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I will NEVER touch these settings. In 7 years of owning PS3, I had 2 break on me. The first was totally my fault. Never turned it off for 2 years. If I wasn't gaming, I had it doing Folding@Home. 2 years of dust and smoke killed it. But the other one died because of one of the only other console games with PC-like graphical settings. It was the DC Universe Online PS3 Beta. I saw the settings page with the graphics setting and wanted to see how good I could make the game look by compromisi... #1.1.3
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People today just love being overly critical of anything "BIG", and just root for what tends to be considered the "underdog". I don't know what it's called, but as a wrestling fan I call it Daniel Bryan Disease. Me, I'm neutral. I like what I like. Some underdogs, some big names, and I'm proud to be a "fanboy" of things I really like or respect.

This is a case in which I'm respecting the Big Name. I think the franchise is in g... #1.1.7
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Sony does still have an open peripheral policy. Little has changed in that. Logitech is the reason Logitech peripherals don't work on PS4. They will not allow their drivers on new consoles for whatever reason. I'm really hoping they change their stance soon. It's probably tough for a little company like SMS to bend a giant like Logitech. But once a GT is close on PS4 I almost guarantee Logitech has a change of heart and will probably even make a new GT branded wheel. #5.2
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SHUT UP!!!!!!

Thanks for reminding me of the utter BS and my one disappointment with this game (though it's not the dev's fault). That I can't use my G27 or hell, even my DFGT on this game. Damn Logitech!! What were they thinking in not allowing their hardware to be used on new consoles because they're "getting out of the console hardware business". SO WHAT?!?! WHy disallow existing hardware?! STUPID!! #1.2.1
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I REALLY have to disagree with you guys here. To each their own of course, but for a console player and racing SIMULATION enthusiast.....specifically a huge GT fan....... I am TOTALLY loving what I'm seeing here. The biggest worry I had about this game was whether SMS could actually and FINALLY get their heads around making their racers actually playable with a controller. ANd as we've gotten closer to release, I've gotten more and more worried about that since they RARE... #1.1.2
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I have a question about this related to Destiny. Whenever I try and get the 3rd person camera at an angle that's close to my character to get a good look at him/her, when the camera gets close the detail level blurs and you can't see the detail at all. I was assuming this was a programming thing in Destiny so we can't get a good look at the mediocre (compared to other early current gen offerings) visual/texture details put into the game. But was I wrong, is this issue with the PS4... #1.1.2
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I doubt it. This game's DLC is already announced. We know what's koming. Same DLC cycle as the last game, and there won't be a second wave, regardless of how many people like me who would want that and would be glad to pay for more Kombatants instead of waiting two or more years for the next one. I think everyone who liked MK9 and bought all the characters would have been happy to pay for more of the characters we wanted. (Like you had Freddy in the game.....why not add Jason. Ins... #1.1
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I also want this feature for Dragon Age. I really can't play the game due to basic attack being on R2. My brain can't get used to it, nor do I want it to. It just doesn't make sense for this type of game, and I don't understand the big change from not only previous DA games, but from the norm of the genre in general. Basic attack = X. Although I think I read that the upcoming DA:I patch is adding button mapping. Though it's hard to tell, the way it's may... #4.1
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I get your points as well, but I have to respectfully disagree with both. So you know where I'm coming from, I'm not a gamer who is against DLC, when done right. I understand the industry, budgets and development cycles. And I also believe in being able to spend a small fee (anywhere from 1-20 bucks) to expand a game I love as opposed to having to gamble $60 on a different game I probably won't like as much, or wait for a sequel, which itself may screw things up. I support DLC whe... #1.1.1
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This is great for many more reasons than that, sub. As a PS only fan for the most part I'll start with the obvious of why it's great for Xbox gamers first, then all gamers, then I'll talk Sony benefits. Xbox gamers are getting amazing games, period. The devs formerly known as SOE (I forgot their new name, sorry), make some great gaming experiences. They aren't breaking any graphical barriers, but considering the scope of their games, their visuals are still above most competet... #1.1.2
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You aren't really required to upgrade your old IceBreaker. You just have to ask yourself if having an upgraded version of IceBreaker (or whatever your favorite equipment happens to be) is worth the 7 Strange Coins/ Exotic Shard and the time it takes to re-level the item. You aren't really "starting over". You basically get the credit for it being all the way leveled up as the new version's pre-upgraded, base damage is higher than the max damage... #1.1.5
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So, you make a good point that's got me wondering. IS that what's going on here? Maybe I'm having a false memory here, but I seem to recall Deep Down originally being a code name. So, yeah.....Deep Down....D D.....Dragon's Dogma.......duh!!!.....

Either way, I'll finally get in to Dragon's Dogma now that it's online. As an original Monster Hunter fan, and a HUGE one at that (I shit you not, I cried a tear or two the night MH1's servers got sh... #1.5.1
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LOL #4.1.1
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Never crap on an under-dog that does well for itself and finds major success against competition that the masses expected to be superior. It tends to make the one doing the crapping look really bad, not the other way around, like intended. As a "wrestling" fan, it reminds me of the legendary night/mistake of the Monday Night Wars. When WCW crapped on Mick Foley winning the World Heavyweight Title. They were trying to make it sound like a shamefull thing, but fans knew what Mick sacr... #1.1.3
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Sony and Evo ino, actually got lucky the Plus version got delayed post-launch. Because had they released the Plus Vversion on launch day like they planned, they would have had about 10million people test-driving a lemon, pun intended. If the million or less people that had actually bought the game digitally or physically overloaded the servers withing an hour of digital launch......can you imagine the ****storm from every Plus subscriber?

ANd I'll guarantee (although they... #1.1.14
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This is like, the 3rd article I've seen recently with an almost identical title, and including last-gen I've probably seen 23. I really don't feel like I'm nit-picking when I say "Beat'em-Up" and "Fighting Game" are two completely different genre's of video game, and they are not interchangable. Video game journalists....if they want to be taken seriously anymore, really need to raise the bar really quickly. I wish I could make a living as a gaming... #1
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I don't think you're gonna get a bunch of disagrees for what you said. But I would still argue against quite a few of your points.

I don't think being 30fps is what frees up power for DC to look so amazing. I think 30fps is more of a conscious decision on the part of devs for a particular feel for their game. I think they could have gone with 60fps and had pretty much the same visuals. PS4 has plenty of horsepower so to speak, to spare. I think the majority of the... #1.3.1
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For anyone like myself who was worried if maybe DriveClub's "gameplay" (by which someone would mean in terms of racing games, feel, handling.....basically how responsive steering is, generally with a controller, for the majority of console racing gamers.....Gran Turismo being a 10, Shift 2 for example being about a 2) is actually good or not since Sony/Evo still haven't released the Plus version yet.......fear's great. Better than what people tend to explain... #1.1.8
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Was there never another example of a female Cid? I've played all but 2 of the main FFs, but I'm not expert in any of them in terms of stuff to know, I hardly even remember most of the stories aside from my personal favs. So I'm probably off here, but I seem to have some recolection of a female Cid in a previous game. No? #7.3
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Right on the head, Average. Unfortunately these politically correct naz.....well......I guess North Koreans would be a more up to date reference.......trying to control how everyone else thinks, talks and acts is absolutely destroying freedoms left and right. I'm SOOOOOO sick of it.

The funny part is, these thought police control freaks are even sick of being thought police control freaks......and they all know their beliefs are straight out morally WRONG. And we got the... #4.1.9
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