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Change your name. Stan Lee brings fun and good times to all. You're not fun. #2.1.1
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To hear someone say they liked DA2 more than Origins is pretty mind-blowing to me personally. But I liked DA2 as well. Origins to me was a perfect 10/10. It was an absolute materpiece, even on consoles. Even better on PC with the option of isometric view. Everything from visuals, to effects, to environments, enemies, progression, relationships, every aspect of the writing. All incredible and far outshined the few things that weren't great about the game like the smaller areas, even thoug... #1.1.2
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WHOA!!! LOL relax. You and the other guy jumped right on that, eh? I've never been much of an archer guy. But I've played them specifically in DA:O. On easier 9;s not hard, but still tedious early on due to the low amount of damage you're doing with each hit. And even on harder settings, archers in DAO were very powerful feeling if they're fully leveled up. But remember, I'm specifically saying he started a brand new game, on MAX difficulty,... #1.2.1
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This is not just going tp be good for hardcore fans of the DA universe, but it also looks good for the hardcore rpg fans who like deeply challenging and tactical experiences in general. Origins was pretty good but even on Nightmare I no-partied the Archdemon with my admitedly God-Level Arcane Warrior/Bloodmage. Still challenging tho, I just mastered the game. Inquisition looks MUCH harder if you are a gamer who wants the challenge.

Just this morning i was watching the angry j... #1
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What don't you get? It's pretty clear. Open up your iPod, create a folder in the main directory called MUSIC in all capital letters, put mp3s in that foler, unplug iPod from PC and plug into PS4. #5.1
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Hhave either of you actually hooked your Vita up to a PC, created a folder on the memory card called "MUSIC" and tried? I don't see why that wouldn't work, though I havn't tried to know. Vita could very well use a more complicated file system than say PSP did. I've never looked at my Vita's memory on a PC to know. I bet a PSP would work though, or any USB stick formated by a PS3, because both of those file systems have a "MUSIC" folder right in the main... #4.1.1
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NEITHER of these two games are "The King of Racers". Neither are even in that conversation for anyone who knows racing games. Neither are even the "kings" of arcade racers. The king of racers, especially on consoles, is still Gran Turismo. Even with the unfullfilled promises of GT6, it's still above and beyond everything else in terms of handling, physics and content. And while graphics are no longer one of GT's advantages over competitors thanks to next gen hardwa... #1.1.2
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@ thekhurg

I couldn't disagree more. I was shocked to hear the news BioWare was shooting for parity on PS4. Because even last gen, when MS's stanglehold on developer's souls (hyperbole) with their contracts requiring parity or superior 360 over PS3 graphics AND content, forced exclusivity to indies on Live and the list goes on, we all know the stories at this point...........BioWare was one of the devs that said screw to MS on that. To the degree they could, BW to... #1.1.11
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@kneon - He said leveled, not upgraded. From what I've read and noticed myelf as well so I think people are right......when equipment has been leveled up, not even actually upgraded, you get more glimmer and materials for dismantling. I don't think it's some kind of game changer in any way. But if you're someone getting lots of bounties anyway, and you have some stuff in your inventory that's going to be broken down, if you don't mind spending the little extra time swi... #1.1.4
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@98 At this point, what's "next gen" about any game aside from graphics? Other than the upcoming VR headsets and the VR experiences to go along with the tech, there really are no more innovations to be made that I can see. Everything's been done in just about every genre. Even story-wise.......there's not much left to innovate. Gaming and really even movies and books, it's all pretty much come down to mixing and matching things that has already been done in hopefull... #10.1.2
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I have two thingsto say in reply to people here. I'm basically an Evolution Studios fanboy in a way, and I have negatove things to say about both DC and Motorstorm Apocalypse. MS1 and 2 imo are two of the greatest arcade racers of all time. So fun and intense it was crazy. Didn't put MS or Pacific Rift down until Gran Turismo hit PS3. MS3, just wasn't Motorstorm to me. It was like a totally different game to m. Felt more like Split Second, and I didn't like it.

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I browse the bungie forum for tips and also just to read some people's thoughts on the game. I've noticced that everyone seems to have the same complaint that there's a lack of content to the point that stuff was obviously just ripped out.

I agree, but people are assuming that the areas people are finding like King's Reach or whatever it's called and a couple other areas are going to be released as the planned DLC, i.e. Paid Content. THAT, I don't agr... #1.1.4
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I didn't give you one of those disagrees, but count me among people who disagree with your loot comment. I like the loot system. STuff drops at a good rate regardless of what you're playing, and rare items are actually rare, however there is still a constant stream of loot better or even but with different abilities than what you have currently. As you level up, so does the loot, and a couple times a day, I get something really special I want for my self or to vault up for another cha... #1.9.1
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Well, to be fair.......both The Mythbusters and Final Fantasy 14 proved that you can indeed polish a turd.

And I think Destiny needs less polishing than those two turds. I think everyone's basic opinion of Destiny (which imo starts with the fact that the whole story of the game is not in the game but locked away on in the form of the grimoires we unlock) would have started right off on a more positive note if every time we unlocked a Grimoire with the game'... #1.8.1
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First of all, only a Xbox Xombie fanboy would say something like "only Sony fanboys defnd this game". It's such an ignorant statement, and shows that you have no comprehension of the absolute basics of life. Well, here's lesson #1: All people that aren't brainwashed by propaganda or indoctrination have a mind and consciousness of their own, which means they at least have the ability to form their own opinions on any subject, including video games believe it or not. Go on... #1.3.3
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I'm not even a big shooter fan, nor was I really impressed with the beta on PS3 that much, I played for a few hours then deleted it and went back to GT6. But I got the white PS4 bundle, and I'm finding it hard to put Destiny down. I set up my remote play just so I could play it on my Vita on the toilet or when a show I like is on (plays great on Vita btw, just wish I could adjust the layout a bit).

I can see why the average Halo or CoD fan are let down by Destiny, but... #4.1.1
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I'd like a XMB Theme, especially for my Vita. PS4 is similar, but I HATE the bubbles on Vita. I want the XMB, which imo is one of the best UIs ever created, on Vita. It's not like the XMB UI, completely unchanged wouldn't work with touch screen. It would work perfectly. #1.1
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People have the right to be upset about it. Personally as a PS gamer andnot an Xbox gamer, I think this is good for eveyone involved.

It's good for MS since this whole business has at least given them an exclusive people are actually talkng about. Whether that talk is positive or negative, any publicity is good publicity in most cases.

It's good for Square becuse any kind of deal with MS put a nice injection of money (i would guess to the tune of 5-10... #2.2.2
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The real problem with weed and video games is a pretty big one. It's that I like to be high when I play my games, but games kill my high. Playing Gran Turismo online for example, I'm burning half a bowl between each race. I just go through too much weed when I'm gaming. It's an issue. #1.1.13
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