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Good points. As a gamer for about 15 years since 11 years old, I can say that most of the things we thought about games, the reason that we played games when we were kids or teenages were much more different than today. Gamers like me who spent and may or may not spend as much as they did on games today, and who are over a certain age ( completed the education life and busy with settling down and making a living ) could view the situation from a different angle. What do I mean ?

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Great blog post. I agree with most of it. I have a similar taste and views with you, I care much more about the gameplay, how realistic it is and if I feel it's close to real football or not when I play it. I started playing football games with Fifa 96 and I played them until Fifa 2004. Then I switched to PES until Pes 2010. I prefered to play Fifa 10 and 11 last 2 years. I believe it's the best football game in the market but as you mentioned in the article, I see a lot repetition an...

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Reviewing is very time consuming, right, but the review article shouldn`t be that short. I wouldn`t call that a review article actually. It`s only a brief summary of the game. Even shorter than a regular blog post...

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Thanks. I try to keep it short and to the point to not to bore readers

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You pity people who ONLY base their purchases on reviews or the ones who ALSO plays the game and based on the review decides about purchasing ? Which one ?

If you are happy with that shitty game, you can be. But you would be just kidding yourself. If the game was named Bob Nuke Never and if you didn't wait for it for 13 years you would definitely BASE your purchase on reviews and I don't think any sensible guy would buy a 40 / 100 game...

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Hahahaha 0! Lol !
I pity the guys who pre-ordered this game and the ones who bought enhanced edition of it. So many $$$ wasted on a 0 / 10 game

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Dont hate the kids guys, we were kids once as well. Everybody pls post ur age and tell if u prefer bf3 or mw3. Me : age 26, bf3

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Also they have to re-make the online mode. They have to change it all. I mean it's basically the same thing since Cod MW. Yeah I know it was awesome at first, we loved it totally. But they should change it totally now. A little perks and updates on it with every title doesn't work. A complete renovation is needed

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Some might get excited some might not, there's no point in discussing it. I read the whole article and agree totally with the guy. I'm in a similar position with him - i played cod since it was released in 2000s i guess until Black Ops. I bought every single one of them, however MW2 and Black Ops disappointed me a lot and made me regret bıying them - and I agree totally with his ideas.

I also played Battlefield since BF2 and I think BFBC2 is hell of a game, the bes...

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Thank you bro, glad that you liked it
I agree with the scoring system as well.

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You just gotta be thankful that the long wait is over and the game is finally here. I mean, you can not judge Duke like any other game, don't expect a hit or something like that. I mean even if the game would fail, it might be a stepping stone for the series. With that $$$ of the sales and interest from the gaming community, they could develop a solid Duke games in the future , not one like that - cancelled over and over again and hitting the shelves after 12 years -

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I started not caring about any Call of Duty titles after Black Ops. I regret buying last 2 titles - Blackops and MW 2 - and moreover BFBC2 amazed me so much it turned me into a blind man only getting satisfied by it as a multiplayer FPS game and noticing other fps games' flaws more often and easier than before.

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How Kobe was related to Call of Duty at all? It`s called person marketing, you promote your product with the famous people that are being loved by a huge amount of people that adds up to the sales and the awareness of the product ;)

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Hahahaha I loved it
Blake acted so naturally

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They could`ve loaded psn credits to our wallets and let us decide what to buy

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I wish they loaded free credits to the accounts instead of selecting specific games. By my way we`d be able to purchase the games, add-ons, donwloadable content whenever we want and whatever we want !

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It`s not ID`s character to make ''another fps'' !

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Good additions to the game. I started playing Fifa since Fifa 96 until 2006 where I switched to PES 2 then I switched back to Fifa in 2010 with Fifa 10. For the last couple of years I prefer Fifa to Pes.

About the video :

Off-ball movement is a good addition, it opens up the play and let players win with team-work other than individual skills more often and easier.

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PES is going downwards , NBA 2k is getting a little better every year as well as Football Manager series.
I don`t have much idea about NHL and Madden series though

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