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if you mean crap as in far beyond the ps4 by 5x, then yes, my pc is crap, my gtx 680 is twice the power of ps4 alone

good try though kid

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best meaning jaggies, bad performance and sub-hd

i don't follow

playing diablo in 2560x1600 at 60 frames is a thing of beauty....ps3 won't even do native 720p, and ps4....1080p maybe???

the pc version owns

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i may have found the answer

aqua teen answers all..... :)

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i would disagree, you are NOT playing the same game, you are playing a low-res, jaggie covered, slow/bad performing, screen tearing, sub-hd version.....basically you are playing what looks and runs like alpha code on a tv from 2003

from ign's bioshock infinate review;

"It’s far from an ugly game (quite the opposite, really), but the low-quality textures, wooden NPCs (aside from Elizabeth), and occasional minor but notic...

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just wanted to say THANK YOU!!

game is awesome, level 7 mage....gotta get some sleep, but can't wait to play some more

thanks again!!

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free on pc if you own the original

1920x1080 native res
8x anti aliasing
60 frames

better than the ps3 or psv could ever do!

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the reason we see these server problems with huge games that sell millions at exactly 12am the day of release.....
publishers dont set up enough servers, the know 48 hours later only 50% of those people will all be trying to play at the same they just wait it out

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GET RID of the stock market, plain and simple, its crap, it causes things to turn to crap, people to lose jobs

get rid of intrest and credit cards, get rid of 99% of all banks

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I would LOVE one!!

Huge neverwinter fan:)

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pc has been a full gen ahead of ps3/360 since 2007

pc is already a full gen ahead of ps4/nextbox right now because they waited so damn long

pc gamers are already playing in 2560x1600p

never happening on ps4/nextbox

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parasite eve
eternal darkness
remake resident evil 2 and 3
vagrant story
advance wars
castlevania side scroller, symphony of the night 2 :)

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wow, news about nextbox is getting worse and worse, i was looking forward to getting one but the more i hear the less i want one

might just roll pc and ps4

i bought a ps3 and 360 at launch, don't think i will be grabbing a 720 right away, need to see how this all pans out

pretty sure i'll get a ps4 in the launch window, though i might even wait and see on that, hearing bf4 will only be 720p on both "next gen" console is making me...

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kool ubersampled, pc pic in resolutions the ps4 will NEVER achieve there


heres an ingame pic from TLoU;

and even that is compressed so it will look even WORSE

get a grip on reality, if you think it will look like this;

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how is it the first time ever?>>????

when the ps3 launched in 2006 the gtx 8800 ultra was out, IT CRUSHES ps3 still to this day, it can play games in 1080p that the ps3 only play in 720p with way more features and effects on the 8800

thats a card that was out the day the ps3 was in 2006, but it can play bf3 in ultra while the ps3 is in...

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its not damage control to speak the truth

the ps4/nextbox are already years behind pc before they launch

look at the unreal 4 engine on ps4, then look at it on a single gtx680 a year before the ps4 demo

why does the ps4 demo version look like crap, because its not as powerful as a pc from a year ago, and never will be


except the unreal engine on consoles looked way worse on ps4 than the pc demo showed over a year ago....hmmmmm

looks like the crytek guy might be on to something....

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considering these guys already make games on pc that look far better than anything ever will on ps4, its worth listening to what he has to say...i know it hurts your pride and you think the ps4 with its "8gb gddr5 browwwwskiiiii" will just be able to compete with a pc from 2012

your only fooloing youself

a single gtx 680 has more power than the entire ps4
dude is just saying to tone down your expectations

don't be suprised ...

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"It's a Hail Mary from the company(amd), which posted a dismal quarterly loss of $131 million compared to Nvidia's PROFIT of $174 million."

-ign article, why nvidia is not working on ps4

nvidia did not want to work with ps4/sony for the price they were willing to pay, they have also openly stated they think the console business is waneing and pc is storming far out ahead

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if you think that looks "next gen" you aren't a pc gamer, metro 2033 on pc DESTROYS that, heck, crysis from 2007 kilz it


its not a 7870 though, its a 7870m

m is for mobile, a mobile chip is far, FAR worse than its desktop counterpart

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