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This is why I hate 90+% of the people on the internet (which I guess now means 90+% of people in general). Other people convince them that they are upset about something.......or there's some "righteous" cause they need to take up arms about, and they just become these completely disingenuous trolls that really have no real personality or opinions of their own. If they are even the slightest bit upset about something they consider "wrong" in their tiny minds (like perh... #2.1.2
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100% agree with SumDood. I've only used Oculus once (an up to date version, not an old version), got to play....or experience I should say.....a few "games" and I fully believe this technology (though it's really just old tech, now just mastered enough and cheap enough to go to mass market). This is the future of fantasy immersion until hologram/holograph technology is mastered and public and we can start working on real life Holo-Decks for "gaming". But that's... #1.1.10
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Wait........but GT6 does have all the DLC content from GT5. And what does that have to do with this? What has to be defended about a game's servers being shut down? Would you keep selling DLC for a game that's no longer fully functional? That would seem FAR worse to me. It sounds like a move from a company that actually does care about their fanbase if you ask me. Ensuring their fans can't accidentally waste hard earned money on a game that's not up and running.
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I accept your challenge to explain FF8's story to you in one sentence that will not only make the story make sense, but perhaps even make it good as unbelievable as that may sound.



Squall dies at the end of disc one when Yunalesca (was that the Queen's name) hurled a man sized ice stalagtite through his chest/heart on that parade float, and from that point on the story is nothing but dream like non-sense and Squa... #1
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Top 5 FFs are CLEARLY

#1 FF13
#2 FF13-2
#3 FF13-3
#4 FF 13-4: Vanille's Dance-Off Competition
#5 FF 13-5: Vs. Pee-Wee's Big Top PlayHouse (Lawrence Fischburn Edition)

Anyone who says otherwise just doesn't understand true JRPGs. #1.1.2
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I was never a fan of 8. Graphics were incredible in that day, and I didn't dislike the battle system, characters or really any of the parts that make up the whole. What killed it for me was the story. It starts off good but after disc 1 it becomes a bunch of rediculous claptrap that goes nowhere and makes absolutely no sense.

That's how I felt until a couple years ago when on some random posting on some random forum or message board, I saw someone in passing mention t... #2.1.1
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Any PS3 only gamer bashing ME1 before it came out on PS3 was obviously just being a troll since they didn't play it. Why would anyone even pay attention to what they're saying? But you know who you COULD listen to about ME1? The people who were criticising it that actually WERE playing it........360 and PC gamers. You aren't suggesting ME1 was perfect, right? I mean, as a whole, after you've played through......yeah, that was a good, epic game. But if you look at induvidual pa... #1.5.2
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Now I'm not clicking any disagrees here because I just don't bother, but I gotta say, I pretty much disagree with all of you guys. I believe that the reason FF13 was not a success with fans like older FFs is 100% down to the battle system.

There is a classic FF or 2 with worse stories than 13. What happened to FF13 is the same thing that happened to Madden and wrestling games. They got too complicated. They all became too hard to play for casual gamer.

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It's kinda funny how many people say "Plus didn't start off great at first either, so Game with Gold will get better just like Plus.". My memory may not be perfect, but I seem to remember Plus coming out hot right out of the gate, which is why I subscribed by month 2.....the only reason I didn't sub month 1 was because I already had WipeOut HD and the WipeOut HD Fury expansion. The 2nd PS3 game was LBP, which was like 7 or 8 months old. The PS1 games were like Destructio... #1.2.4
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Even as heavy handed with paid DLC Turn10 and MS are, I can't see them releasing 250 new cars to match GT6's roster of full premiums. Well.......I guess they could by just releasing all the cars they removed from F4. Either way.......that would be ALOT of money, even in packs.

And @ snookiegamer
The 450 number is for the Full on premiums......with modelled interiors. But that number isn't including the couple hundred of the classic GT car models ("sta... #4.2.1
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Yeah, Mimics are a very old creature design. Much older than this author states dating back to Final Fantasy (.......which is funny because I don't believe Mimics were a FF creature, were they? I wonder if he's considering the "monster-in-a-box" treasure chests to be Mimics?) I remember them being in the original D&D Monstruous Compendium, which was from like.....late 70's. And I'm sure just like most Dungeons and Dragons creatures, Mimics were a much older and a... #3.2
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The only blindness and ignorance I'm hearing (from this guy and other people who all seem to be repeating this same thing), is someone suggesting that they have to, or for some reason feel the need to rebuy games they are saying they already own. How crazy is that? It's some strange backwards logic.

1st of all, when you're talking about disc based games you already own......well if you own those discs it means you own the hardware that can play it. So why in the n... #1.2.3
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This is not a Disney thing, I know that for sure. I've personally had these exact issues with whatever Marvel's digital entertainment group is called YEARS ago with multiple titles, long before the Disney deal happened.

The first time they did it and it affected me was with MARVEL Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC. I got the game when it came out with the pre-order bonuses and when the DLC came out I planned on buying it, but I was broke. I was gonna buy it with my christmas mo... #1.1.2
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I would just like to point out to decrypt that modding is totally possible on consoles, and is actually pretty easy, it's just that developers and probably more-so pulishers (and most of the time console manufacturers as well) just pretty much disallow it for 2 major reasons. 1) they don't want the headaches of lawsuits.......which they wouldn't lose, but they would still have to spend money in the courts. And 2) console hardware and software is all officially licensed "stuff... #1.1.20
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The in-game credits for GT6 are REDICULOUSLY expensive. WHen I saw the rates, I thought it was a mistake......and it still seems like one that Sony and PD just havn't realised yet for some reaon. I was expecting like $3.99 for 20 million credits, and I'd be all for that to be honest. The current prices are just a joke.

BUT......there's no need to purchase in-game credits anyway. This article is suggesting grinding 19k races. There's no need for that. Even if... #2
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2 questions. 1 simple one maybe a bit complicated.

1. DOes the 30 day trial start from purchase or account activation. I assume it's the latter, but I want to be sure because I'm getting GT6 tomorrow and will be busy with that for a long while, but I do want to take adantage of this deal. I'm willing to gamble $10 on the game, but I REALLY need that free month to decide if I'm actually gonna make the leap to payig a subscription to play a single game.
... #2.1.3
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Ancient ruins being covered up by NASA included? #1
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I think alot of people have the wrong impression about Drive Club, because you do seem to be convinced it's some kind of replacement for Gran Turismo. It's really not, and the truth is that for real sim racing fans that are console only gamers, GT really doesn't have much at all in the way of competition, nevermind a replacement.

Don't get me wrong, when I get a PS4 I'll be playing Drive Club......since I get it for free anyway. But I'd probably buy it... #13.1.2
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I think one of my best PS memories was when I learned I could take Ridge Racer out of my PlayStation and the game would keep playing, and I coule put in any of my music CDs and it would play while I played the game. Greatness. #1.1.4
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The microtransactions aren't done in any kind of underhanded way, so I don't see the problem with them to be honest. You don't NEED in any way to buy in-game credits. It's just an option for impatient people with money to burn, that would rather not spend time grinding races to fill their garage.

They aren't getting access to any special content. I honestly don't care at all if someone wants to waste money on in-game credits. I won't, so they don&#... #7.2
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