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Kinect, sort of like Eyetoy...How nice :). #8.2.1
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The Uncharted comicbook by Joshua Williamson shows Drake and Chloe's first meeting.
I hope we get to see some flashbacks of Drake's time at the orphanage and how he came to believe that he is a descendant of Sir Francis Drake. I have somewhat of a feeling that this may have been nothing more than a fable made up by Sam as a way of messing with his younger brother.
It would be cool if the events of Uncharted: The Fourth Labrinyth were mentioned in the game as well, ev... #1.2.2
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Oh great, bae is now being used on N4G lol #1.1
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Yay! The weekly 'How will Uncharted 4's delay affect Sony' is here! I look forward to next weeks edition! But I still have to catch up on the others that have already been released which are bound to be distinct from one another and not be the same. Screw Bloodborne. Who needs it?! #12
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Don't you just love how Shakespearean gamers and gaming have become? Lol #14.1
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I think The Last Guardian 3: The Second Last Guardian will be out before both. #9.1
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@spacewarrior1, could I ask as to what exactly where you hoping to achieve by simply staring at a pedestrian in a game that offers skydiving minigames and the ability to go on rampages in army tanks? If that's what entertains you then I am not surprised you preferred the more mundane GTAIV.

GTAIV combat/gunplay was possibly the slowest and most sluggish I have ever encountered in a game. I'd have to force myself to stay awake during all those tedious warehouse shoot-o... #1.1.3
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That name would actually be somewhat appropriate seeing as how Solo isn't a jedi and therefore can't use the force lol. #6.1
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I can remember the many times I died in Jak 2 because of how hard it was and I also remember cursing as loud as I could and almost breaking my Dualshock 2 controller on numerous occasions.....but I still loved every minute of that game! I would play this version in a heartbeat! #6
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If that's the case, why don't you just hate the platforms? The exclusives are made for them after all. If there honestly is anyone you should hate, it should just be the fanboys themselves. #3.1
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I'd rather they pick up from where they left off at Logan's Shadow. These unresolved cliff-hangers we constantly see in games and tv are getting a little old now. #7.2
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Thank you Mr Baer. May you rest in peace. Without you, we would never have had the opportunity to press Start and begin endless hours of joy and entertainment! #11
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I kind of feel bad for Stashwick. He seemed pretty excited about the game with all the updates he gave about it and the pics he posted on instagram.
I wonder what it was about his performance that made ND recast him. I've got a feeling it might be due to the fact Bruce Straley and Neil Druckman just work better with Troy Baker. #2
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Gee having been on N4G since 2008 I've always known that there have been quite a few sensitive users here. But seriously I never realised how low the self-esteem of some people here was until I saw the great offence they took to the term 'haters' -_-.
I hope you and Daz have finished with your liberal thesis, Rick. It would be cool if we could start to discuss and speculate what we'll see from U4. The thing I am most intrigued by so far is the new character Sam and whe... #38.3.1
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What is with the haters? The game looks awesome! I can't wait to hear more detail! Especially details on Drake's 'brother' :D. #38
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Didn't you know? When an Xbox fanboy trolls Playstation it is perfectly acceptable and right in every way! When a playstation fanboy trolls Xbox, it's widespread controversy and is further proof that Playstation fanboys are a disease that must be eradicated. The hypocrisy of some of the users on this site is incredible. Xbox fanboys come here regularly to cry about Playstation fanboys and moan about how they are the scum of the Earth. They do it quite often on articles before there is... #12.1
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Hopefully Media Molecule announce their PS4 game and that we hear more from Santa Monica on Corey Barlog's new project! Not to mention already announced games like Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, deep down, The Order and Everybody's gone to the Rapture! It's going to be good! #14
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I have the same sentiments as madmonkey1. I would love to try and do a full playthrough in First person provided it works well.
Skydiving in FP ought to be fun. Probably even better than Far Cry because of how high you could fly in GTAV. #3
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Always nice to see the Microsoft marketing team hard at work on N4G! #7.1
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I suppose you could say that he is 'vaastly' different! #2
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