll see it this time next ...

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I wonder what set-pieces they'll have thought up. Throughout the Uncharted series we've seen jeep chases, boat chases, crashing trains, collapsing buildings, sinking ships, crashing airplanes and ancient cities being destroyed as you escape them. It makes me wonder what else they could do.

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We know Yoshida, there's no need to constantly reassure us :). Just let the developers take their time and create the best possible games! Damn I can't wait for E3 2014!

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I never understood why so many people were certain that Savage Starlight was their next game. It was quite obviously just a nod to Mass Effect. Just look at the screenshots

The woman in this pictu...

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If anything, I'm certain that they will make a next-gen sequel to Arkham City in which the whole (or at least most) of Gotham will be explorable. They left so many side-plots in AC open for a reason..

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@ nukeitall

I took a look at the PS3's history (just by viewing my own collection). I noticed that between the first few years of it's life (ie 2006-2009) it had the following exclusives.
-Resistance: FOM
-Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
-Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction
-Heavenly Sword
-Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
-Metal Gear Solid 4
-Wipeout HD

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Or you could say that there are opinions and then there are opinions in which you don't care about. This just happens to be one in which I do not care about :). Anyway I'm off, Trevor needs a scooter bro!

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When San Andreas first came out I struggled immensely with this mission! Seriously it was the hardest mission in the whole game!
I downloaded San Andreas on PSN earlier this year however and managed to pass it on my first go...with the help of an online strategy guide.

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Come on man just give the Xbox fanbabies their "superior launch line-up". They seem to care more about that than the long run.

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Killzone: Mercenary was made by Guerilla Cambridge, not Guerilla Games. The game has gotten good reviews from many other sources as well. Seriously, stop overreacting.

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InFamous spoilers below

Some good examples from the comment section. I think Cole MacGrath also got it quite bad, from accidently killing thousands with the ray-sphere to seeing his girl-friend die and his best friend betray him. Not to mention the fact that his mortal nemesis was an older version of himself from the future and the fact that he was going to battle an unstoppable monster set on destroying everything. That was all from the first game. In inFamous 2 he goes thro...

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@ andibandit

I'll have fun paying that amount to play exclusive games from Naughty Dog, Guerilla Games, Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, Quantic Dream, Sony Santa Monica and Polyphony Digital.
You can have fun paying $500 for a console that will eventually focus solely on Halo to carry it and could have DRM and online-only switched back on anytime.

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