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So now you're reviewing a game based on your PREDICTION? And you're not willing to believe reviewers that actually PLAYED the game?

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It's nothing compared to the epic intro of God of War III

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Colin, we'll remember... Rest in peace

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Some real teams and stadiums... like tottenham and newcastle

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Hm, that'a a ironic thing. In MGS2, almost nobody liked Raiden cuz he was a little bit gay... and we was like the main character. But now, he is one heck of a cool dude with his cool ninja moves and now, Kojima won't let us play with him.. Kojima still is a little bit strange

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My theory:
This is Raiden, being just normal and alive just like in MGS2. But then, after a while, he dies. Probably during some action with Snake and Snakes tries to protect him but maybe he failed or something, but in any case: Raiden dies. Then Snake is standing near Raidens grave (remember the trailer, where Snake saluted near a grave which seems similar to the one of The Boss?) and some guys just come up with the idea to revive Raiden, just like they did with Gray Fox (and besides...

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Looking awful? Man, this is an cartoony game. There ain't no place for shining armors. Look at the animations, they are great :)

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maximum of 100.000 on a server

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Should this be thé game for the Xbox 360? Jesus Christ... graphics are sóóó last gen and the ATV was supposed to be in Halo 2, but Bungie was too lazy to put it in there... or maybe they were afraid that they could not come up whit something new in Halo 3 |D I hope those graphics will improve and that Bungie will come up with something that it truly new...

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ehm, maybe because the PS3 isn't released in Europe yet? ANd so the games

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old, and the original source is

by the way... it IS indeed official, it came directly from Sony COmputer Entertainment Benelux, and I'm the one who can know that, because I've got this boxart from Sony Benelux (belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)

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stupid 360 fanboys are bashing it, just because it is fot the PS3. If this was an 360-game, then all those 360-fanboys where like: 'ooooh' and 'aaaah' or 'whoow... 360 really pwnes teh ps3 u know'. Shall we just wait till 2008, before we judge if this is ingame or not? I mean, take a look on God of War II (PS2) and Unreal Tournament (PS2). Can you see the difference? Yes, I can see. Now, lets take a game like Gears of War as the good ol' Unreal Tournament on the PS2, and take this game as the...

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get a life, sony-bashers

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Above the news message, there is a English Translation-button. it ain't a perfect translation, but you could at least understand the news ;)

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uhm no offence but I submitted this newsitem first and on top of that, this website stole my intro

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