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Honestly, based on FF7's visuals, I find spending this much for a PS4 port of the game to be rediculous unless you REALLY need this on PS4, or for trophies in the game......which honestly I could kind of understand if trophies are something you still care about (they just seemed to matter more on PS3, I don't even notice trophies on PS4......maybe it's just me).

I personally suggest to anyone who needs the original version of FF7 in their lives to get a digital co... #1.1
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Hey very interesting link there. Great info and should be spread around in regards to the PS2 emulation story. Good memory on your, or someone else's part who pointed that out to you, with this info going back to 2013.

It's quite interesting to see an old kinds-sorta-rumor that was pretty much all but forgotten just play out, out of nowhere in this way. It's also interesting to see the "long-con" Sony's been playing with their idea investments all s... #3.3.2
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If the author of the video reads this. That is a VERY nice gun. Wish I had it. Here's a tip for you though, Take that RANGE. You would have been dominating those guys in your PvP portion. They were a bit out of your gun's effective range so only like 1 of 3 were hitting. If you're good with hand cannons, stability isn't really key. You don't need stability on a shotgun or scout rifle, right? (unless it's got full-auto of course). Range is a far more important stat, rea... #1
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I don't think anyone who ordered this bundle would think they were getting a $400 exclusive controller anyway because I clearly remember the original PSBlog post where this console was announced in which they specifically stated the controller would able to be bought seperately. They also stated the same thing about the CoD bundle's controller. I'll be buying both as soon as I have the spare change. They both look fantastic imo. #1.1.3
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So, all of you people, not just you two posters, but also everyone who agreed with not a single disagree, all think The Force Unleashed was a garbage game made by lazy devs? WOW, I thought it was a great game, with top notch graphics and physicss for it's time. No gamebreakers (glitches), and just an all around great action adventure\platformer in general. And the way it implemented force powers was totally inventive and well thought out. Personally tthat game really made me feel like a t... #3.1.2
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I'm pretty confident BioWare has already started on a pretty deep remastering of KOTOR. It just seems like easy guaranteed money for them considering Star Wars' current renaissance. Not to mention, there are probably a TON of gamers like myself who never got to play KOTOR because they never had an original Xbox. I just wonder if they could get rights for a new high profile release of the game with the entire EU being retconned.

And I have a more on topic question. I r... #1.1.10
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I've thought about this alot over the years. I don't believe in coincidence and I do believe in fate. Had Nintendo not backstabbed Sony for critical damage at the inaugural E3, I think things would've worked out exactly the same, things probably would have just been delayed by a couple/few years.

We see where Ninty took gamers over the years since SNES. In all honesty it wasn't all that far. They continued pandering to the child demographic. They didn't an... #1.1.3
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Oh yeah. I played the hell out of BF2 on PSP as well. Loved it. And I love it even more now on my Vita. It looks better on my Vita's OLED, and more importantly it even PLAYS much better on Vita since you can use the custom control layout settings to give the game proper right stick aiming. It almost completely gets rid of the need for the game's auto-target lock.

And yeah, all those PSP ports of PS2 games in that day were amazing to me. I bought most of them, and boug... #10.1
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Wow. Mr Swank is like.....the opposite of entitled. He's just like "I BUY EVERYTHING!!!! And so should YOU!" LOL. While I appreciate the sentiment that everyone should work for what they have, personally I'm one broke ass gamer. I've had my PS4 since the night the while PS4 Destiny bundle released, and I could count probably on one hand the games I've actually bought for it. Oh, there are plenty of games I want........I'm poor and our economy in America is being... #2.1.4
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Funny you should say that. I was just talking to a friend about how this generation, unlike the last, all the supposed "AAA" games that have come out over the last year or so have been completely broken crap, bordering on shovelware they're so bad. I don't even understand how alot of these games are getting through official product testing by Sony and MS because things are often broken/glitchy right from sometimes LITERALLY the damn title screens or very early into starting... #1.3.1
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This may sound like splitting hairs, but it's really not. There IS no "Instant Games Collection" anymore. There hasn't been for a LONG time. I've been a Plus member since Day 1, and I remember the IGC. The Instant Games Collection was many games for each platform all available for an extended amount of time which were slowly rotated out with major games staying for months. It was exactly that, a collection of games for new platform adopters without having to spend more m... #1.2.5
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I'm totally getting this game day 1, and I'm fine and even happy with the new directions EA and DICE are going with their take on BattleFront. However, I will say that my personal MAJOR disappointment with this game is the lack of iconic locations for multi-player maps and the story missions.

3 huge locations that really need to be added are the Death Star obviously mentioned in the title. Obvious story mission on the surface, then the trenc... #2
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Woah!! I've stepped into Bizzaro-World. You've got 2 basically identical stores, one is just mind-numbingly slow and laggy, and one is smooth as butter 98% of the time (for me anyway. This is the first time I've ever heard people saying the store won't load up. I've had PS4 since the Destiny bundle launch and the store has never failed to load for me), and you quite adamantly prefer the former? Crazy talk I tellsya!!

I mean......I know you're trolling.... #4.1
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You guys are thinking WAY too much into it. Ol' Benny-Boy was just trying to get laid. #2.1.2
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Come on......... I can't be the only person who is basically 100% sure this (FF12 HD remaster) went into development as soon as X HD was a success. (Does anyone know the actual sales of just the HD version seperate from the original version's btw? I'm curious how it sold compared to the original). In fact.......this MAY be a false memory, but I seem to recall a recent (within last few months maybe) statement from someone at SE strongly hinting this was the case.

... #3.3
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If this were the GTPlanet forums we'd need a Ron Paul "It's Happening!!!!" .gif right now.

I KNEW Logitech would eventually bend to the pressure of vocal demand and change that new stance on getting out of the console market. I sent my email. I'm really happy to hear this is happening, and I knew they'd eventually release a PS4 wheel, but I honestly thought it wouldn't be until GT7 was announced, close to launch, where we'd have a new DFGT w... #2.2.1
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While I agree with and appreciate your sentiment here, I do disagree that particularly screen tearing is something you don't notice durring gameplay. It's one of the few things (along with pop-in) that at least I personally notice and am bothered by if it's really bad in racing games. Even the small amount of tearing in Gran Turismo 5 and 6 bordered on bothersome for me on a couple tracks, and even the PS4 version of PCars has more tearing than GT5 or 6.........ALOT more. It is pr... #4.1.1
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Let's be honest here. While it's obvious at this point the X1 version is worse, the truth is that this game as a whole, even on PC to some extent but ESPECIALLY on consoles.........the game is still a work in progress. People should go in on buying this game and in our discussions about this game, knowing that this is the case. This is a "long haul" type of game.........I'm looking at it almost like Destiny, and everyone else should too. Quite alot of content already dev... #1.1.7
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I will NEVER touch these settings. In 7 years of owning PS3, I had 2 break on me. The first was totally my fault. Never turned it off for 2 years. If I wasn't gaming, I had it doing Folding@Home. 2 years of dust and smoke killed it. But the other one died because of one of the only other console games with PC-like graphical settings. It was the DC Universe Online PS3 Beta. I saw the settings page with the graphics setting and wanted to see how good I could make the game look by compromisi... #1.1.3
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People today just love being overly critical of anything "BIG", and just root for what tends to be considered the "underdog". I don't know what it's called, but as a wrestling fan I call it Daniel Bryan Disease. Me, I'm neutral. I like what I like. Some underdogs, some big names, and I'm proud to be a "fanboy" of things I really like or respect.

This is a case in which I'm respecting the Big Name. I think the franchise is in g... #1.1.7
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