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i'd say it looks like its running at 10 frames per second, and with that tiny little compressed screen it makes the game look 10x more crisp than it will

here's gameplay, watch in 720p FULLSCREEN like it will be on your tv and that is EXACTLY how last of us looks,

still pretty good for a 8 year old console, but NOTHING like the fake scre... #1.3.2
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still with jaggies??? a cartoony, simple graphic game on ps2 from 2002.....

thats crazy, what can't they apply proper anti aliasing, there's jaggies all over the stairs and on most straight lines

you can play it on pc in native 1080p at 60 frames for free if you own the original, and there are ZERO jaggies

pcsx2; #5
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the cpu is too slow

the gpu could be better

no bc

thats my 3

*totally agree that ps4 should play ps1 and ps2 games upscaled to 1080p with anti aliasing, if my pc can do it with pcsx2, the ps4 should too

heck my wifes 2 year old laptop can play ps2 games in 1080p (thats running on a $170 gpu from... #10
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but the power rangers are totally relevent

console gaming is the one on the decline, pc gaming has seen revenue increases year over year for this entire gen

hows those console numbers looking

psvita, ohhhhh....thats a hot seller...same with that the ps4 nosedive

my nephews (8 and 11) don't even want a wii u, a vita, a 3ds...they think they are "junk" and have no idea what the ps4 even is, and... #18.2
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1.6ghz mobile cpu, lol....the ps4 is an ipad with an mediocre gpu

i can build a pc for $300 that is better right now if i buy used parts #12.2
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these tards are on drugs, $1000, i could build a WAY better machine for half that...

this is just valve certified to run steam games (probably in medium settings like ps4) #16
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"'PS4 will out-power most non gaming pc's for years to come, eventually, tablets will be more powerful than it though, also, ps4 is already being DESTROYED by high end gaming pcs' " -fixed

it will NEVER in a million years compete with a gtx 680, 690, gtx titan, 670 in sli, 680 in sli, 690 in sli, 7 series on its way

ps4 is gonna be great for a console, stop comparing to pc, its never going to do 1200p, 1440p, 1600p, 5760x1600, 16x anti a... #33
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stop comparing ps4 to pc, it'll be easier on everyones ego'

ps4 is gonna be great, pc's are great right now, enough said #47
1070d ago by landog | View comment mean this game, seriously????

looks like a game from 2004 #3.1
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of course its pc sceens, console racing games look like this compared to pc racers; #2
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maybe it will actually run above 20 frames on ps4 nextbox #3
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what cool parents!!

its nice to see people that are actually qualified to raise their young #9
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um, to the massaes? already sold over 10 million copies

i think they already released it to the masses

its an awesome game, played it with friends, well over 50 hours of time in diablo 3, awesome game

the only people who cry about it are the die hards that keep playing over and over again for 500 hours, get a life

play some other games

the production values alone destroy any other action rpg eve... #10.1.1
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on my pc i can play pc games from right now to the 1980's

every ps1, ps2, wii, ds, gameboy, snes, nes, genisis etc...etc...etc....

the ps4 should be powerful enough at least to emulate ps2 games, i mean, my wifes laptop

obviously its not powerful enough to emulate ps3 games, but i would expect native support for emulation of ps1, ps2, and psp games #42
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the pc version is absolutely incredible, the visuals, the smoothness of the animations, the controls and responsiveness, the audio is AMAZING cinema quality on my system.

it utterly, completely and wholeheartedly destroys the uncharted series in every imaginable way

graphics, 10x better (on pc of cousre, to be expected)
responsiveness of controls
performance (again, its on pc, so its a given)

i loved uncharted 2,... #62
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ps4 is gonna be freaking awesome, no need to compare it to pc

it'll smash the wii u and hopefully the xbox720 (only because ms makes not nearly enoguh exclusives so i want sony to win the console war next gen)

but it will never even be close to a top of the line gaming pc, even from 2 years ago

people two years ago had gtx 580's sli with 16gb ram

ps4 isn't even as powerful as a single gtx 580

let alone... #43
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$ got it for $5 a long time you steam! #4
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whats the native resolution though? #11
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cannot wait until we hear about icewind dale 3, i'll be all over that

icewind dale is one of my personal favorite of the old games that are better than any rpg made this gen which includes, baldurs gate 1 and 2, icewind dale 1 and 2, planescape, neverwinter, ToEE

all of these games make mass effect and dragon age look like awful jokes #6
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next gen consoles are using moblie parts, sadly #9.1
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