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Ben Affleck looks more like Bruce Wayne than any actor who has portrayed him so far. I wouldn't complain if Wayne looked like him in Arkham Knight.

@ Crimson
Daredevil came out in 2003. This is 2014 now, would you think it fair if people judged you for something you did over a decade ago? Eleven years before Heath Ledger played the Joker he played a skinny little high school kid in an Australian soap-opera and look how that turned out. Besides the Daredevil Direct... #2.4
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You pointed out how one cutscene from Uncharted 3 looked worse in the final game. The rest of the game looked top notch and just as good as the E3 trailer. The shot of The Last of Us was from the initial VGA 2011 trailer and the only thing you pointed out was how a clicker in a dark section of the game had less detail than the one from the trailer.

And despite this, this is a PS4 Naughty Dog game, that still has a year to go, we are talking about. Are you trying to say that s... #21.2.2
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@ MrSwankSinatra

Ready at Dawn have stated that the characters will wear different types of uniforms throughout the game, including the ones in which we have seen in the older builds.
This type of uniform they are wearing is suited for infiltration type missions.

EDIT- Lukas beat me to it :) #1.2
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It should be interesting to see how this dynamic plays out in the story. A self proclaimed homo-sexual king, something you don't see everyday in video-games lol. I seriously can't wait to see more of this game! #5
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Seeing as how you dislike Sony's slow start to console generations, I take it that you also dislike Microsoft's abysmal and anti-climatic finish to them :). #1.2.2
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Close Geekman but you're three years early lol #15.2
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E3 this year is going to own! From both Sony and Microsoft! But even then, the demos for The Order and Uncharted will probably be enough to blow my mind! #5
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Sunset Overdrive looks great! It looks like classic Insomniac (unlike Fuse, let's just forget that)! I wish them all the best with this franchise. #2
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Industry wide bias? I thought it was because they just made great games.
I seriously couldn't care less what any conspiracy nut says about Naughty Dog, they're a developer who I feel have gotten better through the years and I can't wait to see everything they'll do for this generation! #2
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I think the actor who voiced Claude in GTA3 is much better. #2.1
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Does anyone remember what the reactions were like when guys like Jason Rubin, Andy Gavin, Corey Barlog (great to see him back though), David Jaffe and Fumito Ueda all left Sony? Or when Sony closed down Studio Liverpool and Zipper and Insomniac became a multiplat developer? I can't help but feel that nobody made as big of a deal about all of that compared to what is happening now. #16
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You guys are really bringing back some old memories I had as a kid as well as all the times i played GTA San Andreas ;)
Seriously can't wait to get my PS4 and Second Son! #2.2.1
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It's absolutely hilarious how ironic this gif is now #5
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I would love to see some graphic violence too! Just imagine all the blood and gore effects R@D could do with PS4 visuals! Also I have a feeling that there will be a twist revealing either Galahad or someone in the Order to be a half-breed. It would be pretty cool if we got to play as one! #2.1.1
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"The Subway of London"

Don't you mean the Tube? ;)
Anyway, nice artwork! I wonder if we'll fight some half-breeds in the dark down there. #2
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Imagine if it's Amadeus Arkham resurrected via the Lazarus pit! #3.1.1
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By the time you wake up, The Order: 3886 will be out! #4.1
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Even if it was being released alongside Uncharted 4 and/or The Order, I would still be excited for Second Son! I loved the first two and I had hoped that Sucker Punch would continue the series after inFamous 2. #21
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