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to gamestops customer base yes, to the wide world....come on.....

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PS4 is like 'a really perfect gaming PC from 2010"


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not really dude, the year the ps3 came out, so did the 8800 gtx, it SMASHES the ps3 in every game ever made, its runs games at higher resolutions and way higher framerates with more graphical options

nowadays a $30 gpu destroys the ps3

ps3 graphics may look good to you, because thats all you play, to a pc game they look, and have looked for the last 5 years, totally obsolete and last gen

whan i played uncharted 3, i couldn't believ...

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it will be better than "most" pc's

there are over 1 BILLION pc's in use as we speak

but every gaming rig with a gtx 560 or better will destroy the ps4

epics own unreal demo looks far worse on ps4

kids, stop thinking ps4 will be EVEN CLOSE to a high end gaming rig, its a mid-spec build, with an awful cpu

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if we get 1080p native in 50% of ps4 games i'll be happy

and i remain skeptical that we will

i think graphically intensive games like bf4, the witcher 3 etc will be 720p 30 frames on ps4 and nextbox so as to have as many features as possible in line with the pc version

though ps4/nextbox will certainly not support the levels of anti aliasing and AF that the pc does

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and 2.5 x slower than a gtx 680

a $450 card

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thats 1.6 million pc retail, the digital downloads from amazon, steam, greenmangaming, gamers gate etc are not counted.....though i do agree many AAA multiplat games sell best on console, more so the 360/////

skyrim did 2.8 million on pc RETAIL.....probably almost 5 million on pc total with digital

but the reason AAA mulotiplats don't sell as well on ps3 and pc is becuase the have more exclusives.....pc has more exclusives than wii/ps3/360 combined

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the witcher, followed by the witcher 2, followed by oblivion or starcraft 2

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rendered on a single gtx 680...what a beast of a card!

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kid brushed his teeth with colgate.....hear that induces murderous urges

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EA makes more money from pc than ps3

Activision is Activision/Blizzard, half of the entire company is pc only.....consoles are declining, as evidenced by the deplorable vita and wii u sales, ps4 and nextbox will not sell anything close to ps3 360 numbers...its just the way it is

don't get wrong, i love...

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hopefully it won't be the only 1080p game on ps4 like it was practically on ps3.....remember this? ;

lol......thats like the ONLY time you saw 1080p on the cover, they put it on the back of games now but its BULLSH!T

most games on ps3/360 are sub-720p

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scrap sinlge player all is a multiplayer game, there is ZERO need for a single player game

focus all effort on mp!

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as consoles sink in the tar pits of obscurity, pc gaming rises to its rightful place as top of the food chain, it makes more money than ps3/36/wii combined

next gen it is going to dominate even harder, far less people will buy a ps4 than ps3, same with xbox720, it will not get anywhere near the sales the 360 did

look at wii u and vita.....esshhhhh....those things might as well be cancelled all together

pc forever!!!

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i've always hated tropheies and annoying having stupid pop-ups constantly reminding me I'm playing a game instead of just letting me get immersed in the world

"you have achieved; TURNING A CORNER (move you avatar around a corner"

so stupid

i permanently disable them.

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looks mediocre, stiff animations, boring combat, but the story does seem intresting, worth a rent

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please give me a link to a console that runs office, works, sony vegas, adobe pro, that can send emails with huge attachments, tele-confrerence, trasnlate languages, create resumes, apply for jobs, order pizza, book a flight, write a novel

thats has mods and graphics that don't look 9 years old

ohhh wait...there ISN"T one

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all ms need to do is put a better cpu and gpu in than ps4...shouldn't be hard...the ps4's chips aren't exactly good

just don't use crappy mobile parts ms and you win, how freaking hard is that?

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this doesnt even begin to show the the pc in 1200p....vs the 600p of the console, max everything

why do they always use dirty 720p, don't know a pc gamer that was using 720p even in 2004

pc games are a generation beyond ps4 games, why compare them to ps3 games anyway

a crappy netbook could run cirlcles around that old dusty ass, screen tearing ps3

also, the comparissons are crap b...

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i just like to say the truth, the ps3 version is incapable of being better...unless it comes with a free expansion, and only cost $30... even then it would still look like crap, and run like crap

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