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every major game on pc from the last few years is a glimpse of next gen, though ps4/nextbox won't actually come close to the high end pc's of today and the last few years

there will be no games on ps4 that look like metro2033 in 2560x1600, crysis 2 in 2560x1600, the witcher 2 in 2560x1600,

you can bet on that, plus, the AA levels will still be too low on ps4/720, almost assuradly, there will still be jaggies, there are virtually none on a proper pc with the...

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nvidia has been and will continue to destroy amd/ati in the gpu market, better cards, better drivers, better game compatibility, just better

everything the dude said is true

ps4 has a low end cpu, a mid spec card, but, it is still better by far tha...

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looks better than MANY ps3/360 games

but the depth is not there,controls are kinda crap to be honest

but an iphone 4s is about on par with a ps3/360 graphically

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i think pc gamers i just reacting to the overblown statements made by console gamers that think the ps4 is going to be on par with a high end gaming pc of today

the fact is, pc gamers are already using resolutions, AA levels, AF levels, shadowing, HDR lighting in real time that just will simply NOT be possible on ps4 or nextbox with the specs inside them

2560x1600 is 100% out of the question for any ps4 game, yet pc already does it

120 frames...

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ps2 by far, best console ever made!

now i play all my ps2 classics (over 60 games i have kept and will NEVER sell)on pc in 1080p at 60 frames with massive anti aliasing

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nvidia is CRAPPING on amd in every possible way

they didn't want to make low end gpu's for ps4 and nextbox at a tiny margin of profit when they already have a giant chunk of the gpu market

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its already down to $37 on pc

think when it hits $15 in a few months I'll grab it

or i could be really patient and wait till'll be $5 on steam for sure

but i feel its worth about $15...along with most games

thats what i paid for mass effect 3, dragon age 2, and a few other slightly disappointing game

the only games i cough up $65 on launch day for are made by blizzard, naguhty do...

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oh its only $20, thats not bad...i honestly just assumed it being on console it would be $30-$40 casue they always seem to over price stuff

$20 not bad at all...

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why would you ever play minecraft on console?

theres no mods, texture packs, npcs, cant play with more than 4 people....the world has borders on xbox

theres huge persistant worlds on pc, pvp, guilds, raids has NONE of that

your moms computer can run minecraft better than the 360 if its from the last 5 years

so unless you just want to pay more for a far inferior version

play it on pc

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yeah i mean, artist should get their inspiration from those sexy size 20's walking through american walmarts everyday

tales of thunder thighs

astonishia fat roll saga

everyone wants to play an rpg with some overweight oinker, she diesn't level up, just gets fatter and starts talking louder

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wii u needs a BIG zelda game, like the demo they showed, not windwalker cartoon look

needs a 1080p native, side scrolling classic, original metroid game, ditto for casltevania

needs mario galaxy 3 in native 1080p

a pokemon game

make all that happen by holiday 2013 nintendo, and you will be bathing in money!

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#1) should have been called wii hd

#2) should have launched with a zelda game, a metroid game, a castlevania game and a pokemon game

#3) should have a better cpu and a better gpu

#4) should have advertised properly, most moms think the "wii u" is just "some kind of new controller for the wii" literally, i have heard countless moms say that when i have been checking out the display models at a few stores when i was thinking...

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ms is just as guilty of these things, and it is wrong

putting 1080p on the backs games that are sub-hd native res, like call of duty at 600p

alan wake at 576p

halo 3 at 640p

resistance 3 at 940x720

showing fake screenshots for games, using pc code with uber high resolutioons and anti alaiasing then you get the game home and it looks like trash, covered in jaggies and low res textures

yet people fall f...

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man, pc gaming just keeps getting bigger and bigger!!!

starcraft 2 HotS will be the best selling exclusive all year, just like diablo 3 was last year....12 million sold for diablo 3...damn....thats no joke

has a xbox360 game ever done that, i know ps3 never has, i think halo 3 has 9 million, anyone know?

anywho....go pc go!

pc also had by far the most exclusives all year in 2012;

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i hope 1 comes out in september

bring on next gen....its been such a looooooong last gen with ps3/360

finally.....bring it!

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well, the arena mode the added in witcher 2 could be cool for deathmatch with your buddies.....but that could be done by a few people in a few weeks....other than that, don'twaste any precious resources on it

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yeah with all that ram the ps4 could run the entire planet


its just ram people, some people have 64gb ram in their pc, it matters, just not as much as you think it does

the gpu, cpu and their speeds and output are wayy more important

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bf3 looks better than that already on pc; the character models look really good, the backrounds not so much, sure its an enourmous improvement over anything on last gen ps3/360....but for pc....thats just normal looking gameplay...


a multiplat game better on console than pc????



will ps4 do 2560x1600? never
16x anti aliasing? never
60-120 frames per second? never

no ps4/720 game will EVER look better than the pc version

thats like asking if the ps2 version will look better than the ps4 version

its impossible

now it may ...

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...and pc, 95% of ps2 games, all free on pc, no need to buy over priced lowly 720p remakes that only run at 30 frames per second.

if you own the original game, you just pop the disc in your pc's dvd drive and play at WAY higher resolutions than the ps3 will ever do with massive anti aliasing impossible on ps3

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