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honestly, Total War Rome 2 would NOT run on ps4 in anything but sub-hd, way dialed down unit detail and a huge limit to unit cap

shogun 2 stresses modern high end pc's with cpu's 10x better than the mobile chip in the ps4

ps4 could handle starcraft 2 on medium settings in 1080p, still be a slideshow in a 200v200 unit battle

diablo 3 will be fine on ps4, crisp 1080p, even some aa and maybe even 60 frames, with slowdowns only in heavy mob areas... #1.2.2
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you sentance makes ZERO sense

the cpu in ps4 is a mobile 1.6ghz

its super slow
the gpu is an underpowered 7850, a $120 gpu

pretty much every pc gamer has a WAY faster system already #6.1
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a single gtx 680 has more power than the entire ps4 and 4gb gddr5 just dedicated to video, then, most people with that type of card, myself included have over 12 gb ddr3 ram just for the system #5.4.1
563d ago by landog | View comment else are they gonna sell you uncharted 3 in TRUE HD with anti aliasing

Halo 3 remaster without jaggies everywhere and much higher resolutions

why give you what they can sell you #10
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i'd let her scrub something #5.4.1
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the ram in ps4 is great, its just the 1.6 ghz mobile cpu and the mid spec, $120 gpu that are just kinda ok #9.1
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i think the ps4/nextbox war is gonna get ugly this gen

just hope it doesn't screw the gamers over too badly, and hopefully gives us some advantages

competition is good, but paying developers to screw over people who bought a different system

not cool man, not cool #6
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ok...i'd go for that, does it come with at least 3 months ps plus>>>>

i want a vita, really, i just need there to be a few more games i really, really want, then i'll grab one, i'll pay $250 no problem if it comes with a reasonable amount of memory and has 5 games i really, really want that i can pick up for $20-$30 #5.3.1
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just not as good as the pc version, thats all they are saying, and they are right

it won't be 2560x1600 @ 60 frames on the ps4, but it will be on 100's of 1000's of pc's

on mine it will, my brothers, my friends from work and a few of the guys in my bf3 clan that have 2560x1600 screens and gtx 680-690's

we will soon find out if the ps3 even has enough muscle for true native 1920x1080 resoltions with modern engines, and we will... #2.1
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"will sell way more then the dying PC tho"

-cool, how much of a cut do you get from those sales, none, ohhh, awesome

and the pc version will be $10-$20 cheaper, and support way higher resolutions than the ps4 will ever dream of, support 6x more anti aliasing (ps4 will still have jaggies, not as bad as ps3, but you can see them all over in the killzone SF trailer

EA makes more money on pc than ps3, steam has more a... #1.1.3
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it needs to be $199 with a 16gb memory card and 1 year ps plus, it would sell like crazzzy at that price! #5
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basically it will be much closer to the pc version, obviously not available in as high of resolutions (1200p, 1440p, 1600p etc.) or with as much anti aliasing(probably 4x on consoles or fxaa vs 16x on pc) and probably not at 60 frames like a upper range pc will run it (30 frames for ps4/nextbox), but sure as hell closer than the last gen ps3/360 versions at 720p and 20-28 frames with jaggies jumping all over

thank goodness the new consoles will be out in 8 months or less, i have... #31
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for me;

#1 The Witcher 2-pc
#2 Starcraft 2-pc
#3 The Witcher 1-pc
#4 Dark Souls-pc
#5 Skyrim-pc
#6 oblivion-pc
#7 Demons Souls-ps3
#8 Far Cry 3-pc
#9 Crysis Warhead-pc
#10 Diablo 3-pc #33
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5 years is good, it keeps things fresh, new ip's, new ideas #24
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multiplayer is a blast, my brother and i just put in 4 hours, lol....its after 2 am now, great fun, hunter mode and crash site are amazing

and on pc, with all settings maxed, still getting 50-80 frames (hint for people having low framerates, disable v-sync!! it doesnt tear, but gave me around 20 extra frames!)

it honestly looks better than anything will on next gen consoles, its amazing looking!! Runs smooth, awesome weapons, tons of maps, deep custimization... #3
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totally agree, right now, i'm still buying and playing awesome games for my psp(getting them dirt cheap too), the vita is in its infancy, as long as sony support it, which they will, and the amazing, deep rpg's come out, the nerds like me will come in droves

it needs a few more srpgs, traditional jrpgs, a few action rpgs, a couple games like monster hunter, add in some ratchet and clanks, a new jak game, maybe something like an onimusha collection

peo... #3
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and rts, and 4x strat, and rpg, and fps

pc makes more money than ps3/360 combined

ea makes more money on pc than ps3

theres a reason activision/blizzard is announced with the word blizzard

wow/diablo/starcraft are BIGGER than call of duty #1.2
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they could go with 4gb ddr3, a way better/faster quad core cpu and a way better gpu and it would face stomp the ps4

will they, hell no, they'll just match the ram (which matters least out of gpu,cpu, ram) and put a mediocre cpu and gpu like ps4 #33
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onimusha please!!!

along with my dream list;

psi-ops 2
killswitch 2
kingdom hearts 3
ffxiv realm reborn
guild wars 2
diablo 3
persona 5
dark cloud 3
rouge galaxy 2
valkryie profile 3
champions of norrath 3
shadow hearts 4
drakengard 3

so many more, please sony, resurect some of these great franchises, and get guild wars 2! (not for me, i have it on p... #19
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